Professor Layton's Journal (LS)

Professor Layton's Journal is a feature that Professor Layton uses to keep track of the investigation throughout the game Professor Layton and the Last Specter. All of the events that happen within the game are recorded here so the player can reflect on what has happened in the plot so far.

During Chapter 6 however, Emmy takes over the journal when she travels alone back to London.

Listed below are the entries in the Journal for Professor Layton and the Last Specter:


[edit] Professor Layton's Notes

[edit] A Letter from Clark

"I received a letter today from my old school friend Clark. It seems that his town is being destroyed by a terrible giant, and he is in urgent need of my assistance. Judging that this was a quite extraordinary emergency, I took the car and set off immediately for the town of Misthallery."

[edit] My New Assistant

"On my way, I was joined by a young woman by the name of Emmy, who claims to be my new assistant. She appears to know me, but I am quite certain that she was never one of my students. She seems very lively and energetic, and she's determined to accompany me. I am somewhat reluctant to risk putting a lady in danger, but I must focus for now on getting to Misthallery as soon as possible."

[edit] The Golden Garden in Misthallery

"I seem to remember an essay, hypothesizing that the town of Misthallery was the site of the Golden Garden, an ancient city built millennia ago by a great civilization. I wonder if this has any bearing on the current case of the mysterious giant? Either way, it has certainly piqued my curiosity."

[edit] The Canal Town

"Emmy and I have arrived in Misthallery and are now ambling across the town looking for Clark's house. I had heard that this town was famous for its mist, which is explained by the many canals that run through it. This town appears to house many secrets..."

[edit] The Witch's Mark

"We just passed by a house that had been demolished. There was a strange symbol on the front door. The townspeople call it the "Witch's Mark". Apparently, they believe that once a house is marked, it will suffer a terrible fate. The windows on this house were shattered, the beams split, and it was ruined, overall. The situation seems very serious."

[edit] Townspeople Evacuating?

"As we were walking to Clark's house, we encountered a woman packing her belongings to flee the area. We also ran into a police officer blocking the way to certain parts of town. Could this have something to do with the predictions that boy mentioned? Perhaps there is someone who is able to predict the appearance of the terrible giant that Clark wrote about."

[edit] The Limbs of the Town

"The canals that wind through Misthallery are not just for show. They are also a useful means of transport for the inhabitants, which is evident from the number of piers and small boats moored around town. I expect we shall have occasion to travel by boat in the course of our investigation."

[edit] Meeting Clark Again

"It is a long time since I last saw Clark, but I must say he was looking tired. Since he is mayor of the town, I suppose it isn't surprising that recent events have been taking their toll. So far, the damage caused by the specter has been limited to buildings, but that does not preclude the possibility of human victims in days to come. I must do my best to help Clark solve this."

[edit] Luke the Prophet

"By some means or other, it appears that Luke is able to predict the appearance of the specter. It's thanks to this strange power that nobody has yet been hurt in the attacks. Still, I can't help but wonder how he obtains information when he stays shut up indoors all day. I shall have to ask him - if I can get him to open up a little."

[edit] Trail of the Specter

"According to Luke's predictions, the specter will appear tonight on Great Ely Street. Presumably the evacuees that we met were fleeing from North Ely. We still have plenty of time before nightfall, so I intend to first head to the areas that have already been affected by the specter to investigate."

[edit] To North Ely

"Luke took us to a part of town that had been under attack by the specter, but we couldn't find any noticeable similarities between the demolished houses or any clues toward solving this case. I don't think we'll get anywhere until we see this creature with our own eyes. The plan now is to head to North Ely and wait for the specter to appear tonight."

[edit] Landslides and Fog

"According to a man named Mido we met in the street, there is always a thick fog on nights when the specter comes out. Mido also mentioned that ever since the specter first appeared, there have been other incidents around town, such as landslides and parts where the ground has sunk. It is unclear whether this is the work of the specter or the witch, but these are grave matters."

[edit] To the Hotel

"Now that we are in North Ely, our next step is to head to the hotel, which will be our base of operations for the night. Once again, we met a police officer supervising the evacuation of the area. Most of the residents have already left, and we hardly saw a soul. In fact, the hotel staff may well be gone too. If so, we'll just have to take a room and explain ourselves to the staff tomorrow."

[edit] Starting the Investigation

"Fortunately, the owner of the hotel was still present. The room he gave us offers a clear view of the street, so I hope that we will get a good look at this creature. We have no choice but to pursue our investigation, but I do hope that Joseph, the owner of the hotel, will be all right here."

[edit] Gathering Information

"Now that we have established a base of operations in our hotel room, we have decided to use the remaining time before nightfall to gather more information around North Ely, with Luke as our guide. We didn't see many people out earlier, but it would be best to investigate the neighborhood before the specter shows itself. Let's head to the other streets."

[edit] Cat Pursuit

"While we were conducting our investigation in North Ely, Luke suddenly ran off toward the forest in pursuit of a cat he had spotted. Perhaps because of his strange powers of prediction, Luke appears wise beyond his years. But he is after all still a child, with the unquenchable curiosity of one. We shall have to try and catch up with him."

[edit] Emmy and Luke Ready!

"We lost sight of the cat and found ourselves in a marine research center outside town, where we were given some very unusual fish. Marion, the biologist working at the center, informed us the cat we had seen belonged to a little house farther north in the forest. Luke and Emmy are both keen to follow, and I'm loath to dampen their spirits. I shall follow too."

[edit] To the Restaurant

"There is hardly anyone left in North Ely, but it seems Emmy had an interesting encounter with the owner of the cat. We haven't found any significant clues, but all the walking has made Emmy and Luke rather hungry. We still have a little time before the specter appears, so we have decided to make a stop at the restaurant on Pike Lane for some dinner."

[edit] Enjoying a Hot Meal

"Once my two famished companions and I had enjoyed a hot meal and a nice cup of tea from Paddy's kitchen, we went outside to find that night had fallen. It won't be long now before the specter appears, so we must return swiftly to the hotel. Still, the amount of food those two got through was really quite extraordinary..."

[edit] Back to the Hotel

"The town is now enveloped in thick fog, which seems to announce the arrival of the specter. As we were hurrying back to the hotel, we ran into the owner of the hat shop. It seems that he was obstinately refusing to leave the area beacuse of a remark his son made. Thankfully, we managed to persuade him and continued on to the hotel."

[edit] After the Specter!

"The creature that we had been waiting for at the hotel appeared as a giant shadow with two large, red eyes. The specter's claws ripped through the walls of the hotel, but fortunately we all came out unscathed. The specter seems to be guided by the sound of a flute. Perhaps if we follow it, we can gain some clue that will help us get to the bottom of this."

[edit] The Vanished Specter

"Unfortunately, we lost the specter's trail. Even in this thick fog, it is very strange that we could lose such a huge quarry. Did the specter dive into the canal? There might have been something shining on the bank that caught my attention, but our best lead now is the sound of the flute. We must follow that!"

[edit] The Echo of the Flute

"Even as we got farther away from Great Ely Street, the sound of the flute didn't seem to get any quieter. There is no sign of the person playing the flute, so the sound must be reverberating from somewhere--but how? After hearing the flute, Hugo was convinced he had heard a similar kind of echo somewhere around town. Could the two sounds be related?"

[edit] The Mysterious Flute

"According to Luke, the flute we heard is the mythical "specter's flute." There seems no doubt that this eerie music is linked to current events in the town. Apparently, an old flute was recently auctioned off at the black market.

For now, we must return to the hotel and get some sleep before we continue our investigation."

[edit] Off to the Market

"After thanking Joseph for moving us into the new hotel room, we've decided to visit the town market, where we hope to find the black market. Despite the presence of a specter and a witch, it seems hard to believe a small town like this has a black market. Could there be some kind of history behind it? We must go to the market and find out."

[edit] Sweet Smell of Candy

"At the entrance to the market, we met an old lady selling confectioneries. Her basket was full of delicious-looking candy, but it seems she makes it a policy to deal only with children and refused to sell anything to Emmy or me. It's a shame, because that candy looked very good indeed."

[edit] A Market Full of Children

"There is not doubt that the black market is hidden somewhere within the town market, but perhaps predictably, nobody seems to know how to find it.
Stranger than that is the fact that since we entered the market, all the people we have encountered have been children. What reason could there be for such an age disparity?"

[edit] Gossipin' Taffy

"According to the boy in the western quarter of the market, the old lady selling candy is also the local informant. She is certainly well placed to monitor the comings and goings of visitors to the market.
Let us return to the entrance and talk to her again."

[edit] Info on the Black Market

"Taffy told us that the children who come to buy her candy were sharing rumors about the black market. One of her regulars, a child named Tweeds, should be able to tell us more. Apparently he is wearing red, so it might be the same boy as the one we met earlier during our investigation. We are now going back into the market to seek him out."

[edit] The Black Raven

"What awaited us when we returned to the market was a strange figure in a black cloak and white mask that moved so fast our eyes could barely follow it. According to Luke, this masked character is known as the Black Raven. The note that he left for us must contain a clue about the location of the black market..."

[edit] Assembling the Raven

"After having another chat with Tweeds, we followed the clues pointing us toward the black market and obtained a medal representing one part of the Black Raven. It seems that collecting all of these medals will open up the gates to the black market, but where can we find the rest of them?
Our best bet now is to search the market thoroughly."

[edit] The Black Raven Medals

"We obtained the other medals from the children in the market. Together they make up the body of a raven.
The boy standing in the northern quarter of the market told us that the gate to the black market has opened. It seems we have passed the test that the Black Raven set us. All the same, what an elaborate test it was!"

[edit] The Black Ravens

"When we arrived in the auction hall, the Black Raven himself was there waiting for us. At first glance, it is hard to tell who or what this Black Raven is, but it is clear to me that he is simply made up of a group of children, albeit remarkably clever children. By creating this fantastical character, they were able to set their elaborate tests and select clients for the black market."

[edit] The Flute at Barde Manor

"From the auction records, it seems that the specter's flute was bought by the late Evan Barde, the local squire who died last year. It is his daughter who is now feared and reviled among the townspeople as the calamity witch. That is not our immediate concern, however. Our next step is to visit Barde Manor."

[edit] To Highyard Hill

"It is quite the journey from the market all the way up to Highyard Hill where Barde Manor stands. We may be able to find out more about this calamity witch from the locals we meet on the way. In any case, Luke is eager to go, so we shall press on to Highyard Hill."

[edit] Frightened Townsfolk

"On our way to Highyard Hill, we heard some stories from locals who are afraid of the calamity witch. Unfortunately, we were unable to get anything out of Greppe, but on the whole, we gained some useful information. When we reached Highyard Hill, we heard that an investigative team has been sent to search for the Golden Garden. If we have the chance, I would like to meet them."

[edit] The Overgrown Garden

"When we arrived at Barde Manor, we were greeted by an overgrown garden and a servant by the name of Seamus. I had heard that all the servants were dismissed after Evan Barde's death, but perhaps one still remains. He claims to be the gardener, which is surprising considering the state of neglect the gardens are in."

[edit] Via the Guard Tower

"Arianna may be being kept prisoner in this manor. It seems that it is possible to get into the house through a passage connecting to the nearby guard tower.
I dislike the idea of breaking into private property, but our first priority must be to see to Arianna's safety. We have no choice but to enter however we can."

[edit] Brother and Sister Photo

"We entered Barde Manor through the guard tower to find it empty, desolate, and covered in cobwebs. It doesn't feel as if this house is inhabited at all. Can Arianna really be here?
There is, however, some trace of this family's old life, notably a photograph of Arianna and her brother when they were younger."

[edit] The Girl Who Was Called a Witch

"Arianna, the infamous "calamity witch," turned out to be quite an ordinary little girl, although she seemed to harbor a great deal of bitterness and hostility. She is convinced that her life is cursed. Maybe that is why she was so cold toward Luke, whom she knew from the past. How can we persuade her to open up her heart to the outside?"

[edit] Opening Her Heart

"This is pure conjecture on my part, but Arianna may be hiding something. This would explain why she is doing her best to keep the townspeople away from the manor. This may be related to the flute...
Let's collect some information about the Barde estate from the neighbors."

[edit] Conspicuous Goosey

"As we were walking along the riverbank, we came across a strange character trying to conceal himself in the bushes. His name is Goosey, and he seems to have a complicated background. We have confirmed that all the servants from Barde Manor were dismissed after Barde's death, so why is Seamus the gardener still around?"

[edit] Just Superstition?

"On the banks, we met a helpful woman who gave us some pointers. Although also a resident of Misthallery, she doesn't believe in the legend of the specter.
As for the calamity witch, she dismissed the stories as no more than childish mischief. She directed us to a boy who used to be a close friend of Arianna and Tony's. We should find him to the west of the Grand Plaza."

[edit] Seamus to the Market

"Sean, the boy we met in the residential streets of Highyard Hill, is in fact Tony's best friend. He says he has not seen Tony recently, but he often spots Seamus the gardener on his way to the market. It seems Seamus travels down by boat and goes back with large quantities of goods..."

[edit] Following Seamus

"According to our information so far, Seamus often visits the market to go shopping. When we heard that his boat had just been seen going downstream, we set off immediately in pursuit. As the only servant who still lives in the manor, he must be the key to opening up Arianna's heart. We're sure to find out something useful if we follow!"

[edit] Eyewitnesses in the Market

"After talking to Taffy and the Black Ravens, I think I am beginning to understand the true nature of Arianna's "curse." Nobody reported seeing Seamus in the market, but several people spotted a boy from Highyard Hill buying Taffy's candy and stocking up on groceries. I'm not sure what, but I've a feeling that something is about to happen..."

[edit] Mysterious Clues...?

"As I explored, a new incident has occurred, which more or less solves the mystery of the calamity witch. The witch's mark was found on the wall of a new house. On the ground beneath, someone had dropped a candy wrapper. From what we know, it's easy to work out who's behind this mischief. For their own sake, I must put a stop to it now."

[edit] The Calamity Witch

"Arianna's fearsome reputation as the calamity witch was all owing to her brother Tony's attempt to protect her from town gossip.
I hope this reassures Arianna and helps her realize that she is not the victim of any curse.
I was a little surprised by the two children's refusal to discuss the specter's flute, but it would be best to let them be for now."

[edit] To Misthallery Police HQ

"Luke seems to believe that the specter is controlling his father, Clark, and the other adults of the town. Having noticed that all the incidents seem to be linked to Evan Barde's death in some way, we decided to check the police records for information and articles about the incident.
There must be something in those records that will help us get to the bottom of this."

[edit] Parting Ways Awhile

"We requested access to the police records on the death of Evan Barde but were denied on the grounds we are outsiders. However, we did find out from the receptionist that copies of all those records are kept at Scotland Yard in London.
Emmy kindly offered to go back to London to obtain the copies. I'll have to rely on her now."

[edit] A Little Misunderstanding

"Having sent Emmy off to fetch the records, Luke and I have decided to continue investigating in town. We know that the locals are afraid of the calamity witch, but do they really feel such resentment towards Arianna? I have trouble believing that...
This requires further examination, including finding out more about Barde's reputation when he was alive."

[edit] Luke's Records

"After visiting the spot where the specter first appeared, Luke ave me a list he had made of the locations of every attack to date. It is a very precise document; I find it hard to believe it was put together by a 10-year-old. I suppose Luke takes after Clark in many ways. I think the information he has gathered will prove very useful in our investigation."

[edit] The Third Eye

"While we were talking to Otaki-san in the Grand Plaza, he mentioned that the Misthallery police chief has a reputation for leaving no case unsolved.

He is known as "Third Eye Jakes." However skillful this man is, the nickname seems a little excessive, but can the rumors about him be true? I would very much like to meet this man face-to-face."

[edit] No Sign of the Garden

"Since we had some time to spare, we went to see the dig site where they are looking for the Golden Garden but found nothing of much interest. Luke is convinced that Clark is being controlled by the specter, but I have yet further concerns. There is still time until Emmy returns, so we have opted to go to the library to see what we can find there."

[edit] Emmy's Findings

"It appears that Emmy has made notes on her trip to London. She has returned with Inspector Grosky. I tried to explain the whole situation to him, but he dashed off to the local police station before I could finish. I hope he'll be able to manage...
In the meantime, we must continue our investigation and examine the documents that Emmy has brought."

[edit] The Story Told by the Archives

"Old newspaper clipping from last year reveal that Evan Barde died in a tragic accident, falling off a cliff in the middle of the night. His will, found during the police inquiry, left all his land to Clark, the sole eyewitness to his fatal accident.

I think we shall need to consult the chief to get a better picture of this case."

[edit] Chief Jakes

"Chief Jakes of the Mishallery police force is, allegedly, not the ordinary police officer that he seems.

He claims to have a "third eye," or the ability to see much more than the average person.
He is very shrewd when it comes to investigating crimes, but I'm not certain how trustworthy he is."

[edit] Clark's Version of Events

"When we went to ask Clark about his account of Evan Barde's death, his behavior was frankly suspicious. His link to Chief Jakes, his nervous look when Doland showed up... Maybe he is under the control of the specter after all. He seemed to want me to go to the cellar. Could there be anything important down there he wants me to see?"

[edit] Down to Clark's Cellar

"We found nothing out of the ordinary in the cellar--only racks of wine. Perhaps out of concern, Doland followed us into the cellar and told us a little about Evan Barde. Apparently, he made himself unpopular around town by demanding high rent on the land. Was his death really an accident?"

[edit] Tampering with the Evidence?

"The events surrounding Evan Barde's death merit a closer look. I can only presume that someone has been behind that scenes all along, manipulating the investigation. The only people with the power to do that are Chief Jakes and the mayor, Clark. There is something fishy about Jakes. We need to go back into town and make inquiries."

[edit] Hired Henchmen?

"As we were walking back to the center, we were accosted at the Crossroads by a group of thugs. Thankfully, Emmy soon dispatched them and we proceeded without further hindrance. I must say that seeing her move was quite astonishing. She shrugged it off, claiming she simply knows some basic self-defense, but there's more to it than that... Who is she really?"

[edit] To Highyard Hill

"Inspector Grosky sought us out to get the whole story and then quickly dashed off again.
While studying Luke's record of the specter's attacks, I noticed a pattern behind their occurrence. I surmise that the next attack will take place at Highyard Arch. I intend to go and have a look around the area."

[edit] A Drop in the Water Level

"When we got to Highyard Arch, the water level in the canal was noticeably low. This strange phenomenon was what allowed us to make our next prediction.
It seems that Luke has been using the water level as a basis for his predictions all along. If that is the case, we can rely on the specter making an appearance here tonight."

[edit] Winning Greppe Over

"In order to ascertain the true nature of the specter, I am engaging in a little trickery. Usually the police take charge of the evacuation of dangerous areas, but this time we need to have the town's cooperation so that we can lay our trap. For this, we need the help of a trusted and respected member of the community. We're going to have to get Greppe on our side."

[edit] Our Black Raven Allies

"In order to lay a trap over the whole town, we need cooperation from a large number of people, and since we can't rely on the police, our best bet is to ask the children of the Black Ravens for help.
I should be able to persuade their leader, Crow, to work with us to set this trap for the specter. We must hurry to the market to find him!"

[edit] The Specter's Next Target

"Having obtained the collaboration of Greppe and the Black Ravens, we hurried back to Highyard Hill, where the specter is expected to appear. I don't think the police have noticed our secret trap or the special evacuation orders we gave.
If all goes to plan and the trap works, I am positive the mystery of the specter will be solved."

[edit] We Get the Blame?

"We managed to witness the specter again, but as we set off after it, we were caught be Jakes and his men and forcibly taken to the police station. Does Jakes really think that we were behind all this? I very much doubt it. No, I believe there is something that Jakes doesn't want us to uncover..."

[edit] Escaping the Police Station

"Having been arrested on false charges, we found ourselves locked up in the police station, but we managed to break out with a little help from Toppy. It is imperative that we solve this mystery before Jakes makes his next move--or the town is doomed. We must hurry back to Highyard Hill, taking care not to be seen by the police."

[edit] To Lake Misthallery

"The sound of the flute was reverberating through the pipes of the old water system that run from the lake into the town. Having solved the mystery of the flute music, we have decided to head back up to the lake behind Barde Manor. There I fully expect to find the owner of the flute."

[edit] Checking the Trap

"When we arrived at the lake, we were greeted by a huge aquatic monster emerging from the water. Apparently, this creature has been fighting against the specter all along to protect the town.
Just as Arianna was about to tell us the whole story, Jakes stepped in and arrested them both. The only way to save them now is to catch the real specter!"

[edit] To the Old Factory

"Thanks to the Black Ravens' help in examining the results of our trap, we now know that the specter was heading to the abandoned factory. As I recall, the factory is east of the Grand Bridge. I am certain that we can find sufficient evidence there to clear Arianna and Loosha of blame. Let's make haste to the Grand Bridge!"

[edit] Empty Factory?

"According to Sebastian, who once worked there, the factory used to make steam-powered vehicles but it ceased production a long time ago. When we got inside through a back entrance, however, it seemed to be in full operation.
What on earth is going on here?"

[edit] The Chief Engineer's Story

"It is clear that this factory is operational and is still making something--something that is not steam-powered vehicles. According to the chief engineer, whom we ran into on the way, something is hidden deep in the heart of the factory. This is sure to hold some clue to finally solving the puzzle of the specter. We must steel ourselves and press on at all costs."

[edit] Rushing to Arianna's Rescue

"Having obtained solid and incontestable proof, we hurried back to Arianna and Loosha. On the way, Crow informed us that both prisoners had been taken to the Grand Plaza.

There is not a moment to lose. We must stop this miscarriage of justice!"

[edit] Here Is the Specter

"Jakes thought he had the case wrapped up, but we knew that the so-called specter was, in fact, an excavating machine. However, my word was not enough to counter that of the esteemed Chief Jakes, so I had no choice but to unmask the specter in front of everyone. Thanks to Luke and the Black Ravens, I was able to reveal the truth."

[edit] Descole the Puppet Master

"The person responsible for all this town's troubles turned out to be Clark's butler, Doland--or at least, somebody posing as Doland. The villain had kidnapped Doland, as well as Luke's mother, Brenda, and was keeping them as hostages so he could manipulate Clark. With Chief Jakes's help, he was progressively destroying the whole town--all in an attempt at unearthing the Golden Garden."

[edit] The Town Under Attack

"Perhaps Descole has given up on finding the Golden Garden here, because he has started wantonly smashing up the town with his machines. If this continues, it won't be just buildings that suffer--people could get hurt too. If I could build something to stop those machines, the town may yet be saved. I think I shall need Luke and Emmy's help for this."

[edit] The Showdown

"For a while it seemed as though all our efforts were in vain, as Descole's machines simply came back to life, but they appeared to be significantly hampered when Loosha broke down the floodgates. What most troubles me now is this character calling himself Descole. The way he was talking seemed to suggest that he knows me. Who on earth can he be?"

[edit] Paradise Found

"Though the struggle was over and the town saved, the badly wounded Loosha fought on the knock down the last floodgates, draining the lake of water and revealing a hidden door. When we solved the puzzle and opened the door, before us lay a paradise of lush greenery, an entire ecosystem... We had found the Golden Garden. Loosha had used the last of her strength to find a cure for Arianna."

[edit] Saying Farewell to Loosha

"Loosha's sacrifice touched Arianna to the core and melted away the last of her bitterness. Loosha must have understood that it was Arianna's reluctance to accept the friendship of the townspeople that was at the root of her misfortune. I hope that Arianna and Tony will find a way to overcome their grief over the loss of Loosha."

[edit] Case Closed!

"Thanks to Loosha's noble sacrifice, Arianna and Tony can start a new path in life. With the discovery of the Golden Garden, the town will no doubt grow and prosper, though it will have to wait until Arianna fully recovers from her illness.
I was rather taken aback by Luke's sudden pronouncement, but at least I can say that the case has been successfully solved."

[edit] Emmy's Notes

[edit] To the Professor's Office

"I've rushed back to London to fetch those notes for the professor, but now I realize I don't even know where his office is. I'll have to ask somebody around here."

Layton's Thoughts: "That reminds me, I didn't think to give Emmy directions to my office. I do hope she finds it."

[edit] Some Assistance from Rosa

"Having gotten directions from Dean Delmona, I found the professor's office, where I met Rosa, the cleaning lady. I bet she'll know where to find the professor's notes!"

Layton's Thoughts: "I was in a hurry, so I'm afraid I must have left the room in rather a mess..."

[edit] To Scotland Yard

"Thanks to Rosa, I soon found the notes the professor asked me for! Next, I'm off to Scotland Yard to get hold of those reports about Misthallery from the police archives."

Layton's Thoughts: "I wonder who Emmy's sources are? Could she have contacts in the police?"

[edit] Looking for Inspector Grosky

"I got to Scotland Yard, but it seems I won't be allowed access to the archives without Inspector Grosky there. According to Monica from reception, the inspector was last seen dashing off into town to make an arrest. I'd better go after him, or I'll never catch him!"

Layton's Thoughts: "How do you suppose Emmy's investigation is going?"

[edit] The Lively Streets of London

"As I run through the streets on Inspector Grosky's trail, I realize how strangely peaceful it is here completely removed from the crisis in Misthallery. I haven't heard a single thing about it. It's as if the news hasn't reached London at all. Anyway, I should find the inspector in the museum."

Layton's Thoughts: "I do hope she got to London in one piece..."

[edit] Back to Scotland Yard

"I must simply be too slow, because Inspector Grosky has already gone back to Scotland Yard. I wonder if the police are responsible for all this mess in the museum? I must say, I feel quite sorry for the curator..."

Layton's Thoughts: "She's probably looking for the archives as we speak."

[edit] Catching Up with the Inspector

"When I finally got back to the police station, there I found Inspector Grosky, as spirited as ever. When I explained the situation, he happily gave me access to police records, so I'm going down to the archives now."

Layton's Thoughts: "I hope she'll be able to locate the documents in the rather extensive police archives."

[edit] Found the Documents!

"With some extra help from Inspector Chelmey, we managed to find the reports we were looking for. I also got my photographs developed, so I'm all set to go back to Misthallery. I might have accidentally picked up Inspector Grosky too..."

Layton's Thoughts: "I suppose it's natural that I should worry..."

[edit] Back to Misthallery!

"The professor and Luke are waiting for me, so I'd better hurry and deliver these documents! Inspector Grosky has set off for Misthallery on foot. I really hope he'll be all right...
OK, time to go! I'm on my way, Professor!"

Layton's Thoughts: "I'll just have to trust her and get on with my own investigation."

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