Micah Sasucasa

Micah Sasucasa
Micah Sasucasa.png
Role Suspect
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown Unknown South American village
Relations Mariana Etista (Employee)
Occupation Hotel Proprietor

Micah Sasucasa is a hotel proprietor of a South American hotel in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He appears as a suspect in the case File No. 004: The Walking Corpse, where an archaeological professor was murdered while staying at his hotel.

[edit] Appearance

Micah Sasucasa wears a cream colored suit with a white shirt underneath, and red pants. He also wears a black bow tie, and has grey hair and a white beard.

[edit] Plot

004: The Walking Corpse:
During Archie O'Logie and his team's expedition to the South American jungle, they had excavated a Stone Idol from an ancient dig site. Sasucasa offered for them to keep the artifact in a hut close to his hotel, lending its only key to O'Logie. Later that night when Chico Careta, posing as O'Logie, calls Mariana Etista over the intercom for help, Sasucasa accompanies her to investigate the hut. He breaks down the door due to it being locked, and he and Etista witness O'Logie's corpse moving towards them.

[edit] Profile

Micah Profile.png

Hotel proprietor
"The owner of the only hotel in the vicinity of the site where O'Logie was digging. Being so remote, the hotel makes little profit. A strong man, but timid."

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