MM067 - Language of Love

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Language of Love
Puzzle Number 067
Puzzle Name Language of Love
Picarats Given 30 Picarats
Type Select
Location Merchant District
Previous Puzzle MM066 - A Trip to the Hospital
Next Puzzle MM068 - Days of Rest

This is the sixty-seventh puzzle you'll encounter in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. To access this puzzle, you must talk to Nils. In order to solve this puzzle, you must tap two different items to reveal a hidden message.


[edit] Hints

Hint One
    First, try touching everything you can in the room and see what happens.

Hint Two
    You need to touch two things in order to see the message. Try different combinations of things.

Hint Three
    Did you try turning off the room light? The switch is by the door.

Super Hint
    There's something odd about the desk lamp. You'd be able to find out what if the room wasn't so bright...

[edit] Messages

[edit] When Failed

You cannot fail this puzzle.

[edit] When Completed

That's right!

Turn off the light, turn on the lamp, and illuminate a message of true love!

[edit] Solution


Touch the items as shown.

[edit] Progress

2245 Picarats and 157 Hint Coins.

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