Janice Quatlane

Janice Quatlane
Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Eternal Diva
Voice Actors English: Emma Tate
Japanese: Nana Mizuki
Relationships Melina Whistler (Friend)
Professor Layton (Ex-Mentor)
Occupation Opera Singer

Janice Quatlane is a character in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. She was a good friend of Melina Whistler until Melina's death at 22 from a disease. Afterward, Janice agreed to be the first test subject for Melina's father's machine that he had contained his daughter's memories in. The process seemingly failed until Janice secretly suppressed her own personality and let Melina take over her body. Melina then uses Janice's body to write a letter to Professor Layton, claiming that she had seen a little girl who claimed to be Melina reborn with the gift of Eternal Life.

After Melina left Janice's body, Janice expressed sadness that her friend was going to disappear and was comforted by Layton. She would later sing "The Eternal Diva" as a tribute to her friend. After The Eternal Diva's credits, she can be seen arriving at Layton's office in the present day three years later.

[edit] Appearance

Janice has red curly hair that goes over her shoulder, with a long purple dress with a black strap in the middle. She also wears black high-heels.

[edit] Professor Layton's London Life

Janice appears on the Third Floor of the Chess Department Store after completing the main story.

Janice's London Life Profile
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