Mariana Etista

Mariana Etista
Mariana Etista.png
Role Suspect
Gender Female
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown Unknown
Relations Chico Careta (Fiancé)
Micah Sasucasa (Boss)
Occupation Hotel Employee

Mariana Etista is the fiancé of Chico Careta, and is an employee of a South American hotel in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She appears as a suspect in the case File No. 004: The Walking Corpse, where a man was murdered while visiting on an expedition. She makes a reappearance in the case File No. 007: The Mystery Rooms, where the location of her whereabouts are identified.

[edit] Appearance

Mariana Etista wears a red poncho with yellow and orange stripes down the bottom, and black skirt. She also wears a necklace and bracelets, and wears a feather in her black hair.

[edit] Plot

004: The Walking Corpse:
Etista moved to a village in the South American jungle six months prior to the events in this case, where she met and taught English to Chico Careta. The pair were quickly engaged to be married, and she remained in the village working at the local hotel.

When a well known archaeologist, Archie O'Logie, excavated a Stone Idol from one of their ancient dig sites, Careta had gifted him with some homemade liquor. Etista then instructed him to kill O'Logie and steal the stone idol that night. Once he did, he called from the hut's intercom pretending to be O'Logie, telling Etista that a demon was about to kill him. Together with Micah Sasucasa, they investigated the hut and witnessed O'Logie's corpse moving toward them.

Later once she had heard the case of O'Logie's murder had been reopened, she instructed Careta to visit London, where he would be caught for the crime. She took this opportunity to steal the stone idol and flee the village. Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker discover that Mariana Etista was not her real name, and no one knew where she was or even came from.

007: The Mystery Rooms:
Hilda Pertinax alerts Alfendi Layton that Etista's whereabouts had been discovered, after finding records of her selling the Stone Idol on the black market. Alfendi and Lucy Baker track her down to an old, abandoned house, ridden with traps and tricks which were set up to discover the secret room in which she hid. After overcoming the traps, they follow a set of stairs lying underneath the fireplace, to find Etista there. She then tells them her real name is Diane Makepeace, and had been using Etista as an alias.

[edit] Profile

Mariana Profile.png

Hotel employee and friend of Careta
"A young girl from Careta's village who works at the hotel. Being fluent in English, she taught Careta. The pair are engaged to be married."

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