Folsense Hotel

Outside the hotel in Folsense

The Folsense Hotel is the place were you choose to base in Folsense. This is also the place were you open the Elysian Box. Also, you eventually find out who has stolen the Elysian Box from Dr. Andrew Schrader and who Don Paolo is disguising as. The Hotel is split into three parts, The Hotel Lobby, The Hotel Room and Outside The Hotel. The Hotel Room is the room which Professor Layton, Luke and Flora check into in Chapter 4: The Phantom Town Of Folsense.

[edit] Appearance

The hotel from the outside looks rundown and tacky with red walls and two, tall arch doorways located either side of the building. The hotel also has five oddly spaced out windows on the main body of the hotel and three smaller windows located at the top of the hotel.

[edit] Who can be found here?

Sammy Thunder
Mr. Beluga
Professor Layton

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