Missing Listing

This is a Green Quest featured on Professor Layton's London Life. To complete this quest, you must speak to Inspector Chelmey who is located in Scotland Yard. He needs the player to pick up an Arrest List he left in the Queens Bar. When entering the Queens Bar, the player must wear an outfit that is at least 15 formality.

[edit] How To Solve the Quest

London Life Colby On The Case!1.png
Enter Scotland Yard
London Life Gone Fishing2.png
Speak to Inspector Chelmey
London Life Happy New Year!2.png
Go back to your room and sleep until nightfall
London Life Lost List4.png
Enter the Queens Bar
London Life Missing Listing5.png
pick up the Arrest List
London Life Gone Fishing4.png
Speak to Inspector Chelmey again

[edit] Rewards

12,000 Wealth = Smooth Talking Females
8,000 Wealth = Non- Smooth talking Females

264 happiness = Child At Heart
242 Wealth = Winning Smile
220 Wealth = Everyone Else

Item = Rebel Shorts

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