Phoenix's Rest

Phoenix's Rest
Phoenix's Rest.png
Located In Mosinnia
Appearances Azran Legacy
Chapter Accessible Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
No. of Hint Coins 3
South Exit Mosinnia Forest

Phoenix's Rest is a location based in Mosinnia, seen in the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is located on the top of a hill outside the city, just past the forest.


[edit] Appearance

The area consists of a large sluice gate perched on top of the hill, being of Azran origin. Moss can be seen growing around the gate, and a number of large rocks are strewn across the ground. A variety of trees surround the area, as well as other greenery.

[edit] Plot

Chapter 4: The Hunt for the Eggs
Professor Layton and the group head up to the top of the hill, when Luke sights a bird possibly being the phoenix. He speaks to the bird, to discover that it wasn't the phoenix, but was waiting for her however. He describes that she sparkles, and may not return to them for a long time, despite sensing she was close by. He senses that she was inside the sluice gate, but Luke dismisses this as a possibility. Luke then reports back to the others, saying that Adler had once seen the phoenix while looking over Mosinnia, and so they decide to head back to the city to look for more clues.

Following the riddle in order to awaken the phoenix, the group return to the hill, noticing that nothing had changed. Knowing that the key was within the sluice gate, they unlock the gate, letting the water flow into the city. The group soon realize that the canals in the city were in the shape of a phoenix, and Adler confirms this. Deducing that the phoenix's "tears" would be around one of the "eyes", Umid takes them to such a place.

[edit] Characters in the Area

[edit] Puzzles

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