Inspector Clamp Grosky

Inspector Clamp Grosky
Role Recurring Character
Gender Male
Appearances Last Specter
Eternal Diva
Miracle Mask
Azran Legacy
Hometown London
Voice Actors English:
Stuart OrganED
Houchu Ohtsuka
Relations Amelie Chelmey*
Inspector Chelmey*
Estranged Wife*
Other Carmichael*
Leonard Bloom*
Emmy Altava*
Occupation Inspector at Scotland Yard

Inspector Clamp Grosky is a police officer that works for Scotland Yard, who made his debut in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He plays a similar role of that of Inspector Chelmey in the original trilogy of games.


[edit] Appearance

Grosky has navy blue hair that sticks out over his head and also has a blue moustache. He has a bulky chest, and wears a grey suit with a white undershirt and red tie. He wears green pants and brown shoes.

[edit] Personality

Grosky is shown to be an extremely athletic person with a high enthusiasm in all the cases he tries to solve.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Before the game, Inspector Clamp Grosky is involved in Layton's and Emmy's first meeting, when he accused her of stealing a young boys wallet in which the Professor, while passing by, intervened with her reasoning.

During the investigation into Evan Barde's death, Emmy pays Inspector Clamp Grosky a visit in Scotland Yard. Sensing a case, Inspector Grosky travels back to Misthallery with Emmy and is present when Professor Layton reveals the true identity of the Specter and what Loosha's involvement is.

Before going to Misthallery, Inspector Clamp Grosky is investigating a break-in in London museum and is seen tackling a crook to the floor, smashing a window in Scotland Yard.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Clamp Grosky was the Police Detective incharge of investigating the mystery of the Crown Petone Theatre, trying to get the bottom of the acclaimed eternal life. When the game for eternal life is announced, Grosky runs onto the stage and arrests the Jean Descole, however it turns out to be a puppet that is capable of inflating itself like a balloon, carrying Grosky up and out of the Crown Petone.

After fighting off sharks, he manages to reboard the ship. However Nina (while infused with Melina's memories) pushes him back into the sea when he has his back turned to her. He then later manages to board the ship for a second time, but as he manages this for the second time, the ship blows up, forcing him to jump back into the water. He was eventually rescued by Emmy on her flight to Ambrosia in her Yellow plane.

Now on Ambrosia, Grosky manages to arrest some of Descole's servents (after Emmy had managed to take the majority down by herself). He stays on the ground looking after Nina while Layton and the others move toward the giant robot.

At the end, he arrests Oswald Whistler after he plays his final song on the Detragon.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Professor Layton and the group encounter Inspector Grosky in the City Hall's briefing room, where a special conference was about to begin. He was trying to set up a movie reel, until he discovers the group are standing behind him. Emmy asks him how he managed to make it here with all the competent police officers, to which he finds rude. After saying he'd have to turn to his arrest records to cheer him up, Emmy reminds him that about half of them were with Layton's help.

In a special episode, Inspector Grosky is seen to have arrived in Monte d'Or, and he stops Mordy in order to ask him about the Masked Gentleman. He tells him that he had turned up, performing his miracles, and that a special task force was assembled at the City Hall. Inspector Grosky makes a dash for the City Hall, however he runs in the wrong direction.

After the first two miracles had been debunked, Inspector Grosky starts to explain the third miracle; the incident where people were engulfed in flames. 13 citizens had received a letter from the Masked Gentleman, saying they must attend the Gallery Plaza for his latest miracle. He advertised it in the papers, which drew an enormous crowd. The Masked Gentleman's voice could be heard, but he was nowhere to be seen. The 13 selected people stood on stage, and at 1pm sharp, they all burst into flames, and thus disappearing. However later on, they were found in their homes completely unharmed. When Layton asks a young policeman whether the victims were wearing different clothes later on, Inspector Grosky wonders where he was leading this. After the policeman confirms this, Inspector Grosky guesses that the victims' clothes had burned up in the fire and had run home naked, hence why they were wearing different clothes. However, Layton believes that the victims never left their homes. They had received a second letter threatening them to stay away from the plaza, and once again the policeman confirms the envelopes contained a second letter.

After the meeting was over, Grosky goes out to continue investigating and hopefully catch the Masked Gentleman, and rushes out of the briefing room.

Layton and the others find Inspector Grosky at the Gallery Plaza, where the Masked Gentleman was to make his next appearance. He tells the group that he was to arrest the criminal the minute he showed up, even though he thought the tourists needed evacuating from the plaza. After the Masked Gentleman makes his escape, Grosky goes ahead and begins his chase after him.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Inspector Grosky tells Professor Layton how they weren't able to wring a single bit of information out of Alphonse Dalston, but Layton assures him he's innocent, and that the Masked Gentleman will appear at Pumpkin Park that night. He tells the group to quickly follow in to the briefing room, where the interrogation was taking place.

On that night, Inspector Grosky arrives at Pumpkin Park, right when Layton and the group do. He insisted he would catch the Masked Gentleman, and tells the group that neither Sheffield or the other policemen were concerned with the case, as they were sure Dalston was guilty. On the way in, he had also noticed a poster that said "A new spin on the miraculous", which was by the Masked Gentleman. They decided to start looking for clues, and Inspector Grosky continued patrolling the funfair.

After the Masked Gentleman had made his appearance, Inspector Grosky approaches Layton and the group to ask why Henry and Angela Ledore were rushing away from the park. Layton explains that the Masked Gentleman had made an appearance. He asks if he had been at the park the whole time, to which Grosky says he had been patrolling the are very carefully in order to catch out the criminal, and also states that everything seemed normal. Layton asks Grosky to let Sheffield know that the Masked Gentleman had threatened them with a final miracle the following night that could be seen from anywhere in the city, and needed more policemen posted around the streets to prepare for the event.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
As Professor Layton and the group are on their way to speak to Leonard Bloom, Inspector Grosky comes to inform them that the Masked Gentleman was hiding in the Reunion Inn, and is surprised that Bloom had not told them yet. He tells them they were on their way to talk to Bloom, and Grosky tells them to meet him at the Reunion Inn afterwards.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
Inspector Grosky finds Professor Layton and the group outside Pumpkin Park, asking him how such a huge sandstorm has brewed up. Before Layton can explain the sitation to him, he runs off again, deducting that it was the Masked Gentleman's doing.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

[edit] Biography


[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

"Scotland Yard's hot-blooded ace inspector sports bulging muscles and a will of iron. Beneath his tough exterior, you'll find nothing but grit, honesty, and chest hair."

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

"Scotland Yard's hot-blooded ace inspector not only sports bulging muscles and a dashing pompadour but also tackles investigations with everything he's got, even if that's often a tad more than is needed. His best-kept secret is that he has a lovely estranged wife."


[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

"Grosky is Scotland Yard's most energetic inspector. It's hard to tell if he attracts danger or seeks it out. He refused to back down after being cornered by Targent hitmen and went on to arrest Bronev. His efforts gained him a promotion and a spacious desk...which he is yet to use."

[edit] Trivia

  • The hair on his chest is shaped like a heart.
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