Jinxes Stinkses

This is a Yellow Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Living History Sought3.png
Walk to Granny Riddleton's Shack
London Life Grating On Granny2.gif
Speak to Granny Riddleton
London Life Living History Sought1.gif
Pay a visit to the Oxshire Museum
London Life Jinxes Stinkses4.png
Go up to the rear of the building
London Life Jinxes Stinkses5.gif
Speak to Puzzlette
London Life Living History Sought4.gif
Return to Granny Riddleton's Shack and speak to Granny Riddleton

[edit] Rewards

2,400 happiness = Child at Heart
2,200 happiness = Winning Smile
2,000 happiness = Everyone other than above

9,000 Wealth = Smooth Talking males
6,000 Wealth = Non Smooth Talking males

Item = Heart-Shaped Bed

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