Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson.png
Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Diabolical Box
Hometown Dropstone
Relations Katia's Mother*
Katia Anderson*

Mr. Anderson is a popular resident of Dropstone Village and the father of Katia. He appears in the game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


[edit] Appearance

Mr. Anderson wears a tan suit with matching trousers and a bowler hat. He also wears a white shirt, mink shoes, a cane and a mink bow tie.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Mr. Anderson is a bit of a struggle to try and find at first, but when Professor Layton and Luke talk to Nick, Nick gives them a puzzle to point them in the right direction of Mr. Anderson, this puzzle is Who's Mr. Anderson?

When Professor Layton, Luke and Flora talk to him, he reveals that his mother-in-law, Sophia, was the one who founded Dropstone fifty years ago, and that her death a year ago has caused his daughter to become distant from him. He asks Layton to tell his daughter to come home if he finds her.

Mr. AndersonBio.png

[edit] Biography

"Mr. Anderson is a prominent and beloved figure in Dropstone, as well as Katia's father. A gentle soul, he has recently been fretting about the growing divide between himself and his daughter."

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