Policeman (MM)

Role Minor Character
Gender Male
Appearances Miracle Mask
Hometown Monte d'Or
Relations Sheffield*
Occupation Officer of the Monte d'Or police team

The Policeman is a character from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. There are several of these characters around Monte d'Or who try to help Professor Layton track down the movements of the Masked Gentleman.


[edit] Appearance

The Policeman wears a blue long sleeved shirt, dark green pants and blue shoes. He also wears a dark colored cap that covers his eyes, with a police badge on the front.

[edit] Puzzles

The Policeman gives you the following puzzles in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:

[edit] Plot

Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
When Professor Layton and the group are walking past the Gallery Plaza to get to the Ledore Mansion, they come across one of the policemen who is out searching for the Masked Gentleman. Layton tells him that he has since long escaped, and so the policeman continues his clean up that the Masked Gentleman had left behind.

After returning back to the Carnival Square, a policeman is seen investigating the tracks left by the horses that were made by the group while chasing after the Masked Gentleman, which he saw as a big lead as to who the culprit was. Layton felt guilty and didn't want to tell him, asking him if the policeman had asked any witnesses. He stated that most of the witnesses were most likely tourists, and had already left the city. He informed them of a beauty boutique that laid in the Merchant District, although he didn't remember the name.

Chapter 3: The Battle of Monte d'Or
A different policeman from the previous night is seen investigating the same tracks from Carnival Square left by Professor Layton and the group. He tells them how he had been late every night since the Masked Gentleman showed up in town, and how he was disappointed he didn't get to join in the celebrations with his family. He informed Layton of a special task force that was being arranged, and he assure the policeman that he would go to them with any information he found if need be.

Another policeman is waiting outside the City Hall, who is waiting for his partner back at Carnival Square to return. He was still searching for evidence on the petrification incident, which he deemed to be a waste of time. He tells Layton and the group that the chief and an inspector from London were constantly at each other's throats, and "the other guy is just a meathead".

The group approach another policeman inside the building, asking if they could see the mayor in order to talk to the special task force, and so goes looking for him.

During the police conference, Layton asks one of the policeman if they had taken witness statements from the victims part of the incident where people burst into flames. Layton asks if the victims were at all related, and the policeman confirms they were all part of the same squash club. Layton then asks if they were wearing different clothes later on, and confirms this. After Layton deducts that the victims never left their homes as they were threatened to stay away from the plaza through a second letter, the policeman again confirms a second letter had been contained.

After leaving the City Hall, Layton and the group see another policeman standing outside, and he stops them as he thinks they look suspicious. Layton informs him they were investigating the Masked Gentleman case, however he didn't believe and had to prove himself by solving his puzzle. After he does so, he lets him off, but tells him to not look so suspicious next time, as he couldn't do his job while tourists were loitering about.

Going past the Dromedary Hotel, Layton and the group speak to a policeman, who tells him to quickly make their way to the Gallery Plaza, and also reveals that the plaza was being mobilized in order to catch out the culprit that night, as they believe they know who it is.

After the Masked Gentleman makes his escape from the Gallery Plaza, the police team surrounds the area, in order for Sheffield to arrest Alphonse Dalston for crimes against Monte d'Or. One of the policemen ask Sheffield if they should be chasing after the Masked Gentleman, but he says that Inspector Grosky had it under control.

Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
Professor Layton and the group encounter the policeman they had seen on the night of the petrification incident, who was looking forward to some much needed time off now that Alphonse Dalston was under arrest. He noted to the group that his partner had been injured when the large clown balloon fell on him, and he visited him in hospital often. He says that if Sheffield was right in Dalston being the perpetrator, he was looking forward to celebrating the festivities with his wife. Layton asked him if Dalston was currently being questioned, and he confirms that they could go down to City Hall to hear his "sob story".

After leaving the Ledore Mansion, Layton and the group are approached by a police officer, who informs him that his partner on Carnival Square wanted to speak with Layton about the Masked Gentleman case, and so accompanies them. After helping Firth with his map troubles, the policeman notes to him that Layton was one of the best puzzle solvers around, and that with Layton's help, they were sure to crack the case of the Masked Gentleman.

The group reach Carnival Square, not being able to find the policeman's partner. After searching for a bit, they find him. The partner tells Layton he had hoped to talk to him for a while, as he had witnessed the group riding on horseback chasing after the Masked Gentleman. The partner felt honored to meet Layton, after witnessing his riding on horseback, and tells him he would make a course for him if he ever wanted to do any more horse riding during his stay in Monte d'Or.

In a special episode, two policemen are talking to each other; one asks how investigations were going, and the other has nothing to report. The first policeman hadn't found anything either, and notes that Sheffield was arguing with Leonard Bloom. The second policeman knew it would happen, and thus why they couldn't rely on Scotland Yard. They also note the Inspector Grosky runs around "like a nutter", but never turned up for duty. A third policeman finds the two talking, and notes they would get in trouble if Sheffield found them slacking off. One of them asks if their shift was over already, but the third policeman tells them he had been assigned to look after them. One of them asks if he had found any clues, but to no avail, which makes him think that the Mask Of Chaos is the real deal. They then talk about Layton, who would stop at nothing to solve the case. The third policeman isn't convinced at letting civilians into police affairs, but one of the others noted they needed all the help they could get, and at this point, Inspector Bloom approaches them, noting that everything was under control.

The group continues up through to the Gallery Plaza, to find Madelaine was exclaiming that the Masked Gentleman was at the Scorpion Casino, and was heading there before he left. The policeman decided to head there since he was still on duty, and would tell the casino to let Luke in, since he was too young to go in.

The same policeman meets Layton and the group on the way out of the casino, saying he hadn't found any sign of the Masked Gentleman. Layton tells him the ruckus wasn't to do with him, and this makes him think the Masked Gentleman won't show up at all, thus making Dalston guilty. However, Layton hadn't given up on him yet.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
Professor Layton and the group spot one of the policemen in the Scorpion Casino, and pretends he was testing out the slot machines to make sure they weren't cheating people. Layton wasn't going to say anything, so he confesses he had been slacking off since he had been posted near the casino. He asks of Layton not to report him, and Layton notes that they would redouble their efforts so that the policemen could earn their well-deserved rest.

After speaking with Mayor Billson at the City Hall, one of the policemen tells Layton that Sheffield wished to speak with him in the briefing room, and so the group follow him in.

One of the policemen is patrolling outside the City Hall, and notes to Layton that they would need more time, as he had not found any evidence as to suggest where the Masked Gentleman was. Layton and Luke realize that Leonard Bloom had not told the task force, as he wants to keep quiet in case the news reached the Masked Gentleman.

Later that night, the group talk to the same policeman in the casino, who is telling them he had just hit the jackpot, which causes him to give them a puzzle. The policeman felt he could continue on his winning streak, but Layton advises him that he could end up losing it all.

They meet another policeman at Pumpkin Park, who had not been going well with the investigation. He tells Layton that Leonard Bloom seemed to be acting like he had a lead, but was keeping them in the dark. He didn't feel confident in catching the Masked Gentleman, as they could never prepare for anything as big as his miracles. He hoped he would be able to bring his family to the funfair soon, and they both notice one of the posters nearby was ripped.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
In a special episode, two policemen are panicking to Sheffield that if they didn't leave, they would be buried in sand. He tells them they could run, but if so, they would have never deserved their place on the force to begin with. As they were the police of Monte d'Or, they needed to protect the people. He demands them to take the civilians to higher ground, even if they couldn't stop the sand flow. They ask what he would do, and he states he would chase after Randall Ascot to arrest him. He asks them to escort Mrs. Ascot to the Gallery Plaza, as he believed her to be a trump card.

[edit] Biography

"Sheffield's hard-working police force are up all hours of the day trying to apprehend the mysterious Masked Gentleman. But with so many falling prey to the allure of casinos, street performances and the like, bringing the criminal to justice often falls to second place on the list."

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