Help:Puzzle Pages (CV)

This is for puzles that appear within Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The layout below must be used on every puzzle page with the prefix CV (Curious Village), the prefix is what determines puzzles from different games but with the same number. For example CV001 shows that it's the first puzzle in the Curious Village game whereas DB001 shows it's the first in the Diabolical Box game.

Here are some set rules for the title of the page;

  • Layout
    • CVxxx - yyy
      • xxx - Puzzle Number (eg. 078)
      • yyy - Puzzle Name (eg. Water Pitchers)
  • Redirects
    • CVxxx
    • yyy

There following coding is for the layout of the pages, and only to be used on CV puzzles.

[[Category:Puzzles]][[Category:Puzzles (CV)]][[Category:Professor Layton and the Curious Village]]
|title = yyy
|image = [[Image:CVxxxB.gif]]<br />[[Image:CVxxxT.gif]]
|imagecaption = 
<br />
|label1 = Puzzle Number
|data1 = 
|label2 = Puzzle Name
|data2 = 
|label3 = Picarats Given
|data3 = X [Picarats
|label4 = Type
|data4 = 
|label5 = Location
|data5 = 
|label6 = Previous Puzzle
|data6 = 
|label7 = Next Puzzle
|data7 = 

Information about the puzzle. Description, how to access, rewards etc

== Messages ==
=== When failed ===
"Exact quote of the text shown when the puzzle is incorrectly answered."

=== When completed ===
[[Image:CVxxxST.gif]]<br />

== Hints ==
|hint1="Exact quote of hint one"
|hint2="Exact quote of hint two"
|hint3="Exact quote of hint three"

== Progress ==