Ice Cave

Ice Cave
Ice Cave Froenborg.png
Located In Froenborg
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
No. of Hint Coins 6
North Exit Azran Sanctuary
South Exit Snow Coach Stop
West Exit Bostonius*

The Ice Cave is a location based in Froenborg, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is where Aurora is located, frozen in a large block of ice, and is where Professor Layton meets Professor Sycamore for the first time. The Azran Sanctuary is located past the cave.


[edit] Appearance

The cave is surrounded by rock formations, with some of them covered in moss. Upon initial entrance to the cave, the back wall is covered in a block of ice, where Aurora is frozen within it. Professor Sycamore's sleeping bag can be seen on the ground near the back wall.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Ice Cave Front

The entrance to the cave is located on the edge of the town. It is initially blocked off by Professor Sycamore, using a large wall of tempered glass controlled by a control switch hidden within a nearby snowman.

The area is surrounded by mountain and rock, all covered in snow and moss. A log lies by the entrance, and a snowman wearing a top hat, scarf and gloves guard the cave.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: Frozen in Time
Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy reach the entrance to the cave, noticing it was blocked by a large wall of ice. Emmy then attempts to smash through the ice by kicking it, however it doesn't even show a crack. Knowing they would have to find another way into the cave, the group go back into town to find more clues about it.

The group later come back to the cave entrance, with a glove in hand that was found on another snowman. Although Luke was hesitant to approach it after hearing unsettling rumors about it, they investigate it closer and place the glove on the snowman's other hand, causing the large wall of ice to recede. Layton had deduced that the wall of ice was actually tempered glass, with the snowman acting as its control switch.

The group then enter the cave, meeting Professor Sycamore there. He shows them the living mummy he had discussed in his letter, informing them that the ice she had been frozen in was estimated to be over a million years old. She appeared to be alive, being in some sort of cryogenic sleep. Sycamore proposes that they melt the ice, and once achieved, the girl is set free. Layton suggests they take her somewhere warm, but before they can leave, they are caught by Targent. Their leader threatens them to hand her over, and so do so with not much choice. Once exiting the cave, the group see a large airship ahead, deducing that they were taking the girl away in there. The group rush back to the Bostonius in an attempt to catch them.

Chapter 6: The Azran Sanctuary
Professor Layton and the group arrive once again Froenborg, to be greeted by Harald warning them that the townspeople were evacuating the area due to an avalanche warning. Aurora knew that the Azran Sanctuary was awaking at this point, and knew it was imperative they stopped Jean Descole. Upon entering the cave, the group notice the temperature had changed dramatically since their last visit, and Aurora informs them that the Azran people were preparing to welcome the person who had solved their puzzle. The group then rush ahead to catch up with Descole.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

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