Pearce Boyle

Pearce Boyle
Pearce Boyle.png
Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Hometown London
Relations Severino Agonni (Boss)
Barbarossa Sassina (Gang Member)
Angelo Fassi (Gang Member)
Occupation Member of the Agonnis

Pearce 'Blood' Boyle is a member of an infamous gang in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. Along with his other gang members, he appears as a victim in the case File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye, where they were all murdered in their own hideout.

[edit] Appearance

Pearce Boyle wears a purple collared shirt underneath a black tuxedo jacket, and a light blue tie. He also wears a black hat with a white stripe through it, and has brown hair and a beard.

[edit] Plot

006: Kiss Goodbye:
On the day of their murder, Boyle and his gang members were ordering lunch in their hideout, which was delivered by Uttar Mistry. After the food is delivered, Barbarossa Sassina drugged the wine with a soporific, causing Boyle and Angelo Fassi to fall unconscious. Sassina then strangled Boyle, dropping a TV on his head afterwards and placing a puzzle piece on top.

[edit] Profile

Pearce Profile.png

Clan veteran and strongman
"A man whose violent temper has earnt him the nickname, Pearce 'Blood' Boyle. With countless convictions for assault, many would like to see him dead."

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