Joseph (DB)

Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Diabolical Box
Hometown Folsense
Relations Anton Herzen*
Occupation Owner of the Photo Studio

Joseph is the owner of the Photo Studio in Folsense. He loves to play pranks and some of the town thinks he lies a lot.


[edit] Appearance

Joseph wears a top hat, green suit jacket, white shirt, red bow tie and blue trousers.

[edit] Puzzles

Joseph gives the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box:

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

When Professor Layton quizzes him on how he keeps the photos that are 50 years old looking so new, he tries to dodge the question. The reasoning for why he done this was soon to become clear, it turns out Joseph was a servant at the Herzen household and believes Anton will never forgive him. He encourages Professor Layton and Luke Triton to go to the castle.


[edit] Biography

"Joseph runs the photo studio in Folsense and loves to play pranks on his customers. Because of his penchant for mischief, some of the townsfolk consider him to be a bit of a fibber. But he has no interest in lying to anyone. He just likes a good prank."

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