Layton Home

Layton Home
Layton Home.png
Located In Stansbury
Appearances Miracle Mask
Chapter Accessible Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Residents Hershel Layton
Roland Layton
Lucille Layton
No. of Hint Coins 13
North Exit Kingsbrook Academy

The Layton Home is a location based in Stansbury, seen in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. This is the home where Professor Layton lived in his teens, along with his parents Roland and Lucille Layton. The long, winding road leading to the house is connected to Kingsbrook Academy. In the UK version of the game, it is known as the "Riverside Cottage".


[edit] Appearance

The Laytons' home is a small brick cottage, with green roofs and a tall chimney. A stone fence runs around the house, and small windows are dotted along the house. A long, winding road leads up a hill between the house and the river located to the right of it. To the left of the road, street lamps hang along the house.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Living Room

The living room is the main room in the Laytons' home, and is where the family gather. In the UK version of the game, it is simply known as "Downstairs". The living room consists of a large green couch decorated with cushions, where family photos hang on the wall behind it. A rounded bookshelf is placed to the left of the couch, and across from it lays a potted plant. The dining table and chairs sit on top of a blue rug, and a fireplace is located in the corner. The kitchen lies past the dining table, and green curtain decorate the arched windows.

[edit] Hershel's Room

Hershel's room is located on the top floor of the house, and this is where Hershel goes to read. Hershel's room contains a green checkered rug on the floor, with his bed in the left corner. His desk looks out through the window, and he has a large bookshelf on the right wall. Next to his desk lies a small chest of drawers, while a clock hangs above it.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
Hershel Layton returns home after a day at school, to find his mother Lucille Layton fretting over Roland not returning home after going out with visitors. Hershel promises her that he would go out to look for him, while she stayed home in case he returned.

After Hershel returns home with Roland, he stays in his room until dinner was ready. After they discuss Hershel's day as well as his fencing practice, he informs his parents that he was to go to Randall's house right away.

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