Melody Smith

Melody Smith
Melody Smith.png
Role Suspect
Gender Female
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Dolly Hollerday (Client)
Dwight Dread (Old friend)
Occupation Talent Agent

Melody Smith is a talent agent for the famous singer Dolly Hollerday that appears in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She appears as a suspect in the case File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong, where a popular radio show host died while on-air.

[edit] Appearance

Melody Smith wears a long yellow dress and white shoes. She also wears yellow rimmed glasses and has white hair.

[edit] Plot

005: The DJ's Swansong:
On the day of Dwight Dread's murder, Smith had accompanied Dolly Hollerday to the studio as her manager, as Hollerday was to appear as a guest that day. After Dread had pretended to choke on one of Hollerday's macaroons and faking his death, Smith was escorted out of the studio and stayed with Hollerday.

[edit] Profile

Melody Profile.png

A talent agent. Had a history with Dread
"Hollerday's manager, present since her client, with whom she was at constant loggerheads, was a guest on the show. An old acquaintance of Dread's."

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