Masked Gentleman

Masked Gentleman
Gentleman Of Miracles.png
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Other Names Masked Dandleman*
Voice Actors English:
Yuri Lowenthal
Yūsuke Yamamoto
Relations Jean Descole*
Henry Ledore*

The Masked Gentleman is one of the antagonists featured in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He terrorizes the residents of Monte d'Or with his so-called 'miracles', with some of them appearing in the 18th anniversary celebrations. Angela Ledore writes to Professor Layton to uncover the truth about the Masked Gentleman, after he had stolen the Mask Of Chaos from the family home.

[edit] Appearance

The Masked Gentleman wears a white suit, a white top hat, a lilac cane with a golden handle, a lilac scarf and a pair of white gloves. He also wears the Mask Of Chaos, which is brown with elements of yellow that indicate where the eyebrows and beard should be.

[edit] Plot

Prologue: The Dark Parade
When the townspeople of Monte d'Or are watching the celebrations, The Masked Gentleman makes an appearance on a rooftop, scaring the parade's performers and turning people into stone. He made a clear warning to the townspeople that he was going to use the power of his mask to destroy the town's land. He flew away and was chased by Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy before he dropped smoke bombs and disappeared in the clouds they made.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
The Masked Gentleman made a further appearance the following night, walking on thin air at the Montsarton Gallery. He performed another one of his 'miracles' which made people float up into the sky and eventually disappear at the click of his fingers. He then told Layton and the group that he was to make an appearance at Pumpkin Park the following evening, and invited them to join him. He also mentions that the town was cursed, and could only be lifted if the Mask of Order was brought forward.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
The trio make their way to Pumpkin Park, knowing that the Masked Gentleman was to make an appearance there that evening. They are soon joined by Henry and Angela Ledore, who are also determined to stop him. They find four golden cards here, and after realizing they formed a map, they head to Topsy Tower to find the Masked Gentleman on the roof. He soon disappears inside the tower, and the group follow him inside in hopes of catching him. Upon following the Gentleman out of the tower, the group is greeted to an empty Pumpkin Park. He then kidnaps Angela and takes her back into the tower, with the group quick to follow. Upon exiting again, all the townspeople are back as they were before, acting as though nothing had happened. Before he flees the park, the Masked Gentleman announces that he was to perform his final miracle the following evening, where it could be viewed from anywhere in town.

The Masked Gentleman making a get-away

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
As the Masked Gentleman hides in the Reunion Inn, he leaves numerous clues in book form. One of these books was a story about a Princess, King and a King's Chancellor. After retrieving one of the books from the hotel manager, Mordy, the team is eventually led to the hotel's auditorium, where the ending of the story is shown. When the film ends, the lights in the hotel are once again switched on. Professor Layton and Emmy soon find the Masked Gentleman, who had kidnapped Luke. He flees from the room, quickly hanging Luke from a precariously hung set of ropes, challenging Layton to save him. Once Luke is freed from the ropes, the Masked Gentleman soon removes his guise, revealing himself to be the long-missing Randall Ascot.

[edit] Biography

"The mysterious man who one day appeared in Monte d'Or performing all sorts of miracles. His feats were so astounding they beggared belief, but Layton saw through the elaborate tricks this cunning thespian staged. The real wonder is how he could bear to wear that mask for so long!"

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