Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Layton Bros Mystery Room Logo.png

Mystery Room Title Screen.png

Developers LEVEL-5
Matrix Software
Publishers LEVEL-5
Platform iOS
Release Dates iOS Version
September 21, 2012JP
June 27, 2013NA
June 27, 2013EU
June 27, 2013AU
Android Version
September 11, 2013JP
September 5, 2013NA
September 5, 2013EU
September 5, 2013AU
Genre Adventure/Puzzle
Mode Single Player
Ratings Twelve and over (iTunes)
Medium Maturity (Google Play)

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room is a side game to the Professor Layton Series released on iOS and Android. It features Professor Layton's son, Alfendi Layton, a leading detective in Scotland Yard who works along side Lucy Baker. The game was first released in Japan on September 21st, 2012, and followed with a worldwide release on June 27th, 2013 for iOS. It was later released for Android devices on September 5th, 2013.


[edit] Development

The game was first announced in the Level-5 Vision event in 2011. It was originally going to be called Mystery Room but the company moved the game under the Professor Layton Series instead as a lone-standing game. At one point, it was going to be part of the Atamania series of games, this was decided against.

The characters were made to fit in with the typical Professor Layton style of character instead of the Atamania characters because of this. This change resulted in the platform for the game to be switched to iOS rather than Nintendo DS.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Cases

In total, there are 10 cases included in this game, with the first (Case 000) acting as the prologue for the game. Additional payments must be made in order to gain the ability to play every case. Cases 003-006 is included in the first DLC pack at a cost of $2.99, while the second DLC pack includes Cases 007-009, costing $1.99.

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