Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Monte d'Or
Other Names Jean-Paul*
Relations Emmy Altava*
Occupation Toy Shop Owner

Guy is the owner of a toy shop in Monte d'Or, in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He is passionate about telling everyone of his shop, but tends to get mushy at the sight of Emmy.


[edit] Appearance

Guy wears a white shirt with a red bow, and green pants. He wears brown shoes and has teal hair.

[edit] Puzzles

Guy gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
As Professor Layton and the group pass by Knickknack Alley to reach the Ledore Mansion, they stop at Guy's stand to look at the toys. Emmy eyes a robot to buy for Luke, when Guy becomes mushy for Emmy. After solving his puzzle, he gives her the robot for free, unlocking the Toy Robot mini-game.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
In a special episode, Cookie gets separated from her mom Tanya, and so Cookie finds her way to Guy's stall. He offers to find her mom, but she tells him she would get mad if she was seen with a stranger, so he suggests staying and helping him sell the toys. She decides to show off the teddies, but Guy tries to persuade her to show off the other toys as well, but she prefers the teddies. Eventually, Tanya locates Cookie at the stall, and because Guy was so appreciative of the help he received, he gifted them with a free teddy.

On their way to the Ledore Mansion, Professor Layton and Luke stop by Guy's stall once again, who was showing off the toys he had on offer. He asks if they were enjoying their time in Monte d'Or, and offers them a puzzle. Layton tells him that Luke was taking good care of the Toy Robot he had given him, and after solving his puzzle, Guy tells them he had toys for even anyone who was too old for them.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Professor Layton and the group see Guy once again advertising his stall, telling them that his business has been doing better, since the police officers had been buying toys for their children, as they had extra shifts off. This worried Layton, as this meant that they were sure they had their man, when they hadn't.

On their way back from the Ledore Mansion, Emmy asks Guy if he had noticed anything strange the previous day in regards to the masked Gentleman. As he continued to gush over her, he stated that he had not, but would be sure to tell her anything he knew, if only as an excuse to talk to her.]

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Guy begins to gush over Emmy once again as they go past his stall, and he asks if he can get her anything. She then decides to ask if he knew anything about the Masked Gentleman, however he sadly didn't. Before she could go, he gives her a puzzle, saying it would help with the investigation. She asks how it related to the investigation, but he was "mistaken" and thought it did.

[edit] Biography

"Burly Guy runs the local toy stall in Knickknack Alley, and he's not in the least bit shy to tell the world all about his shop and his muscles. Around women, however, his bravado turns to mush - he tends to fall for them in a gushy way that scares off his customers."

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