Great Witch's Abode

Great Witch's Abode
Great Witch's Abode.png
Located In Eldwitch Woods
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 5: A Taste of Despair
Residents Great Witch
No. of Hint Coins 9
North Exit Underground Ruins
East Exit Red Flower Lake
West Exit Wagon Station

The Great Witch's Abode is a location situated in the Eldwitch Woods, seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is the residence of the Great Witch, who is the ruler over the Eldwitch Woods, and uses this mansion to look over the Shades.


[edit] Appearance

The mansion has an eerie look to it, as Phoenix Wright describes it as a "haunted house". A small bridge leads to the house, with an abundance of red flowers lining the path. A wagon and horses are kept outside the mansion.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Shades' Workshop

The Shades' Workshop is where many of the Shades can be seen working. It is here that they create the ink that the Storyteller uses to write the Story.

The workshop consists of a number of large cauldrons containing either a blue or red liquid. Ladders are placed over the pots for the Shades to stand on and mix from above. Baskets of red flowers can be seen to the right.

[edit] Great Witch's Room

The Great Witch's Room is the room belonging to the Great Witch. This room is used to meet with visitors, however the Great Witch makes a disappearance from this room.

The room is heavily draped with curtains, with some rips appearing in them. A red liquid is stained all over the room, with many ornaments being knocked over. A throne is placed at the end of the room, and a large chandelier hangs on the ceiling. A hidden entry into the Underground Ruins lies behind the throne.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 5: A Taste of Despair
Hoping to meet with the Great Witch, Professor Layton and Maya Fey make their way to her mansion, to find many of the Shades in a state of panic after she had gone missing without warning. They make their way into the room to find it in a mess, discovering that a fight could be heard between the Great Witch and her visitor. They gather the Shades in the room and discover that the visitor, Zacharias Barnham, had disguised himself as a Shade. He had followed someone of an unknown identity into the Eldwitch Woods, hoping to speak with the Great Witch to shed light on the doubts in his mind. Refusing to speak with him, Barnham fell unconscious before he could draw his sword, discovering she had disappeared when he regained his consciousness. Layton deduces that she had escaped through a secret passage of some sort, and notices red liquid had been spilled behind the throne, despite the throne not being stained. The Shades attempt to attack Barnham out of anger, but he counterattacks by dropping the chandelier on them. He then leaves, thinking it was important that he protected the Storyteller from the Great Witch. Layton and Maya soon find the wall stained with liquid led to a secret passageway where the Great Witch had escaped, and decide to follow it.

Chapter 6: Secrets of the Underground Ruins
After coming out from the Wagon Station, Luke, Phoenix Wright and Espella Cantabella come to the entrance of the Great Witch's mansion. They soon discover they are in the Eldwitch Woods, a place outside of Labyrinthia not governed by the Story. Realizing the woods had a connection with the witches, Wright decides to invest

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Gallery

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