Role Victim
Gender Male
Appearances Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Relations Cat (Wife)
Hen (Housekeeper)
Occupation Millionaire

Pig is a wealthy man in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He is a portrayal of the victim in File No. 008: Ham and Cheese, where he was murdered in his room while expecting a business meeting.

[edit] Appearance

Pig wears a yellow shirt with white spots, bracers, and a brown coat. He also wears a red tie, and wears a pig mask.

[edit] Plot

008: Ham and Cheese:
On the day of his murder, Pig had scheduled a business meeting with Dog and Donkey. Cat had brought him some tea and scones, soon after breaking out in an argument with her and yelled at her down the hallway as she left. Dog soon entered his office, striking the back of his head with an ashtray and killing him. Before Donkey arrived, he hid Pig's body behind his coat on the hatstand, later moving it back to the sofa before leaving.

[edit] Profile

Pig Profile.png

Millionaire and victim of the case
"On the day in question, Pig apparently had arrangements to meet Dog and Donkey for some business discussions."

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