Henry Ledore

Henry Ledore
Henry Redoll.png
Role Major Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Stansbury
Voice Actors English:
Matthew Mercer
Tomokazu Seki
Relations Randall Ascot*
Angela Ledore*
Alphonse Dalston*
Hershel Layton*
Occupation Founder of Monte d'Or

Henry Ledore is a young man from the town of Stansbury and is a major character throughout the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He owns the Reunion Inn and is known as the 'husband' of Angela. He is responsible for developing Monte d'Or.


[edit] Personality

Henry is very wary of people and is curious to find out more about them before he declares them as his friend. He acts in a peculiar manner when introduced to Professor Layton, but really he is a generous and kind person.

[edit] Appearance

Henry wears a navy blue blazer, red and brown striped trousers, a white shirt, a red tie and black shoes. He has blue eyes, mousy brown hair and a beard to match. He also has an angry expression on his face, suggesting that he may have an aggressive side.

As a teenager, Henry wore a green collared shirt, tan pants, and red bracers. He also wore red shoes, and has brown hair.

As a young child, he wore a white collared shirt, with green pants and green bracers. He also wore red shoes, and had brown hair similar to his current look.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
While Hershel Layton is looking for Roland, he encounters Henry, who is doing the week's grocery shopping for the Ascot household. Hershel asks him if he had seen Roland, which he had not. After a small awkward silence, the two part ways.

Upon returning with the Ascot household's groceries, he notices Hershel and Angela walking towards the house, with a suspicious look on his face.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
After the Masked Gentleman makes his escape from the Gallery Plaza, the police team surround the area in order for Sheffield to make his arrest on Alphonse Dalston, for crimes against Monte d'Or. Henry appears behind the crowd of policemen, claiming he would protect the city at all costs. Before Dalston is taken away by the police, he takes the time to talk to Henry, claiming he had stolen Randall's life by sending him down to the ruins, and thus claiming his treasure and forcing Angela to marry him, but he denies it all. He decides it would be best for him and Angela to go home as soon as Dalston is taken away.

Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
Henry approaches Randall Ascot and Angela as they were discussing the expedition Randall wanted to go on, and Henry assures Angela he would return, and it would be his last. Hesitantly, he agrees it would be his last and greatest trip, and so Angela agrees to let him home. Afterwards, Henry escorts Angela home.

Once Randall and Hershel get their belongings together for the following day, Henry brings them tea, and Randall thanks him for his help in convincing Angela. Randall tells Hershel that Henry had been helping him with his research, and wouldn't be where he was without him. Hershel asks if he was to join them, however he couldn't, as Randall's father would uncover the plan straight away if Henry were to join them.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Professor Layton and the group visit the Ledore Mansion in order to speak to Henry, and he brings them tea. He is told that a chariot was removed from the racetrack the day of the petrification incident, and that he was signed approval for it, which he finds unsettling. Layton also tells him that he believes Henry was involved in the vanishing miracle; the Masked Gentleman had appeared to walk on thin air, but was actually walking on a thin wire stretched from the Montsarton Gallery. The donations that Henry had offered that day was able to hold down the weight of the wire, but Henry denies his involvement. Layton also tells him about the black cloth found in the plaza, which was used to conceal the "victims" as they flew into the air, making it seem like they disappeared. Such an elaborate trick would require hefty financing, to which Henry and Alphonse Dalston both top a short list of wealthy people in the city. Henry tells him, however, that if the city is ruined, so would he, and therefore couldn't be connected to the Masked Gentleman. Layton brings up the point that Monte d'Or seems to get busier the more the Masked Gentleman appears, and therefore thinks Henry had hired the Masked Gentleman to boost tourism. Even though Angela seemed to trust Layton enough to help with the investigation, Henry didn't, especially since he left Randall for London. Henry had explored those dangerous ruins with Randall's notes as his only guide, and believes that Layton was dishonoring his name. He asks Angela to escort the group out of the home, but Layton asks to see him at Pumpkin Park to possibly assist with the mystery of the Masked Gentleman.

Later that night, Henry and Angela arrive at Pumpkin Park, apologizing to Layton for his outburst earlier that day. He wanted to help the group apprehend the Masked Gentleman, and do whatever it takes to protect the city. He asks Layton if he had figured out what the Masked Gentleman would be doing, and Layton tells him that they had found clues that formed a map leading to the Topsy Tower, and so the group head there.

The group find the Masked Gentleman at the Topsy Tower, and he disappears inside. Layton asks Henry what the tower was used for, and he explains that all the electricity through the park was routed through the tower. He became concerned that the Masked Gentleman would cut off the power, and thus endangering the visitors, however Layton didn't think it would seem theatrical enough for the Masked Gentleman, but despite that, they followed him inside. They couldn't seem to find him in the dark, and Henry was unable to locate the light switch seeing as he had never needed to use the tower. They hear his voice, and tell him to show himself. Eventually, the Masked Gentleman makes his escape out of the tower, and the others follow. They find the entire fairground empty, and Henry asks the Masked Gentleman why he was endangering the city. He responds that he was helping him, and letting him know how it felt to have everything he worked for vanish. He then kidnaps Angela and runs back to the tower, with the others in pursuit.

Henry searches for Angela in the tower, and she is safely found. The Masked Gentleman that was just a taste for what was about to come, after Henry had supposedly taken something away from him. He wanted to know who the Masked Gentleman was, and what he had done to him, however he seemed intent on keeping a cliffhanger. He tells them that he was to perform his final miracle the following night, and could be viewed from anywhere in the city, before disappearing. Henry was at a loss for what he was going to do, but would do anything to protect his city. Angela suggests that he looks for the Mask of Order among the treasure he found at the ruins, however he denies possessing it. Layton suggests to everyone that they search for the missing fair goers, and so they exit the tower.

They find that every had reappeared, and that there was no sign of panic, which baffled everyone. Layton asks Henry if he had made any enemies or knew anything about the Masked Gentleman, but Henry was unsure of anyone who was capable of such tricks. He decided to go home to think and devise a plan for the Masked Gentleman's return the following night, and so he and Angela leave.

Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain
Before Randall Ascot and Hershel Layton set off for Akbadain, he brings Angela to see him, as he thought it would be important. Once the two set off, Henry assured her that Randall would be okay, and she hoped he was right.

Angela and Henry notice that Hershel has returned, but Randall wasn't with him. When Hershel explains that he was gone, Angela breaks down in devastation, and Henry was left in shock.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Professor Layton wanted to ask Henry some questions about the incident the previous night at Pumpkin Park, and he tells him he gave a full report to the police. Layton lets him know that they had discovered an exact replica of the park on the other side of Topsy Tower, but he finds this hard to believe as nothing can be built without his permission. Layton then asks why he had been pouring so much money into various projects around town in such uncertain times. Henry didn't see the need to explain himself to him, as he did what he wanted with his town. Layton only informed him that he wanted as much information as he could get for the investigation, and so Henry told him that most officials and businesses in town would cooperate if they gave them his name. He had his own work to do, and so leaves, but tells him he could take anything from his study if he sees anything interesting.

On their way out, Henry asks Layton if he was leaving so soon, as he was preparing tea for them. He had to unfortunately pass up on the offer, as he never passed on tea unless he had to. Henry suggested they could have tea another time, after the investigation.

With Mordy and Angela Ledore, Henry rushes to the Grand Hall of the Reunion Inn to find that the Masked Gentleman is revealed to be the long-missing Randall Ascot, which he is shocked by. Randall warns him he had returned to take back everything he stole from him. Henry wanted to explain the situation, but he wasn't interested in listening. After Layton requests he tells them where he had been, Randall begins to tell them everything that happened between his expedition to the Akbadain Ruins to the present. Afterwards, he tells Henry he would ruin him, and runs out to the roof of the Reunion Inn.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
After Randall runs out of the Reunion Inn, Henry is still shocked that he would do all this to him. Mordy offers to accompany him outside, and so they all chase him down. Randall then detonates bombs in the cliff face in an attempt to bury Monte d'Or in sand. Henry becomes worried, as the city was built on an oasis, and if there was no way up, there was no way out. Professor Layton tells both him and Angela to follow him to the City Monument, and so they follow suit.

As they reach their destination, they notice the sand was getting higher. Angela asks him to get the Mask of Order in order to counteract the Mask Of Chaos, but he denies having it. She tells him to stop playing dumb, as she was sure he didn't want to watch his city be buried in sand, however he still denies having it. Layton tells her to calm down, as the mask was in a safe place. He explains that they would need to solve the final puzzle of Akbadain in order to save the city; the material treasure in the ruins was not the real treasure, and was a divergent from the real archaeological find. He knows Henry had searched the ruins, and would have seen a strange marking on the wall. He pulls out a map of Monte d'Or before it was developed, and the ruins in the oasis bore a striking resemblance to the sign that Henry had not recognized at the time. It meant that the ruins extended for miles underground, ending up where Monte d'Or is. He believed in order to save the city, they had to solve the final puzzle of the ruins, which would elevate the ruins to their original state.

Once Dalston arrives, he asks where all the sand was coming from, however Layton didn't have time to explain. Henry tells him that it was the doing of Randall Ascot, who was the Masked Gentleman all along, and was heading for the Gallery Plaza. Although Dalston didn't believe him at first, he decided to go with him to chase him down, in order to save the city.

Epilogue: The City of Miracles
Once Professor Layton had explained everything to Randall, he began to regret everything he had done to Henry, but he knows he wasn't himself, and assured him everything would be okay now that he was back.

An aftershock causes the ground to open up, and Randall falls through. Before he could disappear, Layton catches him, but he tells him to let go, and he didn't deserve to live. Before he could slip out of Layton's grasp, Henry grabs him, and they both pull him back up. Randall asks why he would do everything he did for him, and Henry tells him he always looked out for him, and stuck up for him. Through the years, it became apparent to Henry that their friendship was his most valuable treasure, and meant more to him than anything. Randall was speechless, but Henry tells him he knew he would return, but didn't think he would take so long. At last, Henry had returned home.

[edit] Biography

"As the founder of Monte d'Or, Henry poured his newly gained fortune into his city's growth whilst never forgetting the kindness Randall showed him. In fact, he had faithfully awaited his friend's return the whole time. He treasure the toy robot Randall gave him to this day."

"A diligent and dutiful individual, Henry recently began special training as the Ascots' butler. Many of his tasks are menial, yet he easily possesses the mental aptitude to solve the riddle of Norwell. He has feelings for Angela, but values his friendship with Randall more." ~ Young Henry

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