Olivia Aldente

Olivia Aldente
Role Minor Character
Gender Female
Appearances vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Hometown London
Occupation Chef

Olivia Aldente is a witness that appears in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She is from the Mediterranean and is the cargo ship's chef. She was the victim of the assault in the cargo ship.

[edit] Appearance

Olivia wears a chef hat and an orange flower in her hair. She wears a white chef suit and a pink neck tie. She has short, crimped khaki hair and blue eyes.

[edit] Plot

Olivia Aldente was the second witness to be called to the stand on the first trial, calming to be hit over the head by Espella. However, like Smiles' testimonies, her testimonies were also declared as inadequate. It was revealed that it was in fact Espella who was the victim, not Olivia. Olivia did not want Espella to take any of the PC Badgers since she stashed a stolen jewel in each one.

In a panic, Espella grabbed the pipe, that allegedly Olivia was attacked with by Espella, for defence. However, during the trial, the question still remained on the mysterious person who attacked Aldente.

[edit] Trial Actions

She is a professional potato peeler and often peels potatoes whenever she speaks and whenever Phoenix Wright raises an objection, she juggles vegetables and a knife & attempts to slice open an eel.

During her "breakdown", she brought out a tuna fish instead of an eel and tried to slice into it. The tuna fish dodged the attack, swung backwards and knocked out Aldente for a few moments. Emerging to the dock off the floor, Aldente had a red tuna fish tail mark on her face.

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