Leonard Bloom

Leonard Bloom
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Role Recurring Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Azran Legacy
Hometown London
Voice Actors Japanese:
Yuki Kaji
Relations Inspector Grosky*
Leon Bronev*
Occupation Detective Inspector

Detective Inspector Leonard Bloom is one of the detectives originally from Scotland Yard, but was sent to Monte d'Or to help apprehend and uncover the true identity of the Masked Gentleman in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He also appears in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


[edit] Appearance

Leonard Bloom wears a dark green blazer, grey trousers, dark green shoes, a purple sweater and a white shirt. He has bleach blonde hair and tanned skin.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
Inspector Bloom notices Professor Layton in the briefing room, and so they introduce themselves. Sheffield gets heated up due to civilians being in the room, but Inspector Bloom tells him that Layton had helped Scotland Yard solve many difficult cases in the past.

Once the conference gets underway, Inspector Bloom takes the floor to tell the police officers that him and Inspector Grosky were brought in for extra brainpower. He aims to get the first miracle debunked; the incident where people were turned into horses. He starts going over the witness statements. The incident had occurred at night, around the Merchant District, where the parade was in full swing. It hit a turn in the road, when the Masked Gentleman appeared. He clicked his fingers, which in turn intensified the light, blinding the onlookers. When the lights dimmed, they found that some people had turned into horses, with their belongings scattered everywhere. Before he can give his theory of what happened, Layton asks him if the parade starts at the same time every night, and if they were able to identify the victims. Bloom confirms the parade started just after sunset every night, and that no missing person files have been reported, nor did they find any IDs with their belongings. Bloom believes the Masked Gentleman had tricked onlookers into thinking some people had been turned into horses, and the time of day helped with that, as it would be easy to miss things at night. According to Bloom, people claimed to have seen people transform into horses, but this was not possible as their eyes would have been closed, due to the sensitivity of the bright light. The horses were hidden in nearby alleyways, and were set free when the light intensified.

After the meeting was over, Bloom thanked Layton for his help to debunk the miracles, and tells him he would continue his investigations with the petrification incident, hopefully being able to solve the mystery behind the miracle on his own, along with Grosky's help.

After the arrest on Alphonse Dalston is made, Layton tells him he is confident he is an innocent man, as they have a testimony from a witness. Bloom asks to see the witness, but is told bringing them would be difficult. He then tells them that they should consider that if another miracle is performed the following day, they will know they have the wrong man. He recommends the group gets some sleep, as Dalston's interrogation would be happening the next day.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Inspector Bloom tells Professor Layton and the group that the interrogation on Alphonse Dalston was to continue, and they ask if they can sit in on it. He agrees to let them stay, as the more set of eyes there were on the suspect, the easier it would be to catch him out.

Layton asks Bloom if it were possible to incriminate Dalston just because of the facts Sheffield brings forward, but Bloom seems to think the evidence all points towards Dalston. They discover that the stone statues had been transported by chariot, and were hidden in the large clown balloon. These kind of props would need a lot of cash, as would accomplices, which Dalston has enough of; Bloom though he had the motive and the means to pull off these stunts, and therefore sees him as the guilty party. Layton intends to go to the race course to find any evidence supporting Dalton's innocence, although Bloom feels ready to call the case closed.

Even though Bloom was still investigating the case, it didn't mean he had changed his mind about Dalston. He tells Layton that it was his job locate and identify the "victims" of the previous night's miracle, and gives the go-ahead for Layton to continue looking in to the case.

In a special episode, Bloom approaches three policemen who had been discussing the case. He notes that everything was under control, if only he could tell which was which.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Inspector Bloom asks Professor Layton if his area of expertise was in archaeology, as he had heard great things about him from Scotland Yard. He notes that he had been studying archaeology as a hobby, and was disappointed to see the Mask Of Chaos used in such a disrespectful way. He hoped that once the case was over, him and Layton would be able to sit down and talk about archaeology together.

The group find Bloom on the racetrack, as he had some vital information as to who stole the chariot on the night of the petrification incident. However, it didn't lead to the identity of the Masked Gentleman, as they cleverly blended in with the repairers. They deconstructed the chariot and told Henry Ledore it needed fixing, and thus reassembling it once taking it back. It is discovered that the Masked Gentleman was after the Mask of Order, meaning it held some significance to him. Layton asks if he believed the Masked Gentleman was at the Reunion Inn, and he confirms this as it would be the place to pull off his tricks. He asks Layton to go in his place, as he still had a few leads to investigate, although he was planning to go anyway.

Inspector Bloom is seen entering a room in the Reunion Inn, where a man is sitting and looking at photos. Bloom informs him that he hasn't yet located the Mask of Order, and the man was sure that it was inside the hotel. Bloom assured him that they would find it.

In a special episode, Bloom is seen talking to Sheffield, saying he had discovered that a chariot was used to hold stone statues in the giant clown balloon on the night of the petrification incident. He asked for permission to investigate the scene, and was sure he would find tracks, and so Sheffield lets him, but warns him to report straight back. After he left, Bloom noted to himself that Sheffield lacked mental capacity, but was more concerned about Layton, as he was more difficult to manipulate. He decides to bring this to his Commander's attention, and so heads for the Reunion Inn. Bronev asks him how the situation is, and Bloom lets him know that Layton was involved in the incident. Bronev however tells him that he and Descole were of no threat, even if they discovered the city's secrets. He told Bloom to focus on his mission, and he assures him he would not fail.

[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Chapter 3: A Day Out in London
Professor Layton and the group pay a visit to Detective Bloom at Scotland Yard, who explains to them that he had left Monte d'Or early in order to attend to urgent business in London. They inquire about the investigation on the thefts at the museum, but before long, he leaves them to attend a meeting.

Later, Layton returns and figures out that Bloom himself had been stealing items from the museum, as it was always him that found and returned the items. He is revealed to be a member of Targent, and so Inspector Grosky arrests him for the thefts.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

"Detective Bloom is a young prodigy sent by Scotland Yard. Though he seemed to be aiding the investigation, his true purpose was to have Layton lead him to the Mask of Order. He follows his orders unwaveringly, no matter the deed."


[edit] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

"Leonard Bloom was quite the prodigy when he joined Scotland Yard, and he rose through the ranks quickly. Sadly, talent is no measure of integrity, and his true loyalties lay with Targent all along. Or they did...until he ended up in jail and the intelligence services offered him a deal."

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