Kat's Journal

Kat's Journal is a feature that Katrielle Layton uses to keep track of the various cases throughout the game Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. All the events that happen within the game are recorded here so the player can reflect on what has happened in the plot so far. In Case 10: The Importance of Being Ernest, all journal entries are written by Ernest Greeves.

Listed below are the entries in the Journal for Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy:


[edit] Case 01: The Hand That Feeds

[edit] Missing clock hand

"Things are hectic at the agency already, and I've only just hung the sign! An amnesic talking dog, Sherl, wants me to discover his true identity. And Inspector Hastings was hot on his heels with an urgent case: One of the hands of Big Ben is missing."

[edit] When the hand was stolen

"According to the inspector, the hand went missing sometime in a roughly six-hour window between 11:50 last night and 6:00 this morning. Unfortunately, we have no witnesses. We'll ask the officers investigating the scene what they know and go from there."

[edit] Metal theft in the capital

"The police are continuing their own investigation at the Elizabeth Tower. They say there has been a spate of metal thefts in the capital recently. We also learnt that the clock tower was completely empty last night. Time to go in and investigate for ourselves, I think."

[edit] Hans Lipski, the serviceman

"Inside the clockroom, which houses the great clock mechanism, we met serviceman Hans Lipski, who claims he left the tower early yesterday evening. No sign of breaking and entering or theft at all. We must consult the police officers again."

[edit] No traces of anything

"Inspector Hastings also scoured the clockroom, but found no trace of the intruder or the missing hand. He apparently took samples from the room and the clock face, which are currently being analysed. I've decided we should return to Chancer Lane for now."

[edit] Restaurant on Chancer Lane

"Lots of lovely shops on Chancer Lane. I decided we should take a break from the grind of the case for lunch at a restaurant. It seems cutlery has been going missing from there recently. More metal theft. Now full, we are heading to Lipski's Pâtisserie for dessert."

[edit] Lipski's pâtisserie

"Aleks Lipski, who owns the pâtisserie, is the twin brother of Hans, the serviceman from the clock tower. His shop is full of extremely realistic edible models of different items. We also pieced together a drawing from some ripped-up paper found in the bin."

[edit] Puddle on the pavement

"We tried to visit The Lucky Clover, a boutique next to the agency, but sadly, it was closed. There was a large puddle on the pavement by the door, however. It seems it rained heavily in the night, though I slept through it. Could this be significant?"

[edit] Soggy wafer hand

"The missing hand was not stolen at all. Hans Lipski, the serviceman, dropped the hand by mistake, and when he discovered it was broken, asked his brother, Aleks, to fashion a new one out of wafer. Unfortunately, it melted away in the overnight rains. Oops."

[edit] Case 02: Murder on the Thames

[edit] Murder? Or...

"Sherl, the homeless amnesic dog, is going to stay at the agency for a while. It seems we're going to be busy on another case. Inspector Hastings called, so we're heading to Scotland Yard. I've had to abandon plans to visit the Riverside Festival tonight."

[edit] Incident at the festival

"According to Dert, the reporter, something happened at the Riverside Festival grounds, but the police haven't issued a formal statement yet. It could be a murder, but we're still not sure. Let's see what Inspector Hastings has to say."

[edit] Missing couple

"It seems a man known only as Tim was pushed into the river, while a woman known only as Vic threw herself in. Both are missing. The police are also unclear about the precise details, so we're off to seek answers from the person who requested the investigation."

[edit] The Legend of the Thames

"It seems London's Mayor Lowonida personally requested Inspector Hastings for the case. She explained that the so-called Legend of the Thames describes a man being pushed and a woman throwing herself into the river. Did the culprit mimic this deliberately?"

[edit] Criminal profiler, Perfetti

"A woman I didn't know came up to me and branded me a 'so-called detective'. Apparently she's Emiliana Perfetti, an highly talented criminal profiler from Scotland Yard. Anyway, moving on... Time to visit the Thames and the scene of the crime."

[edit] Packed festival crowds

"There are scores of people at the grounds of the Riverside Festival along the banks of the Thames. It seems the incident and its similarity to the Legend of the Thames has sparked a lot of interest in the festival. We'll investigate the opposite bank next."

[edit] The wide river

"We met a witness of both incidents, but he couldn't make out the person who pushed the male victim into the river on the opposite bank. I had Ernest go over there to verify this and it's true. Now back to Chancer Lane to ask people about the victims."

[edit] Two stage performers

"According to people on Chancer Lane, the missing pair are stage performers. No one knew of any particular difficulties or problems in their lives. Strangely, no one seem to think they were a couple, either. Were they lovers at all?"

[edit] Lowonida's unexpected past

"At The Lucky Clover, we found out that though cool and collected now, Mayor Lowonida was once something of a party animal, and that it would be no exaggeration to say she became mayor solely to rejuvenate the festival. It's time to talk to her again!"

[edit] Emiliana's theory

"From reports that the mayor knew the missing couple, Emiliana has surmised that Lowonida is behind the crime. But our profiling expert can't establish motive, and admits that a clear profile of the criminal is not forthcoming."

[edit] Festival success

"The incident mimicking the Legend of the Thames was an elaborate act orchestrated by Mayor Lowonida and carried out by the stage performers. It's made this year's festival a huge success, and secured the event's future."

[edit] Case 03: The Stolen Kiss

[edit] Film premiere

"Ernest won tickets and has invited Sherl and I to the premiere of the latest Maverick D. Rector film, 'A Naval Advance: No Sub For Love'. Personally, I'm more interested in the new durian-flavoured popcorn that's on sale at the venue."

[edit] Meetings at the Saveloy

"It's my first time at the Saveloy. We bumped into Scotland Yard super-profiler, Emiliana Perfetti again. Also present are the seven so-called 'Dragons of London' - the capital's famous multi-millionaires. This has all the hallmarks of an exciting show!"

[edit] Popcorn disaster

"Tragedy strikes! While introducing ourselves to the Dragons at the Saveloy, I missed my chance to sample the durian popcorn I've been looking forward to. We've had to go into the auditorium as the film is about to start. But I haven't given up hope!"

[edit] Stolen kiss scene

"Who could have predicted this? In an unprecedented turn of events, it transpires that the final, climactic kiss scene has been stolen! Who could possibly have done such a thing? And why? It's a good job there's a detective in the house!"

[edit] Projectionist and myna bird

"We're investigating at the behest of Phineas T. Barnone, owner of the Saveloy. We've interviewed projectionist Seymore Fraymes, who's crazy about his equipment, and keeps a myna bird called The Major. But I've just remembered my popcorn quest."

[edit] Popcorn sold out

"Sadly, the popcorn I've been hankering after is all sold out. According to the employee at the kiosk, even the myna bird managed to get some! So it's all over. Now we're heading out of the cinema to find and interview Eddie Torre, the film editor."

[edit] The chief editor, Mr Torre

"It seems Mr Torre is Rector's right-hand man. Together they inspected the film just prior to the screening and found no issues. However at that time, Torre did express his dissatisfaction with the final kiss scene. We need to speak to the director again."

[edit] Maverick's own work?

"Emiliana believes the incident to be the director's own doing. She's speculated that Rector, being a perfectionist, cut the final scene himself as he was unhappy with it. Torre has gone into the auditorium to confront him. We're hot on his heels."

[edit] Torre and Rector fall out

"Rector and Torre got into a blazing row in the now-empty auditorium. Rector accused Torre of cutting the final scene, after the editor expressed his contempt for it, but Torre has a strong alibi. Someone else must have stolen it instead."

[edit] The ultimate truth

"It turns out that The Major, projectionist Fraymes's pet myna bird, was flying free and did a poo on the final reel of the film. Fraymes couldn't bear to pass the contaminated film through his precious machines, so he cut the scene instead."

[edit] Case 04: Pet Pandemonium

[edit] Madame Doublée's request

"Madame Doublée - one of the Dragons we met at the Saveloy, and a figurehead of the millionaire seven - has sent a request to me here at the agency. It seems she has something she'd like us to investigate. What could it be?"

[edit] Mansion on Millionaires' Row

"I've put Sherl in charge of this investigation, and with him in the lead, we've headed to Madame Doublée's residence on Millionaires' Row. She occupies the largest mansion in the district. I can't wait to see inside!"

[edit] The hunt for Rexie-wexie

"It seems Madame Doublée was intending to contact Dad, not me. But I showed her what I could do, and she's agreed to let me take the case. Apparently, her beloved pet Rex has gone missing, but Madame was called away before she could tell us more."

[edit] Cats all over the house

"In the hunt for the missing Rex, our investigation of Madame Doublée's residence has revealed an incredible number of cat ornaments and trinkets all over the house. She clearly adores her pet, and must be an avid cat-lover."

[edit] To the garden after Rex

"We were shown a picture of a magnificent, pure white cat in Madame Doublée's parlour, where Rex spends most of his time. Sherl deduced that Rex must have slipped on a banana skin and tumbled outside into the garden. We're heading there now."

[edit] Has Rex left the premises?

"Having followed the trail into the garden, we discovered a shed skin - of a snake or other reptile - and a broken garden gate. Sherl deduced that Rex, startled by the reptile, bolted out of the hole in the gate. We must find him and reunite him with his owner!"

[edit] Cat on the street

"While investigating near Madame Doublée's residence, we came across a cat, but it doesn't appear to be Rex. That would be too easy! Still we mustn't feel downhearted. The hunt is still on!"

[edit] Fruitless search

"Despite scouring the neighbourhood with Sherl and Ernest, we have yet to find the missing Rex. Where on Earth can Madame Doublée's beloved pet have got to? We must find him soon. The poor woman is beside herself."

[edit] The wrong cat

"When a young girl brought a cat to us we were sure we'd found Rex, but alas, it was the wrong feline. It's made me realise just how many cats there are around London. Where can Rex have gone? I hope hes'not going hungry...""'

[edit] To the wharf, after the van

"We spotted a sure-fire lure for any cat - a fishmonger's van. But it sped off before we could look inside. We discovered it comes from a small wharf on the river. We're heading there now, just in case Rex has ended up there."

[edit] Cat on the bridge

"Sherl spoke to a stray dog who said that he'd seen a cat that could be Rex. After jumping out from a boat loaded with bananas, the cat was chased up one of the towers of Tower Bridge by the yapping dog. It's nearly over. We just have to catch Rex!"

[edit] Rex isn't a cat

"It turns out that Madame Doublée's pet Rex isn't a cat at all. He's an iguana. The cat ornaments and everything all around the house are to control where Rex goes. An unexpected conclusion, but Madame Doublée is happy at least."

[edit] Case 05: Ghost Busted

[edit] Millionaires' Row at night

"Another of the Dragons - Ms Liza Wight - has requested a meeting with me to discuss a case. For some reason, she's asked us to come after dark. We've headed to Millionaires' Row now the sun has set, but now we can't find her house."

[edit] Arrival at the Wight house

"Once again, we've bumped into Emiliana. It seems she's also been summoned by Ms Wight, so we headed to the residence together. It's a creepy place. Or perhaps 'gothic' would be a better word. No, it's plain creepy. What will the case be?"

[edit] Supernatural phenomena?

"We've been asked to investigate mysterious happenings at the Wight residence. I certainly never imagined I would be investigating ghosts. But it's too fascinating to pass up. Whatever the truth behind all this is, I'll find it out!"

[edit] The six Wight House Horrors

"According to the butler Wooooster, there are six stories of the supernatural connected with the property, dubbed the 'Wight House Horrors'. Our first task is to find out about them. Wooooster told us about 'The Ghosts in the Garden'. Now for the other five."

[edit] Double-up visit

"We've found out about the so-called 'Wraith at the Window' and 'Possessed Puppet'. So there are three 'horrors' left now. As we're in the neighbourhood, I've decided we should visit Madame Doublée and see if she knows anything useful."

[edit] All six horrors

"On our short diversion to Madame Doublée's, we learnt about 'The Sealed Cellar', 'The Morbid Mirror', and 'The Searching Soul'. In other words, we now know of all six Wight House Horrors. Time to return to the scene and investigate."

[edit] Investigating the horrors

"Finally armed with accounts of all six Wight House Horrors, we have returned to Liza's house. We have to solve each mystery in turn by investigating the location where witnesses reported seeing the phenomena. The first is 'The Ghosts in the Garden'."

[edit] The ghosts' true nature

"The ghosts that appeared in the garden were in fact balloons, and the wraith at the window was just a projected image. So somebody has set this up, but who? I don't know for sure yet, but we must investigate the other horrors thoroughly."

[edit] Entrance to the sealed cellar

"We have ascertained that the 'possessed' puppet was just a wind-up doll, and we have found the entrance to the sealed cellar hidden behind the fireplace in the entrance hall. What could be lurking in its depths? There's only one way to find out..."

[edit] A ghost appears

"We found the so-called 'Morbid Mirror' wasn't a supernatural phenomenon at all, but a simple deception. So far, all five 'horrors' we've investigated have been tricks. As we turned our attention to the final 'Searching Soul', a ghostly figure appeared before us!"

[edit] The soul slips away

"Following the ghostly white shadow led us to Liza's room. But when we entered, the ghost had mysteriously vanished. Where did it appear from, and where did it go?"

[edit] Lonely Liza

"It turns out Liza was behind all six of the so-called Wight House Horrors. Lonely, and desperately seeking company, she had concocted everything as a way of getting attention. Now though, she's made lots of friends with a shared interest in the occult."

[edit] Case 06: An Unexpected Windfall

[edit] The Layman's Reserve bank

"Inspector Hastings summoned us to the Layman's Reserve bank's main branch, where we learnt that it was actually someone other than the inspector who requested my involvement. The agency's repute is clearly on the up. We've entered the bank to find out more."

[edit] One hundred million down

"According the Layman Reserve bank's general manager, Bianca Teller, an incredible one hundred million pounds has disappeared from the bank's vault. Bank owner and Dragon Grant Sloanes has asked me to help determine what happened."

[edit] The ultimate safe

"The huge vault from which the money disappeared was a Hermet 5000 - an extremely secure, high-tech installation made by another of Mr Sloanes's firms. A security guard discovered the open vault that morning, with the bank manager collapsed inside."

[edit] Bullion untouched

"We've discovered that only banknotes were taken. Gold bullion and other valuables in the vault were not touched. Apart from an air-conditioning failure, the vault is fully functional, with no signs of a break-in. Time to talk to Ms Teller again."

[edit] Ms Teller's concerns

"In the manager's office, we witnessed a grave conversation between Sloanes and Teller. The lost money may result in the bank's closure. Having spoken to Ms Teller, our work inside the bank is complete. Now to investigate outside."

[edit] In pursuit of a suspect

"Investigating outside the bank, we noticed that one of the bank's large cloth banners appears to be missing. Then a man who was acting suspiciously in front of the bank suddenly ran away. He could be involved. We're going after him."

[edit] Overnight gust of wind

"We followed the suspect to the river, but he gave us the slip again. But we did find the missing banner from the bank caught on the cable of Tower Bridge. It seems there was a very strong gust of wind during the night."

[edit] The chase is over

"We finally caught up with the suspect who we saw running away from the bank at the little wharf by the river. Could this be the bank robber who took the one hundred million? We must apprehend him and find out!"

[edit] Banknotes in the sky

"It turns out that it wasn't a theft at all, but a malfunction of the bank's new vault which caused the money to be sucked up into the ventilation system and blown out into the sky over the city. By analysing weather patterns, eighty per cent of the money has been recovered."

[edit] Case 07: Ratman Returns

[edit] Investigating for the chief ed

"The chief editor of the London Times is our client this time. The London Times is a serious paper, but publishes a variety of more unusual stories as well. I've been reading it for years. I wonder what the editor wants us to investigate."

[edit] Ratman's disappearance

"It seems London Times chief editor Taboras Lloyd wants us to investigate the reason behind the disappearance of the mysterious superhero, Ratman, who hasn't been seen for three months now. Who could be behind the mask? Who could this powermouse of justice be?"

[edit] Lloyd and Chance

"The London Times is owned by a Mr Cesar Chance, one of the seven Dragons, and a childhood friend of Lloyd, the editor. Despite being friends, Chance seems to think this investigation is pointless. He thinks we should be chasing new news, not old heroes."

[edit] Appearing unexpectedly

"We began our investigations in front of the London Times offices, where we ran into a journalist who follows Ratman closely and seems to appear as unexpectedly as a superhero himself. It seems many London Times readers enjoy Ratman articles."

[edit] Ratman's stomping ground

"We managed to find somebody who'd actually met Ratman. Three months ago, some muggers tried to take his money when the superhero appeared and saved the day. It seems Bowlyn Hill is where Ratman is seen most frequently. We're on our way there."

[edit] Threatening letter

"Upon arrival in Bowlyn Hill, a young boy passed us a letter that threatened to make us disappear like Ratman has if we pursue this case any further. Who could be behind this? And is Ratman really gone for good?"

[edit] Ratman's courageous deeds

"In the backstreets of Bowlyn Hill, we found another person who had been helped by Ratman. But again, that was three months ago, with no sightings since. We also learnt that apparently Mr Chance is often seen in Bowlyn Hill. Why?"

[edit] Life-changing event

"The man we thought might attack us was actually a reformed crook, set straight by Ratman. The last time he saw the superhero, Ratman announced he was facing a life-changing event before disappearing into the shadows. What could it have been?"

[edit] Mouse hunt

"While searching for clues about Ratman's whereabouts down a dark, dead-end backstreet of Bowlyn Hill, we found our next lead - a mouse. That led us swiftly to an old tailor's shop."

[edit] The tailor's Ratman suit

"Unbelievably, we discovered a Ratman suit in the tailor's. Irritatingly, though, she won't disclose who asked her to look after it. She's also roped us into delivering a package to Mr Chance. So it's back to the London Times offices for now."

[edit] Ratman is...

"It turns out Ratman is really Cesar Chance! Apparently, he decided to assume the superhero role to increase sales of his paper and magazines. But three months ago, he had a baby and had to hang up his costume. I've suggested franchising the Ratman brand."

[edit] Case 08: The Goddess of the Thames

[edit] The luxury Thametanic

"We've arrived at the wharf ready to board the luxury cruise ship Thametanic on her maiden voyage. The tickets were kindly given to us by Madame Doublée. Inspector Hastings and Emiliana are also on the guest list."

[edit] Welcome on the deck

"After a welcoming from ship's captain Midas Pullman, we then met the owner of the Thametanic, Mustafa Fullhold - another of the Dragons. We are already well on our way down the Thames estuary, and the party will start once we reach open sea.'""

[edit] Party time

"The party to celebrate the maiden voyage of the Thametanic is underway. The food on offer is nothing short of a feast, and the venue is lavishly decorated, with an enormous golden goddess statue presiding over us all."

[edit] Angel treasure hunt

"Fullhold has organised a game for his guests: Finding angel figurines hidden around the ship. Whoever finds all four wins a bidding slip to participate in an auction for the Golden Goddess. Inspector Hastings and Emiliana are clearly excited by the idea, and so am I!"

[edit] Missing statue

"First stop on the angel hunt was the engine room. I managed to find the hidden figurine. But when we returned to the lounge, the enormous goddess statue was no longer there! We've joined forces with the inspector and Emiliana to investigate."

[edit] The statue and the crane

"According to crew members on the bridge, the statue was put in place using the ship's crane, but the crane is not easily operated. The possibility of this being a revenge attack on Fullhold has also been suggested."

[edit] The crane mystery

"According to the ship's engineer, operating the crane requires a key from the captain and a power switch to be flicked in the engine room, while the actual controls for the crane are on the bridge. How could anyone have managed to use the machine?"

[edit] Angel hunt resumed

"I had an idea and asked Mr Fullhold to resume the game of hunting for the angel figurines. He was surprised, but agreed to do as I asked. The next angel was hidden in the first-class accommodation. I found it behind a navigation chart on the wall."

[edit] In the speaking tubes

"We've arrived on the bridge in the hunt for the third angel. I've already located it inside one of the speaking tubes used by the crew to communicate with each other around the vessel. Only one angel to go! It's somewhere in the grand lounge."

[edit] Location of the last angel

"The final angel was supposed to be hidden inside a decoration on top of a tiered tower of platters. Fullhold seemed stunned that the angel, too, had gone missing, but I know where it is. It's time to reveal the answer."

[edit] The goddess in the sea

"It turns out Captain Pullman and his crew hoisted the Golden Goddess from the ship with the crane, and sank it into the sea on a rope, to be towed back to shore. Pullman wanted to buy back his precious SS Midas Touch. But he'll be captaining her anyway!"

[edit] Case 09: The Battle of Hastings

[edit] Inspector Hastings's crisis

"It's Godwin's Day, so Londoners are enjoying a day off work. We've been enlisted by Inspector Hastings to find a present for his wife, whose birthday is today! Bizarrely, the first person we ran into outside the agency was the woman herself, Felicity Hastings!"

[edit] Shops are shut

"Being a bank holiday, the shops on Chancer Lane are all shut. The Lucky Clover is closed, Lipski's is closed. Even the restaurant is closed. We've got our work cut out for us, it seems! We're heading to Scotland Yard to let the inspector know the situation."

[edit] Reporting to Hastings

"We found the inspector back at his office. It seems some members of the public gave him a helping hand to resolve the incident he was called away to. I've decided we should head to Guildhall to get some advice about the present for Felicity."

[edit] View from the balcony

"We consulted Pipper about our dilemma. As she's always trying to please the public, I guessed she might have some ideas. Her suggestion was to consider things other than physical gifts. We left, but not before enjoying the beautiful view from the balcony - briefly! Time is short."

[edit] The sun has nearly set

"The inspector promised his wife he'd have found her a present by sunset, and there is very little time left. Hastings has given up and gone home empty-handed. There's nothing more we can do. We're heading back to Chancer Lane."

[edit] The most important thing

"On the way back to the agency, we bumped into Dean Delmona of Gressenheller University. He feels that far more important than a present is being present to celebrate an occasion with someone. His words have almost given me an idea..."

[edit] The end of Godwin's Day

"Chancer Lane was nearly deserted when we returned. Apparently there's a tradition on Godwin's Day to be together with your family at home after dark. Armed with this information, I think I can conjure the perfect birthday present for Felicity!"

[edit] Message in lights

"We quickly delivered notes to hundred of households and arranged for a special birthday greeting for Felicity to be displayed in lights across the city. The public were happy to help as they all think so highly of Inspector Hastings."

[edit] Case 10: The Importance of Being Ernest

[edit] First meeting

"I first met Miss Layton while being questioned by Inspector Hastings at Scotland Yard. I was the prime suspect for the theft of Dr Ohm's research papers, but of course I was innocent. Miss Layton stood up to the police for me. I thought she was simply marvellous!"

[edit] To Gressenheller

"After she learnt I was a first-year at Gressenheller, Miss Layton said she would accompany me to the university. She seems to have some business there and thinks she can prove my innocence at the same time! I wonder if she really can?"

[edit] Retracing my steps

"There were police on campus investigating the crime. Dr Ohm is world-renowned for his plant-related genetics works. The missing documents must be rather valuable! Anyway, Miss Layton wants to help me retrace my movements from earlier in the day."

[edit] Rival researchers

"According to the police officer we spoke to, Dr Ohm has rivals in his field who could have been responsible for the theft. But I'm still a prime suspect, apparently. I'd been enjoying some roses I'd noticed earlier, so we're heading back to the flowerbed now."

[edit] Roses and goat manure

"The roses are magnificent. When I'd been looking at them earlier, I'd stepped in some goat's manure and then headed to the goat shed in order to clean my shoe. Miss Layton seemed a little taken aback, but we're retracing my steps, so..."

[edit] Chasing the lost cat

"The goats on campus are looked after by the students. Most people really enjoy the animals, although some feed them paper, the wicked rascals! I remembered that earlier I'd chased after a lost cat, which had taken me back to the flowerbed. That's our next stop."

[edit] In through the window

"Earlier that day, the cat had jumped into Dr Ohm's lab through an open window. I peered in after it, but lost my footing and fell inside. Miss Layton wanted to climb in as well, but I managed to stop her, thankfully! We entered the building via the main doors."

[edit] No admittance!

"Upon entering the faculty building, Inspector Hastings barred us from setting foot in Dr Ohm's lab, declaring it to be off limits. But Miss Layton didn't bat an eyelid. She seems to think she can go over his head somehow. I'm trailing after her in wonder."

[edit] Looking for the dean

"It seems Miss Layton's business at Gressenheller was with Dean Delmona himself. But the dean isn't on campus, so we've left for Scotland Yard, where he's apparently gone himself. I can't imagine what Miss Layton could want with the dean."

[edit] Permission to investigate

"Miss Layton has been granted permission by Dean Delmona himself to investigate anywhere in the university, including Dr Ohm's lab. Inspector Hastings can't stop us now! Miss Layton wanted to ask the dean something about her father, it seems."

[edit] Dr Ohm's laboratory

"Inspector Hastings was forced to allow us into Dr Ohm's laboratory, so we're finally able to search the scene of the crime for clues. Dr Ohm himself is present! At last, Miss Layton can properly investigate."

[edit] The truth uncovered

"It turns out that Dr Ohm himself was responsible for destroying his own research material, because he realised he would fail to meet the submission deadline for his highly anticipated paper. So I'm off the hook. But hooked on Miss Layton. She's like a dream."

[edit] Case 11: Katrielle Layton: WANTED!

[edit] Accused!

"In a tragic turn of events, Ms Pryce from The Lucky Clover appears to have been murdered. As if that wasn't enough, Chief Inspector Britannias has concluded that I am the killer without giving me a chance to defend myself. I'm on the run now, with Sherl in tow."

[edit] Friends on Chancer Lane

"Thanks to Ernest distracting the police, Sherl and I have managed to flee to the end of Chancer Lane. But we don't know where to go. The waiter at the restaurant suggested taking refuge at Lipski's pâtisserie, so that's what we're doing."

[edit] Hiding in a cake

"Wight the police after us, we've taken refuge in Lipski's pâtisserie. Knowing we had little time, we hid inside an enormous edible teddy bear. It smelt like a sugar factory, but at least we gave the police the slip. But we can't stay. We have to keep running."

[edit] To the Thames

"I've decided that the best way to elude the police is to get on a boat and sail down the river. We have to get to the wharf, so we've carefully made our way to the Thames, at all times on the lookout for pursuers."

[edit] Hastings and Britannias

"Whilst unable to cross the river due to police presence, we noticed Inspector Hastings looking for me. After listening to him speak to another officer, it's clear he is convinced of my innocence. He said that he and Britannias have been rivals for many years."

[edit] Ambushed

"Britannias was waiting for us at the wharf. It seems Emiliana predicted I would attempt to escape by boat. She said there was no point in running, but I'm not about to be caught. We've managed to flee again, heading for the backstreets of Bowlyn Hill."

[edit] Bowlyn Hill backstreets

"We found our way to Bowlyn Hill and bumped into Hans again. Apparently he's doing some work in the park, but we couldn't stay and chat. We've come deep into the backstreets now, and so far, there's no sign of the police on our tail."

[edit] Bowlyn ball

"Ratman made me realise I have to prove my own innocence. Sherl and I decided to head back to the scene of the crime on Chancer Lane. But then the huge ball from the Bowlyn Man came rolling down the hill towards us! We had a very narrow escape!"

[edit] Investigating the scene

"Back on Chancer Lane, for some reason there are no police about at all, even though the case remains open. Anyway, I've started investigating the scene, trying to understand who would have killed Ms Pryce and why."

[edit] Post-mortem report

"Now back at The Lucky Clover and Emiliana has appeared again. It seems she fed the police some false info to make them clear out of Chancer Lane. She also gave me the post-mortem report. Ms Pryce died from a head wound but also had bruising on her chest."

[edit] Driven by jealousy

"It turns out Britannias tried to set me up in a desperate attempt to further his career. Ms Pryce actually died in an unfortunate accident that he discovered, and then he tried to make it look like I murdered her to discredit his rival, Hastings."

[edit] Case 12: Diamonds Aren't Forever

[edit] Curious invitation

"A letter arrived from a mysterious Lord Adamas, inviting us to some kind of 'puzzle party' in which the great Richmond fortune would be at stake. Despite risking the loss of their entire fortunes, the seven Dragons have agreed to participate. Very strange."

[edit] Adjudicator

"It seems Adamas actually intended to invite my father as an adjudicator to oversee proceedings. Having persuaded Adamas that I can perform the role, we're entering the first of four puzzle rooms he's prepared: The Rosenberg Room."

[edit] The Rosenberg Room

"Sloanes and Chance also decided to enter the Rosenberg Room first. We searched for the room's puzzle together, and although I solved it, they failed, and somewhat despondently followed the Road to Ruin to wait somewhere underground."

[edit] The Treasury

"In the next room, the Treasury, we found Liza and Mr Fullhold. They sadly failed to solve the puzzle, and though that means they lose their entire fortunes, they seemed unfazed as they followed the Road to Ruin."

[edit] The Hope Room

"In the third room, the Hope Room, Pipper and Phineas were hunting hard for the puzzle. Pipper seemed troubled by something in her past. Sadly, they failed as well, but also seemed almost happy as they followed the Road to Ruin."

[edit] The Treachery

"In the final room, called the Treachery, Madame Doublée was desperately seeking out the puzzle. It's clear the seven Dragons share some secret or other. I failed to solve the puzzle, and left Ernest and Sherl behind to follow the Road to Ruin myself."

[edit] The Road to Ruin

"I deliberately got the last puzzle wrong in order to slip away and have some time to explore this grand palace. Sherl has followed me, and together we found a passageway leading off the so-called Road to Ruin. Can we uncover the secret identity of Adamas?"

[edit] Secret Study

"The passageway has led us into a wonderful old study. It's locked from the inside, and appears to have been used recently. A file in a secret hidey-hole in the wall reveals there was a connection ten years ago between the Dragons and Richmond."

[edit] Adamas's true identity

"The next room we've found appears to have been a young boy's bedroom, that of Miles Richmond. In his desk drawer there was a book that gives away the true identity of Lord Adamas. So, now it's time to reveal the shocking truth to everyone!"

[edit] Revenge at last

"It turns out Ernest is Lord Adamas! He promised his late mother he would exact revenge on the Dragons for stealing a mine from his grandfather. But in fact, they didn't. Ernest is distraught, but I'm going to let him continue working as my assistant."

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