Layton 7

Layton 7
Layton 7 Announcement 2.jpg
Developers LEVEL-5
Publishers LEVEL-5
Platform iOS
Release Dates Summer 2015JP
Genre RPG/Puzzle
Mode Single Player
Ratings TBA

Layton 7 (レイトンセブン Reiton Sebun) is an upcoming game to be released on mobile platforms, expecting a Summer 2015 release in Japan. The game is vastly different to the main series, involving the use of fortune-telling cards to figure out who the 'vampire' is.

[edit] Development

The game was first announced at a LEVEL-5 Vision conference on August 26 2013, expected to release on Nintendo 3DS as well as mobile platforms. The original concept of the game was created as a role playing game, where players would have to control seven different characters in a small 3D village.

It wouldn't be until the LEVEL-5 Vision conference held on April 7 2015 where more details of the game were revealed. The game had been given a complete makeover, whereas now it involves a main focus on fortune-telling cards. The game remains to be released on mobile platforms, with no mention of a Nintendo 3DS release. It is yet to receive a western release.

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[edit] Original Version

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