Obsidian Tower

Obsidian Tower
Obsidian Tower.png
Located In The Nest
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 5: Into the Nest
Owner Leon Bronev
No. of Hint Coins 17
South Exit Wylie Street

Obsidian Tower is a location based in The Nest, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is the headquarters of Leon Bronev, and is the tallest tower in the city.


[edit] Appearance

Obsidian Tower is the tallest structure in The Nest, and was built to conceal an Azran column. Its entrance consists of three large doors located above a stairway, while a large golden statue sits above the doors. The entry leads to the lower part of the tower, while taking a lift will lead to the upper part of the tower, and finally the rooftop. Bronev's office is located on top of the tower.

[edit] Areas of Interest

[edit] Lower Obsidian Tower

The lower part of the tower is contained past the entrance. Part of an Azran column can be seen in the center, which extends farther up the tower.

The column stands in the center of the room, with stairs constructed around it. A small chest of drawers is located to the left of the area, while a guard room is located opposite the lift, which is placed at the end of the stairway. Much of the structure and furnishings, including the floors and the rails, are constructed with gold.

[edit] Upper Obsidian Tower

The upper part of the tower is located far above the lower floor. The other half of the Azran column can be seen in the center, and is located below the rooftop.

The column extends up to this floor, standing in the center of the room. Stairs are also constructed around it, and another chest of drawers appears to the right of the room. Another lift is located at the end of the stairway, and like the previous room, much of the structure and furnishings are constructed with gold.

[edit] Rooftop

The tower's rooftop extends far up the tower. It serves as an entryway into Bronev's office, and is where his second-in-command Swift stands guard.

A large flight of stairs leads up to the entrance of the office, with slit windows placed on either side of the door. Other smaller doors appear either side of the stairway.

[edit] Bronev's Office

The office is where Leon Bronev resides, located on the rooftop of the tower. It is here where the final Aura Stone had been kept, in an attempt to lure out the group.

The walls are lined with books, while Bronev's desk is located at the back of the room. Another smaller desk topped with books is placed on the left wall, while the right wall displays a variety of Azran artifacts. A telescope is located past a stairway, and a skeleton of a pterosaur hangs above the desk. A hidden shelf of artifacts is located in the floor.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 5: Into the Nest
Professor Layton and the group reach the tower, noticing it was unguarded as Bronev had lured them here. Entering the tower, they find a large Azran column in the center, and the group speculate that Bronev had built the tower around the column to conceal it. Aurora reveals that records of the Azran people were engraved in the column, reading it aloud:

"Our secrets and our power have been locked away, sealed with the five aura stones."
"Only with these five will the path open, the sanctuary beckon and our power be set free."

Layton then ponders why Bronev would lure the group to him, rather than stealing all of their aura stones, however Professor Sycamore was certain they would find out from him. Attempting to take the lift to a higher floor, they notice a guard posted opposite it. Professor Sycamore quickly puts him to sleep as they continue towards the next floor. Aurora then begins to read aloud what was inscribed on the upper half of the column:

"We reached the apex of civilization. Ultimate knowledge was ours."
"What did we learn?"
"That secret is kept by the messenger. As her heart is pierced, let it be revealed."
"And let enlightenment be delivered. Our last legacy to the world."

Layton then begins to wonder if the Azran's "last legacy" could be a terrible threat rather than a blessing, or could however change depending on the actions taken. With this in mind, the group continue up to tower, as to not leave the last egg in Bronev's possession. Reaching the rooftop, Aurora begins to sense the last egg was behind to door leading into Bronev's office. His second-in-command, Swift, awaits them in front of the door, allowing them to pass. Layton wonders why he wouldn't be chasing after Mackintosh after escaping, however he does not see the use in wasting resources in tracking him down.

Layton and Sycamore finally come face-to-face with Bronev once again, entering into the office. Before they can negotiate getting the final egg back however, Bronev extends an invitation to Layton to join Targent, seeing that there was not much difference between their goals. Sycamore urges Layton to ignore him, knowing that joining would cost him his human rights. Bronev then challenges Layton to a coin game, where the winner would take the Azran egg. Before handing over the egg however, Bronev once again extends his offer to join Targent, this time threatening his parents if he did not cooperate. This causes Layton to hesitate, however Sycamore reminds him it was a trick, with Layton once again rejecting the offer. Bronev then hands over the egg, leaving as he warns that he was always ahead of them. Layton then remembers that the footage they had witnessed of his parents had taken place a week prior, and thanks Professor Sycamore for interjecting when he did, as he had almost given in. Aurora then confirms that the last egg was authentic, and she warns the group that once the power in the eggs had been released, she may not be herself any longer. Sycamore and Layton then reassure her that they would face any hardships together; this gives Aurora the strength to unleash the eggs, and so they do so outside the office.

Taking the five eggs, Aurora then uses her powers to combine the eggs into one key, which would unlock the Azran legacy. This causes trauma to Aurora, as she remembers what the legacy's true nature was, and she urges that it must not be unleashed. She then recites a message she had been given to tell those who collect the eggs:

"In the place of awakening, the gateway stands."
"Open the way, enter the sanctuary. There our power lies."

Knowing that the power was too much for her, Sycamore suggests they take a rest to figure out their next step from then on, offering to look after the key for Aurora. As she hands it over, he begins to snicker, revealing his true identity to be Jean Descole. He reveals he used Layton in his battle against Targent, who had supposedly taken everything important from him. He then makes his escape atop the tower. Layton goes back inside Bronev's office, looking to create a glider to follow Descole down the tower. Using the pterosaur skeleton above Bronev's desk, he uses it to create the glider, and jumps off the tower to catch up to Descole.

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