Help:Puzzle Pages (DB)

For pages which are puzzles of the game Pandora's Box or in america, known as Diabolical box, this layout MUST be used on the page to keep the wiki clean, informative and organised.

  • The pagename must be the following: DBxxx - yyy
    • xxx stands for puzzle number (001)
    • yyy stands for the name (Dr Schrader's Map)
  • Redirects to this page must be:
    • yyy (eg Dr Schrader's Map)
    • DBxxx (eg DB001)

  • If you do not know something, do not remove it or fill it in with something else.
  • Images are a must. Please include them on the page and categorize them under the same categories as the page.
  • Prev and Next puzzle don't mean in the storyline but sorted by numbers. Eg 3 would have puzzle 2 on prev and 4 on next.

[edit] Most images that are needed can be found on this site.

[[Category:Puzzles]][[Category:Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box]][[Category:Puzzles (DB)]]
|title=yyy (eg Dr Schrader's Map)

|label1=Puzzle number
|label2=Puzzle name
|label3=Picarats Given
|data3=X [[Picarat]]s
|label6=Previous Puzzle
|label7=Next Puzzle
Puzzle description, including where found, how to access, and so on.

== Messages ==
=== When failed ===
"Exact quote of the text shown when the puzzle is incorrectly answered."

=== When completed ===

== Hints ==
|hint1="Exact quote of hint one"
|hint2="Exact quote of hint two"
|hint3="Exact quote of hint three"

List the amount of picarats you have so far and number of puzzles solved.

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