Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Last Specter
Hometown Misthallery

Hugo is a smooth talker with the ladies but also gives you the most puzzles throughout the game. He is very vain but gets away with it because of his good looks.


[edit] Appearance

Hugo wears an orange and blue sweater with a white jacket and blue trousers. He has floppy, wavy, dirty-blonde hair.

[edit] Personality

Hugo's personality can be seen as quite vain, and can often steer people away from talking to him. However, this does not steer Naiya away, who talks to him regularly. Even though Hugo can be seen this way, he has a love for cats, which may display a caring side to his personality.

[edit] Puzzles

Hugo gives the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Last Specter:

After completing the puzzle The Cat in the Maze, Hugo gives the course Hugo's Troubles for the Train mini-game.


[edit] Biography

"Hugo is a smooth-talking young man who likes to charm the ladies. He loves cats and women almost as much as he loves himself. They say he spends hour after hour absorbed in the mirror trying to brush the knots out of his wavy locks."

[edit] Trivia

  • All of Hugo's puzzles are related to cats.
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