Forest of Lost Way

Forest of Lost Way
Forest of Lost Way.png
Located In Eldwitch Woods
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 5: A Taste of Despair
No. of Hint Coins 3
West Exit Village Outskirts

The Forest of Lost Way is a location seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is situated outside of Labyrinthia, and is a part of the Eldwitch Woods, where the Great Witch and Shades live.

[edit] Appearance

The area looks like a typical forest, filled with a variety of greenery. Brightly colored mushrooms can be seen in the area, as well as trees with twisted trunks and branches. A small path leads into the Village Outskirts.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 5: A Taste of Despair
Maya Fey is seen running through the forest, in an attempt to escape from the Shades in pursuit of her. She trips on a protruding tree root, but Professor Layton comes to her rescue before she can get caught. Together they run deeper into the forest, eventually losing the Shades.

[edit] Puzzles

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