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Bucket Run
Puzzle Number 013
Puzzle Name (US)Bucket Run
(UK)Bucket Race
Picarats Given 30 Picarats
Type Line
Location Café Entrance
Previous Puzzle LS012 - Room Check
Next Puzzle LS014 - Cafeteria Conundrum

This is the thirteenth puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. To access this puzzle, you must examine the small pool. In order to solve this puzzle, you must draw a route from the star, taking the quickest route to both fountains while not traveling the same path twice.


[edit] Hints

Hint One
    You're looking for the fastest route. It might help to imagine yourself actually carrying the buckets.

Hint Two
    Your first instinct might be to run straight to the fountains, but is that really the best approach? Try thinking about it a little more practically.

Hint Three
    Taking the shortest route is not the only way to make the trip faster.

    Thinking about other things that could slow you down. Say, carrying something heavy...

Super Hint
    If you fill up the buckets right away, you'll be stuck carrying heavy buckets and trying to rush back to the start. You won't be able to move as quickly as before.

    Find a route that allows you to keep the buckets empty for as long as possible.

[edit] Messages

[edit] When Failed

Too bad!

Try to find the route that will take the least amount of time.

[edit] When Completed


If you followed the same path traveling in the opposite direction, you would have to carry heavy, water-laden buckets quite a long distance. That would slow you down, so it isn't the fastest way.

[edit] Solution


Take the route as shown.

[edit] Progress

410 Picarats and 81 Hint Coins.

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