Help:Characters (MoM)

This help page includes a guide to make a typical character page for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

|title = Character Name
|image = [[Image:Character Name.png]]
|label1 = Role
|data1 = Minor or Major character?
|label2 = Appearances
|data2 = {{pl|Miracle Mask}}
|label3 = Relationships
|data3 = Brothers? Sisters? Father? Mother? Grandparents? Friends? Love Interests?
|label4 = Alais
|data4 = *Japanese name*

*Include here a short description of where the character usually is, their personality and what game they are in etc.*

*A detailed plot about what happens to the character throughout the game, using paragraphs to separate each chapter's plot out. 

*What does the character look like? Hair Colour? Eye Colour? Outfit? 

*What puzzles do they give to the player throughout the game?
e.g. [[MM001 - Stumble's Balloons|Stumble's Balloons]]

==[[Professor Layton's London Life]]==
* Do they make an appearance in Professor layton's london life? If yes, include a short description on what they do and where they usually are. If no, delete section.

* Is there anything interesting about the character? For example, a minor appearance in Eternal Diva. If so, bullet point using stars. If not, delete section