Inspector Gilbert

Inspector Gilbert
Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Last Specter
Hometown London
Relations Barton*
Inspector Chelmey*
Occupation Inspector at Scotland Yard

Inspector Gilbert is a police inspector who was killed in action whilst trying to run after a criminal. Inspector Gilbert died because of a mistake in which Inspector Chelmey made.

[edit] Appearance

Inspector Gilbert wore glasses, gilet, white shirt, red belt, beige trousers and a yellow tie. He also had a beard and a mustache.

[edit] Plot

Inspector Gilbert only appears in one of the special episodes that is unlocked once completing the game.

Seven years prior of the events of Last Specter, Inspector Chelmey worked as Inspector Gilbert's assistant. He and Chelmey converse after he is found in the records room, telling him that his work should not interfere with his life. He also mentions that his son is working towards becoming a police officer. Colby then informs Inspector Gilbert of an explosion at Gressenheller University involving an experimental machine, making references to the events of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Some time later, Inspector Gilbert and Chelmey are about to apprehend a criminal that they had been chasing for some time. Without thinking, Chelmey ignores his superior's orders and rushes in to chase the criminal. Inspector Gilbert chases after him and ends up being shot by the criminal. Before he passes away, he tells Chelmey he will make a fine inspector.


[edit] Biography

"An eminent inspector from Scotland Yard, Gilbert was a cheerful and unpretentious man who placed great trust in his subordinates. He took a firm stance when dealing with investigations, but sometimes his appetite got the better of him."

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