Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Monte d'Or
Other Names Mordaunt*
Relations Henry Ledore*
Occupation Reunion Inn Manager
Personal Assistant to Henry Ledore

Mordy is the manager of the famous hotel in Monte d'Or, the Reunion Inn. He gives the team a storybook that the Masked Gentleman leaves behind for the team to find out who he really is.


[edit] Appearance

Mordy wears a green vest over a white shirt. He also wears green pants and brown shoes, and has brown hair and a moustache.

[edit] Puzzles

Mordy gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
On their way out of the Ledore Mansion, Professor Layton and the group run into Mordy, who instantly recognized Layton. After being unsure of who he was, Mordy introduced himself as Henry Ledore's personal assistant, and was informed to expect his arrival by Angela Ledore. On taking their leave, he warns them to be careful of the shambles around town, and apologized that Henry wasn't able to meet with them.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
On their way to the Carnival Square, Professor Layton and the group encounter Mordy once again, who was out assessing the damage done by the Masked Gentleman. He notices the party had gained a member since the previous night, in the form of Cookie, but she tells him they were looking for her mother Tanya. They ask if he had seen her, and he tells them he had seen a woman of their description at the Carnival Square asking around for a child. Cookie deems that he is a proper detective, and they part ways.

In a special episode when Inspector Grosky has arrived to Monte d'Or, he encounters Mordy and asks him questions about the Masked Gentleman. He tells him that he had appeared in town to perform his miracles, and that a special task force was assembled specifically to catch him. After Grosky runs off for where he thinks is the City Hall, Mordy calls out to him he had taken a wrong turn, but was too late.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
To Professor Layton's surprise, he finds that Mordy is the manager of the Reunion Inn, which was among his many duties as Henry Ledore's assistant. He understood that the Masked Gentleman was possibly in the hotel, and that Layton was there to investigate. Although Angela had invited him to help with the investigation, he understood that he once suspected Henry as being the culprit, and so wanted him to solve his puzzle to show his intentions were true. After completing it, he offered his help whenever it was needed, and since the hotel had so many rooms, prepared a room guide for him. Layton asks if any rooms in the hotel were regularly used by the Ledores, and he takes him to Henry's Office.

Mordy explains to Layton that it was the room where Henry conducted most of his research. Emmy notices how untidy it was, contrary to his habit of keeping clean. Mordy tells him that he was busy, and the cleaning staff weren't allowed in the room. He tells Layton that it was the room where all the administration and planning for Monte d'Or was kept, and all his hopes and dreams were here; any doubt Layton still had about him could be cleared up here. He told them they could investigate the room for as long as they liked, and tells them about a records room where Henry kept important documents, taking him to the room.

After coming out of the records room, Layton asks of any rooms of interest Mordy could take them to, however he tells him that he remembered he had something he was holding onto for Layton. He asks him to return to the Lobby with him, and there he hands a book to him, presumably from the Masked Gentleman. After reading the story that was contained, the lights in the hotel go out, giving the others an invitation to search for him. The story contained a clue as to where to search, and Layton finds they should search a guest room with a south-facing window. Mordy gives them a few rooms to look, and so they search.

They find a second book in the Emerald Suite, and after reading it, it suggested they look in a room with a lot of plants and foliage, and so Mordy takes them to the hotel's Conservatory. It was the pride and joy of the hotel, and with careful monitoring and certain adjustments, they were able to grow plants from any climate. Layton notices a bird in the room, and asks if Mordy kept them in there too, however he denies they do. The bird was holding the next book, and so they try to coax it to give it to them. The bird wouldn't give up the book until it was given its favorite fruit, however, and so Mordy is asked if there was a certain fruit that wasn't in the room already. There was a tree in the room that, under certain conditions, would bear said fruit immediately. They had to search for the backup generator after the blackout, however Mordy couldn't remember where it was. After the fruit is produced, the bird aims for it and starts eating, letting the others grab the book. After reading the story, Layton figures their next room to search would be a large and spacious hall, which he asks if Mordy had in the hotel, and so he takes them to the Grand Hall.

Mordy explained that the ceiling of the room was as high as the hotel itself, and that it was used for special occasions. They find a book within one of the cushions, and after reading it, Layton asks Mordy to direct them to a theater-like room. He explains they didn't have a theater, but they did have an auditorium where they screened films.

Mordy explains they had not used the auditorium in some time, as new films were deemed too rowdy to showcase in the hotel. A film is shown as a continuation from the previous book, and the Masked Gentleman kidnaps Luke afterwards, hanging him on dangerous ropes. After Layton saves him, Mordy rushes out to the Grand Hall with Henry and Angela Ledore, to find that the Masked Gentleman is the long-missing Randall Ascot.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
After Randall runs out of the Reunion Inn, the others try to chase him down, and Mordy offers to accompany Henry Ledore outside.

[edit] Biography

"Manager of the Reunion Inn, aide to Henry and overseer to a dozen other tasks - no matter how small, Mordy does it all! This man-with-a-plan's unorthodox hairstyle is trimmed once a month by his personal stylist to keep it in pristine shape."

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