Role Major Character
Gender Female
Appearances Last Specter
Hometown Misthallery
Relations Arianna Barde*
Tony Barde*
Species Unknown

Loosha is a one-of-a-kind sea creature who was lonely until she found Arianna Barde and Tony Barde and they kept each other company since they were all very lonely, Tony and Arianna's father died and Loosha was the last of her existence. Loosha was born in Misthallery's Golden Garden, where her parents both died.


[edit] Appearance

Loosha is a blue mammal who lives in water, Loosha has a kind appearance.

[edit] Puzzles

Loosha does not give out any puzzles in the game Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Loosha left the garden, only to find Arianna Barde and Tony Barde, who were also suffering from loneliness and made friends with them. She was a warming figure towards them and they were to her.

When Jean Descole's machines tried to destroy the town, Loosha would try to fight them off, making the face of the specter created. Arianna's Flute was used as a calming tool to calm Loosha down.

Later in the game, Loosha is captured by Levin Jakes and Arianna Barde is arrested. When Jean Descole's is revealed as the true villain, Loosha knows how to stop him and starts to break down the dam's gate to flood the machine so it stops working. After the main battle is complete, she breaks down the other Dam's gate to unveil the Golden Garden and give Arianna Barde the cure for her disease Loosha has always wanted to give her. She used her last strength to break down the gate. Arianna Barde thought she wanted to flood the town so she threw a rock at Loosha. When the Golden Garden is unveiled, Loosha soon collapses and died. Loosha, Tony Barde and Arianna Barde all said their Thank you's and Arianna played the flute to her one last time.


[edit] Biography

"A huge, lovable aquatic creature displaying remarkable intelligence, Loosha is the last survivor of the Golden Garden. She fought bravely against the mechanical specter to protect the town and her two best friends, Arianna and Tony."

[edit] Trivia

  • Loosha is the only mythical creature to appear in the Professor Layton Series.
  • Loosha's creation might be inspired by a manatee.
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