Horse-Drawn Wagon

Horse-Drawn Wagon
Horse-Drawn Wagon.png
Located In Labyrinthia
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter Accessible Chapter 1: Mysterious Labyrinthia
Owner Wagon Driver
No. of Hint Coins 3

The Horse-Drawn Wagon is a location seen in the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is driven by the Wagon Driver, and is used to take passengers into Labyrinthia.

[edit] Appearance

The wagon is covered with a canvas, and has seating on either side. There are a variety of buckets and sacks sitting at the front of the wagon. It is drawn by two horses, with the Wagon Driver seated at the front.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: Mysterious Labyrinthia
Professor Layton and Luke awaken to find themselves in the wagon, with no recollection of how they came to board it. They question a mysterious woman on where they are headed, however she simply tells them to ask the driver. She tells them that they had been in the wagon the entire time, and that it was her job to carry her passengers to "that town". Soon after, they arrive in Labyrinthia.

[edit] Characters in the Area

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