Role Minor Character
Gender Female
Appearances Unwound Future
Hometown Future London
Relations Dr. Andrew Schrader*
Occupation Nurse

Natalia is a nurse at Green Hospital which currently inhabits Dr. Schrader (who is secretly Don Paolo in disguise). She stays behind the desk of the hospital and from what is known, is the only employee of the hospital.

[edit] Appearance

Natalia has purple hair and blue eyes. She always looks unhappy and a bit down.

[edit] Puzzles

Natalia gives the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future:


[edit] Biography

"Natalia is a nurse who works in the reception at Green Hospital. She doesn't have many patients and usually seems rather bored. Her pale complexion makes her look ill, and it's said that her patients worry more about her than she does about them."

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