Newton Belduke

Newton Belduke
Newton Belduke.png
Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Hometown Labyrinthia
Other Names Dr. Belduke
Voice Actors English:
Tim Watson
Relations Darklaw*
Jean Greyerl*
Occupation Alchemist

Newton Belduke is a character mentioned in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He was supposedly murdered by witchcraft three months prior to the events of the game.

[edit] Plot

Some years prior to the events of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, he and Arthur Cantabella discovered underground ruins in the town where Labyrinthia now stands, and there they found the Bell of Ruin. They took the bell with them and built a bell tower in the town square. At this point in time, Newton pursued the natural sciences, studying the groundwater and plants in the area, while Arthur pursued economics.

Ten years before the game's events, on the night of the town's annual fire festival, their daughters Espella Cantabella and Eve Belduke rung the Bell of Ruin during the celebrations, which in turn knocked all the townspeople unconscious, all while the entire town burned in the Legendary Fire. At the time Newton and Arthur were underground in the ruins, but soon discovered at everyone in the town had perished besides their daughters, who they found in the bell tower.

Espella had become traumatized due to her belief that she has now become the Great Witch Bezella, and so with his daughter, Newton helped Arthur create Labyrinthia in order for Espella to believe that witches and witchcraft were real, and in order to suppress her belief. For all the time he lived, he created medicines for the townspeople. Although highly respected, he was also feared.

At a time when Jean Greyerl was young, after turning goat Margaret into gold through the use of magic, she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself into a nearby river. Belduke saved her from her death, bringing her back to his residence. After telling him her situation, he had decided to let her live with him, but under the condition she lived as a boy, as to not give away her identity of being a witch. After telling her parents about the situation, they too agreed that it was in Greyerl's best interest to stay with Belduke. As such, she continued to live with him, serving as his butler.

Three months before the events of the game, Newton, along with Greyerl, witnessed the bell tower reappearing in the Town Square, which had been covered with an invisibility cloth for Espella's sake. A bolt of lightning burned the cloth, and in turn Newton became incredibly afraid. This lead to his decision to end his life; he wrote a suicide note to Arthur, which Greyerl had stolen and replaced with blank parchments due to her belief that he would reveal to him that she was a witch. He drank a dangerous poison that ended his life immediately. All the while, Greyerl believed she had killed him, as she had summoned a portal between her room and his study, and choked him "to death". His death would remain the Inquisition's longest unsolved case involving witchcraft, even though there was none involved.

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