Katia Anderson

Katia Anderson
Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Diabolical Box
Hometown Dropstone
Voice Actors English:
Cynthia Geary
Suzuka Ohgo
Relations Anton Herzen*
Mr. Anderson*
Katia's Mother*
Duke Herzen*
Sammy Thunder*

Katia Anderson is the granddaughter of Sophia and Anton Herzen and the daughter of Mr. Anderson and an unnamed woman. Professor Layton and Luke first encounter her while boarding the Molentary Express in Dropstone Village, and it is revealed that she has also been searching for the Elysian Box. Though Layton and Luke try to ask her about her knowledge of the Box, she refuses to tell them anything.


[edit] Appearance

Katia has purple hair, similar to her grandmother Sophia she also wears a pink jacket, brown and purple dress and lilac and pink heeled shoes.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

When Layton and Luke are escaping from Anton's castle they encounter Katia, who is mistaken by Anton to be his long-lost love Sophia. However, Katia reveals the truth by explaining that Anton, instead of being an immortal vampire, is actually an aging old man. These delusions were brought on by the gas seeping into Folsense from the Folsense Gold Mine. Though Anton initially refuses to believe her, when he causes the castle to collapse the effects of the gas wear off and he sees himself for what he truly is.

While Layton and Luke board the Molentary Express once more, Katia stays behind with her newly-found grandfather in the ruins of Folsense.

[edit] Professor Layton's London Life

Katia's London Life Profile

Katia makes an appearance in professor Layton's London Life. She is usually found in Oxshire Museum which is east in London. She occasionally asks the player to help her deliver flowers to certain peoples' grave in Jabberwork Cemetery. She appears after the quest Casino Conundrum has been completed successfully.


[edit] Biography

"Katia is the daughter of Dropstone's Mr. Anderson, though the two haven't been getting along recently. Katia goes to Folsense to deliver a message from Sophia, her grandmother, to Anton, her grandfather."

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