Mosinnia is a location found in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The team travel here in search for an aura stone, which is found in the possession of the town's elder, Dana, after the team help to wake up the sleeping adults in town.

[edit] Appearance

Mosinnia is a deserted town, with a large wall surrounding the town. There are no neighboring towns nearby, and is first theorized that the town was hiding a secret. It is discovered that Azran ruins lay here, and upheld a myth of a phoenix whose tears could cure any sickness. A large sluice gate is found outside the town, and when opened, the water would fill the canals in the town. From the hill, it can be seen that the canals make the shape of a phoenix, and that a location in the town that represented a phoenix eye held an Azran library, which also holds the cure for the adults' sickness. In the center of town lies a large phoenix statue, and past that lies the Mosinnia temple.

[edit] Residents

[edit] Trivia

  • Mosinnia is an anagram of "insomnia", which is ironic as the adults in town were found to be asleep due to consuming a poisonous mushroom.
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