Jack Potsby

Jack Potsby
Jack Potsby.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Goldie Potsby-Mahn (Wife)

Jack Potsby is a rich man who had recently won a large sum of money in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He is the victim in the case File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary, in where he was murdered in his own flat.

[edit] Appearance

Jack Potsby wears a brown polka-dot shirt and red pants. He also wears white sneakers, a necklace and has brown hair.

[edit] Plot

002: The Bungled Burglary:
While watching TV, Potsby had been murdered by his wife Goldie Potsby-Mahn, using a knife made of ice to stab him in the back. Potsby-Mahn had married to Potsby after he won a large sum of money, and subsequently murdered him as he was losing his money quickly.

[edit] Profile

Jack Profile.png

The victim
"A typical loser, unemployed with a gambling habit. His good looks were his one redeeming feature. It seems he had recently enjoyed a big win."

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