Grand Grimoire

The Grand Grimoire is a book that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is a directory that describes all known spells that witches can use in Labyrinthia, and what their conditions are. It is kept in the Great Archive's special viewing room. This book can only be accessed by Inquisitors or those who possess intelligence equal to one.

In order for a witch to be able to use these spells, one must be in possession of a Talea Magica, and have the required gems inserted. Witches are limited to using only two spells at any given time. However, it is said that the Great Witch Bezella is able to use limitless amounts of spells without the use of a Talea Magica.

Phoenix Wright is able to utilize the book in the Witch Trials to provide as evidence, justifying whether a certain spell could or could not have been used.

[edit] Known Spells

  • Ignaize [Inferno Spell]: "Summons a circle of flame within a 1 metre radius of the caster. Requires an incantation and sceptre to cast."
  • Dimere [Vanishing Spell]: "Causes anything the caster touches to vanish from sight. Simply chant "Amere" to make it reappear."
  • Goldor [Transmutation Spell]: "Transmutes the caster's target into solid gold. The spell will transmute the closest target within range."
  • Famalia [Shadow Familiar Spell]: "Summons forth a magical familiar from the shadows. Although it possesses a physical form, it is completely weightless."
  • Godoor [Portal Spell]: "Creates a portal on two sides of green-coloured walls. The portal will disappear after five minutes."
  • Granwyrm [The Great Fire Dragon]: "Summons forth a great fire dragon for the caster to command. Responsible for the "Legendary Fire" that lit the town ablaze so many years ago."
  • Fainfol [Instant Sleep Spell]: "Causes those who hear the incantation to lose all consciousness. Its effect takes hold the second the incantation is heard."
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