Ledore Mansion

Ledore Mansion
Ledore Mansion.jpg
Located In Monte d'Or
Appearances Miracle Mask
Chapter Accessible Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
Residents Henry Ledore
Angela Ledore
Mrs. Ascot
No. of Hint Coins 14
North Exit City Hall
South Exit Oasis Street

The Ledore Mansion is the residence of Henry Ledore, Angela Ledore and Mrs. Ascot in Monte d'Or, found in the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is connected to Oasis Street and City Hall on the map.


[edit] Appearance

The Ledore Mansion is a four storey mansion, with a circular tower extending out the front of the house. The front of the estate has large gates, leading into the mansion's garden. There is a large flight of stairs that lead to the entrance of the mansion.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Mansion Gate

The Mansion Gate is the entrance to the Ledore Mansion, which leads into the mansion's garden.

There is a yellow wall that runs around the whole estate, with a brown gate. There is much greenery that can be seen on the other side of the wall, and there is a lamp post standing out the front of the gate.

[edit] Ledore Parlor

The Ledore Parlor is the central room of the mansion, where guests are able to relax.

The room is equipped with a lush green rug and orange sofa seats, and a wooden table. Chandeliers hang on the roof and the windows are decorated with rich green curtains.

[edit] Henry's Study

The parlor leads to Henry's study. This is one of the places in Monte d'Or where he likes to do his work, the other being his office at the Reunion Inn.

The walls are lined with books and expensive china. Henry's study desk sits along the back wall, with a large painting overlooking it.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: The Mask Of Chaos

After Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy begin their investigations around Monte d'Or after the Masked Gentleman's petrification miracle, the team make their way to the Ledore Mansion, having a run-in with Frankie and Conner along the way. They are greeted by Angela Ledore, who Layton had not seen in 18 years. She speaks to the group briefly about the happenings around town ever since the Masked Gentleman had arrived and explains that he had stolen the Mask Of Chaos from the family home. With Henry Ledore's presence absent, the group retire to their hotel for the night.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Gallery

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