Lady Dahlia Reinhold

Lady Dahlia Reinhold
Lady Dahlia.png
Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Curious Village
Hometown St. Mystere
Voice Actors Japanese: Atusko Tanaka
Relations Baron Reinhold*
Flora Reinhold*
Gordon Reinhold*
Simon Reinhold*
Occupation Baroness of St. Mystere

Lady Dahlia is one of Bruno's earliest robots and a major character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. She was created as a "foster mother" to Flora when Flora's mother, Violet, passed away, though Flora was afraid of her.


[edit] Appearance

Lady Dahlia has her hair in a bun, with a little left out to slightly cover her left eye. She wears a pink dress that comes down to her ankles, with a white cardigan with a blue gem in the middle. She carries around a red cloth in between her arms. She wears black stockings and grey shoes. It is also seen that she wears a number of necklaces.

[edit] Personality

When Bruno first made Lady Dahlia, she made her like Violet. She was nice and helpful, until Baron Reinhold told Bruno to change Lady Dahlia into another person. After that, Lady Dahlia was mean and bossy to most characters in the Manor, especially Matthew. She has been seen to have a kind side when giving a choice to Flora to leave the town with Layton and Luke, or stay in St. Mystere.

Her personality has earned her the name 'Ice Queen' by Luke Triton.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Before the events of the game, Baron Reinhold requests a robot that will act in the same manor that Violet Reinhold did before she passed away. It was especially made for Flora Reinhold to prevent her from being upset, instead this made Flora worse and she became scared of Lady Dahlia.

Before the game is set, Lady Dahlia sends a letter to Professor Layton and Luke, asking for their assistance on finding St. Mystere's hidden treasure, the Golden Apple. Professor Layton and Luke enter the Reinhold Manor and upon meeting Lady Dahlia, there is a loud crash, scaring Lady Dahlia's pet cat Claudia off. Lady Dahlia orders the duo to go and find Claudia immediately.

When they return with Claudia in hand, they find out about Simon Reinhold's "murder". Lady Dahlia requests Professor Layton and Luke to crack the case so that she can prove her innocence.


[edit] Biography

"Lady Dahlia is a robot created to be the mirror image of Flora's mother, Violet. She's bossy and haughty, but she also has a hidden sweetness that shows itself when she deals with Flora."

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