Mobile Fortress

The Mobile Fortress destroying London.

The Mobile Fortress is a mega-weapon owned by Clive in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, and his true reason for kidnapping scientists from London. It is awoken after Clive is unmasked by Professor Layton and can then only be accessed by flying the Laytonmobile onto a ramp. It is filled with Clive's minions, including Lockjaw and Fisheye, and is also where Bill Hawks has been kept hostage for the duration of the game.

When Bill is rescued from the machine he is replaced with a pocket watch, and due to the Fortress's systems being shut down it begins to malfunction. Clive is knocked unconscious shortly after realizing this, and is in danger of dying until Celeste comes to rescue him. Once the pocket watch stops ticking, the Fortress explodes and sinks back into Future London.

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