Professor Layton's Journal (MM)

Professor Layton's Journal is a feature that Professor Layton uses to keep track of the investigation throughout the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. All the events that happen within the game are recorded here so the player can reflect on what has happened in the plot so far.

Listed below are the entries in the Journal for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask:


[edit] Journal Entries from the Present

[edit] Beginning the Investigation

"A letter from a dear friend compelled me to travel to Monte d'Or, a city in the heart of the desert.

When we arrive, Emmy went off to conduct her own inquiries, while Luke and I will explore the parade. The city traffic is strictly regulated, so I shall have to part with the Laytonmobile for a while, painful as it is.

I feel as if we are simply waiting for something to happen."

[edit] A Brilliant Carnival

"We have arrived in Monte d'Or in the midst of some impressive festivities.

It's incredible that in just 18 years, this town has grown from nothing more than a small hotel into what we see today. The sheer size of the community is delightfully baffling.

The celebration is kicking into high gear, and I believe I see a clown in need of help..."

[edit] Petrified Crowd

"It began with a scream. Seconds later, the jubilant crowd was a throng of chaos and confusion. Witnesses claim they saw human beings turn to stone. We made our way to the scene where the statues stood.

I assume this is what Angela was referring to in her letter. It looks like our investigation is already well under way."

[edit] In Pursuit of the Gentleman

"We pursued this so-called Masked Gentleman on horseback but were unable to catch him.

Emmy's investigation turned up only rumors and conjecture. Our only way of clarifying the details is the speak to Angela directly."

[edit] The Museum Remains Closed

"After bumping into an old friend who was as eager to share advice as ever, we continued to the marquee. amid the festival debris, we found a young girl who was lost.

After reuniting the girl with her mother, we set off for the museum, only to find it closed...the result of another one of the Masked Gentleman's acts."

[edit] Guy and the Con Artists

"On our way to the residential district, Emmy received a lovely handcrafted toy robot that look as if it will provide us with hours of fun.

As we neared the gates to the Ledore mansion, we were accosted in the street by an unsavory character. A second man stepped in to mediate our battle, but I strongly suspect he was also in on the act. We shall have to be wary of more than just the Masked Gentleman."

[edit] Angela's Dilemma

"It has been 18 long years since I last spoke to Angela, and I was sorry to find her in a state of understandable anxiety.

Apparently, Henry found a wealth of riches with the Mask of Chaos in the ruins...both of which proved to be integral to the creation of Monte d'Or.

With Henry gone for the evening, we have tabled further discussion until tomorrow. I would like to search the area again where the statues stand."

[edit] The Masses Amassed

"As we arrived at the scene of the statue incident, an officer tried to prevent us from tampering with evidence. He believes the hoofprints left behind to be those of the perpetrator. I hadn't the heart to tell him those tracks were our own.

Few witnesses seem to be willing to come forward. And with the constant foot traffic, there seems no feasible way to conduct a thorough examination. We have been told of an establishment in the merchant district that may have some information for us..."

[edit] The Information Seller

"The festivities here in Monte d'Or are back in full force, almost as if nothing has happened.

We found the shop we were seeking, a boutique in the merchant district, and spoke to the owner, Madame Lapushka.

She is convinced that these 'dark miracles' are nothing more than charades. I think we've gathered enough information for tonight."

[edit] A Night at the Dromedary

"Tyrone, the ringmaster of the One-Ring Circus, met us in front of the Dromedary. After Luke accepted responsibility for a cute rabbit with motivational concerns, we were shown to our rooms.

It will be very difficult to track down the Masked Gentleman during a carnival in a city this size.

I believe I may have to tell Luke and Emmy a bit about my past for the sake of the investigation."

[edit] Good Morning, Monte d'Or

"The carnival continued through the break of dawn. By the time we awoke, the clamor had still not subsided.

After recapping yesterday's events, we set off for the Ledore estate to speak with Henry.

Another reunion awaits me, but I fear this time we may not receive the warmest of welcomes..."

[edit] The Lost Little Girl

"As soon as we left the hotel, we again encountered the little girl we helped the night before! She had once more become separated from her mother.

I think the most promising location to look for her mother is where the two were initially separated. If the mother is still hunting for the girl in Carnival Square, I cannot in good faith continue the investigation until the pair are reunited."

[edit] Exodus from Stansbury

"While on the way to Carnival Square to help little Cookie, I spied a face that hadn't changed one bit since I was a wide-eyed schoolboy!

It appears that Esther grew tired of Stansbury and moved to Monte d'Or to start a new life. Seeing so many familiar faces takes me back... I suppose I may meet a few more. Such seems to be the way in the City of Miracles."

[edit] Mother and Child Reunited

"With the help of Sterling and Mordy, we found Cookie's mother.

We can now focus our attention on the Ledores. I'm sure Henry has his hands full, so it's best that we keep the discussion as short as possible."

[edit] Absent Henry

"We returned to the Ledore mansion to speak with Henry, but again he was not present. I was not entirely surprised. I assume he is busy attempting to mitigate the damage from last night's events. As the founder of Monte d'Or, he has quite a bit invested here. Not just financially, of course.

Despite Henry's absence, Angela allowed us to investigate his study. She was perfectly decorous throughout, yet I felt there was something rather off about her. I can't quite put my finger on it..."

[edit] A Search of the Study

"Having performed a thorough search of Henry's study, we were unable to find anything connected to the Masked Gentleman.

The Mask of Chaos was stolen from this house, but there are no sign of a break-in.

When I asked if she knew of anyone with a grudge against Henry, Angela could only think of Alphonse Dalston, another former resident of Stansbury, as a possible suspect."

[edit] Seeing Dalston Again

"Dalston's mansion lies past the circus. We visited him today hoping to glean some useful information, but he was as uncooperative as ever. This visit was not entirely uneventful, though.

Dalston has achieved much over the past 18 years. It's quite impressive.

Before leaving, we received a highly unsettling letter. I believe a visit to the police headquarters is in order if we are to crack this case."

[edit] At City Hall

"Just as Dalston said, a special task force has been assembled by Mayor Billson at city hall.

Billson has also requested help from a handful of high-ranking officers from Scotland Yard. I've yet to find out who."

[edit] A Crowded Room

"Inspector Grosky and Detective Bloom of Scotland Yard are now under the command of Chief Sheffield. much as they can be under anyone's command, anyway.

The mayor implied that there was some bad blood between the officers. Regardless, if they can put their differences aside, they should be able to yield some positive results. I will see if the task force will allow me to lend a hand."

[edit] Horses and Miracles?

"The briefing began with Detective Bloom's theories on the first incident, where individuals were supposedly turned into horses.

I could find no flaws in his argument, which leads me to believe his solution to be sound. The Masked Gentleman's motive for targeting the parade during its peak hours was, presumably, to incite great fear among the masses."

[edit] Painting and Miracles?

"Chief Sheffield explained the second incident, in which individuals were said to have stepped out of museum paintings on their way to wreaking havoc across town.

I was able to conclude that it would require both a large number of specifically donated paintings and an exact time frame in which to display them for the paint to vanish after the gallery's closing. A large number of accomplices would also be necessary. Few could coordinate such an elaborate stunt..."

[edit] Combustion and Miracles?

"The third incident was a public vanishing act. The sight of people disappearing within in inferno would have been terrifying. The Masked Gentleman must have prepared his 13 'victims' well in advance so that they would reveal nothing that might incriminate him, even during an interrogation.

There were no casualties, but that makes this act no less vile. It is now evident that he bears great animosity toward the city of Monte d'Or."

[edit] Meeting Adjourned

"With the first three 'dark miracles' solved, Emmy, Luke, and I turned our attention toward uncovering the mystery of the stone statues.

With the Masked Gentleman's trick now exposed, the police reopened the museum. We will pick up our investigation there in hopes of finding out more about the Masked Gentleman."

[edit] Hanna and the Cart Tracks

"We ran into Hanna on our way to the museum. Apparently she raced to Monte d'Or hot on the heels of Inspector Grosky. She appeared to be gathering information for the inspector.

Her devotion is quite admirable, for a civilian. She explained that the police were concerned about the discovery of some tracks from a horse cart near the statues. I suspect a connection between the two."

[edit] Art Donations

"Montsarton Gallery was utterly quiet inside. The seized paintings have been replaced by a selection of classics that I should love to examine closer, but art appreciation must wait until another time.

According to the curator, Henry has contributed a number of paintings, which are presently gathering dust on the top floor of the museum's warehouse.

Perhaps Madame Lapushka can tell us a bit more about this..."

[edit] Madame Lapushka's Advice

"Madame Lapushka was kind enough to enlighten us on the many problems surrounding the continuing development of Monte d'Or. It seems the police force is not fully equipped to handle such a rapidly expanding city.

She also told us that the circus recently rented a large amount of clothes from her boutique. I assume she is referring to the One-Ring Circus, who have a tent near Dalston's estate."

[edit] Ruling Out the Circus

"It's evident that the Masked Gentleman needs many hands in order to perform his stunts. Knowing this, I suspected the circus troupe; however, the facts don't support this hypothesis.

With Luke's help, we are going to speak with...well, a tiger. This tiger is close with Dalston, and we shall see what this yields..."

[edit] The Tiger's Testimony

"We are truly fortunate that Luke is able to speak to animals, for without that, we would never have learned that Dalston was at the circus on the night of the incident with the stone statues.

It appears that Dalston is not our culprit and that he has been cleared of suspicion by Maurice the ferocious. Such a wonderful world!"

[edit] Evening Descends

"By the time we left the circus, night had already fallen. Assuming that the letter we received this morning was not a hoax, the next miracle should take place outside Montsarton Gallery.

I fear that we can expect quite a large crowd."

[edit] Miracle Hunters

"By the time we arrived at the plaza, a crowd had already gathered. They looked on with eager eyes, chatting excitedly among themselves.

Angela was present, having received a letter as well. It appears that the Masked Gentleman is targeting those involved with Monte d'Or's economy. But for what purpose?"

[edit] The Levitation Miracle

"Once again, the Gentleman presented us with an extravagant performance. Only seconds after his appearance, several individuals were lifted from the ground and shot upward into the sky with no regard for gravity.

Our culprit then declared his next appearance would be at Pumpkin Park. He also issued a request for the Mask of Order, an artifact mentioned in Rutledge's Ancient Histories. I'm not sure what to think of this..."

[edit] Dalston Apprehended

"As soon as the Masked Gentleman fled the scene, Chief Sheffield stormed the plaza with a platoon of men and took Dalston into custody.

His interrogation will be held tomorrow morning. I hope the police will come to their sense by then. At this point, their case seems quite thin."

[edit] To City Hall

"If the Masked Gentleman's next act is to happen tonight at Pumpkin Park, we must see if there is anything we can do about Dalston's interrogation. We must head to city hall and clear his name as soon as possible.

It would be better to all of us if the police refocused their energy on the real villain...whoever that may be."

[edit] Dalston Under Scrutiny

"The rumors must have spread like wildfire. Everyone in the city seems to know about last night's events.

Detective Bloom claims that the tracks seen near the site of the statues match one of Dalston's carts. I presumed that a cart must have been involved in the incident, but I could never have foreseen this. The cart in question is sitting at the racetrack, so we'll be heading there to investigate further."

[edit] A Clue at the Racetrack?

"The racetrack we went to investigate was bursting with spectators. I had never before seen carriage races such as these. The carts seem well equipped for a quick getaway.

I would like to investigate one of these carts. Perhaps the manager can assist us."

[edit] The Damaged Cart

"The manager of the racetrack, Gustav, informed us that the cart we were looking for had been removed for maintenance just a few days prior to the stone-statue incident.

He was kind enough to grant us permission to explore the ground as we please."

[edit] The Missing Cart

"The racing carts appear to be sturdily built and capable of transporting large freight. Quite interesting is the fact that each cart can be deconstructed by removing a few bolts, which would allow them to be transported easily.

According to records, a chariot was out for maintenance during the stone-statue incident.

Since Henry must sign any time a cart leaves the premises, we shall check the facts with him."

[edit] Henry's Odd Behaviour

"It appears the chariot used in the stone-statue incident may have been stolen from the racetrack, or at least taken somewhere else after Henry signed for it. Regardless, something is still very wrong.

Henry directed the police to arrest Dalston, and he has been linked to the major incidents thus far. He has also failed to disclose any real information about the case. I fear that Henry is hiding something."

[edit] Afternoon Tea

"I shared my suspicions with Henry today over tea. Even if he is not the mastermind, given his close ties with every incident to date, I had hopes he would offer up some useful information.

Unfortunately, the obstinately refused to tell me anything. I only hope I can get through to him before it's too late."

[edit] Police Aid

"We had just left the Ledores' and were en route to Pumpkin Park when we were stopped by an officer.

He has offered to lead us back to Carnival Square, where another officer wishes to talk to us. We are headed there presently, as any piece of information about the Masked Gentleman, no matter how small, may turn out to be crucial."

[edit] The Racetrack Revisited

"The officer who requested our presence was very interested in our horse-riding skills.

We wished him a good day and made our way to The Scorpion upon hearing of a scuffle there.

I am loathe to treat any disturbance in Monte d'Or lightly, knowing that the Masked Gentleman is out there somewhere..."

[edit] Murphy Blocks the Way

"As we made our way to the casino, we met a man named Murphy. He says he is the accountant for both Dalston and Henry.

Murphy claims the Masked Gentleman's acts are bearing quite a profit for Henry. This definitely something to be concerned about."

[edit] Trouble at the Casino

"It appears that the incident at The Scorpion has nothing to do with the Masked Gentleman. However, it goes against my principles to leave any dilemma unsolved. Once we resolve the problem, we will go directly to Pumpkin Park."

[edit] An Elegant Solution

"The ones causing a stir in the casino were none other than the thug, Frankie, who we met near the Ledore mansion, and his partner, Connor.

We helped Drake, the manager, resolve the issue. Having such a powerful acquaintance on our side may prove to be helpful down the road."

[edit] Into Pumpkin Park

"We saw Yukkles, the clown we met earlier by the stone statues, outside of Pumpkin Park.

Everyone here appears to be enjoying themselves, seemingly oblivious to, or perhaps because of, the fact that the Masked Gentleman is set to appear tonight.

For now, we will proceed as planned and perform a quick once-over of the grounds."

[edit] The Masked Gentleman's Message

It would be too easy to get fully distracted by the attractions in Pumpkin Park. We must stay focused on the matter at hand.

Inspector Grosky decided to accompany us, but we will have to do without the rest of the police force for now.

We do have a lead to go on and are scouring the park for a clue that could be considered to be 'a new spin on the miraculous.'"

[edit] Results of the Scavenger Hunt

"Concealed within the major attractions were messages left behind by the Masked Gentleman.

After some deliberation, we made our way to Topsy Tower, the control tower int he north end of the park.

His intention may be to show us a spectacle from the tower's apex, as it overlooks the entire park. But what exactly does he have in mind?"

[edit] Henry Joins the Hunt

"Henry and Angela arrived just as we were making our way to Topsy Tower.

I was a bit taken aback by Angela's presence, as the Henry I knew would never have risked putting her in danger.

I fear the Masked Gentleman is headed for the power supply. We must stop him!"

[edit] The Great Disappearance

"Topsy Tower was pitch dark inside. This tower controls the park's power; however, the Masked Gentleman made sure that no lights were on here.

Upon leaving the tower, we found the entire park deserted! We heard the Masked Gentleman's voice somewhere off in the distance.

I cannot conceive how such a feat could be possible. Words cannot express my disbelief."

[edit] The Great Reappearance

"The Masked Gentleman eluded us yet again and left us with the announcement that we would be able to see his next act from anywhere in the city.

Our relief was indescribable when the park's patron's reappeared, completely unaware that they had vanished moments earlier.

We have proven these 'dark miracles' to be mere stunts thus far. But how can we explain this?"

[edit] Dawn on the Fourth Day

"Last night, the Masked Gentleman appeared before us and claimed that his final miracle would be seen throughout the city.

I wonder if the crowd at Pumpkin Park was even aware of the Masked Gentleman's presence."

[edit] Back to Dalston's Mansion

"We had barely begun the fourth day of our investigation when Dalston's butler, Gonzales, requested our presence at Dalston's mansion.

Henry has informed the police about our meeting with the Masked Gentleman, thereby clearing Dalston. It pains me that we could not prove his innocence earlier, but better late than never!

With little else to go on, I am happy to oblige his request and hear what he has to say."

[edit] Dalston Released

"By the time we arrived at Dalston's home, it was evident that rumors of the Masked Gentleman's appearance at Pumpkin Park had spread far and wide.

Hopefully the police will now focus on apprehending the real Masked Gentleman. Dalston was rightfully upset about being detained, but he agreed to support us however he can. We should be very grateful that he inadvertently aided us in figuring out the trick to the most recent incident."

[edit] The Mysterious Guarantor

"Drake, from the Scorpion, disclosed some key information to us: Henry was not of legal age at the time of Monte d'Or's inception and thus required a guarantor to carry out his plans.

This guarantor was purportedly a woman, but I'm at a loss as to who she could have been, given that Henry was still working as the Ascots' butler with no known relatives. Whoever she was, she must have been deeply involved in the development of Monte d'Or. Why didn't Henry tell us about this?"

[edit] The Mystery of Pumpkin Park

"A reexamination of Topsy Tower revealed a back door that opened upon a perfect replica of Pumpkin Park!

Under the veil of darkness, the Masked Gentleman tricked us into thinking we had exited through the same door we entered.

But why would he go to such lengths to show only the five of us such an elaborate trick?"

[edit] Straight from Murphy's Mouth

"As we left Topsy Tower, we bumped into Murphy, the accountant. He told us that Henry's businesses have enjoyed an advantage since Dalston's arrest.

This, coupled with Henry having invested large amounts into city planning, make me wonder if he was responsible for creating this second park."

[edit] Angela's Pendant

"Angela is visibly agitated by recent events.

She is convinced that the town could be spared if we appeased the Masked Gentleman's request and somehow procured the Mask of Order.

I don't quite know how, but Angela has changed. She mentioned that her pendant was old...but she has always treasured this item dearly. Either she has changed dramatically, or something is afoot."

[edit] Henry Remains Reticent

"After last night's miracle, Henry has taken an even more obstinate stance toward us. We know that there are only a handful of people capable of constructing such a large-scale stunt.

He must know that he is a top suspect, as he has approved the expansion of several city facilities."

[edit] Lady Ascot Is Alive!

"While we were searching Henry's study, who of all people should appear but Mrs. Ascot!

According to her, all of the Ascot fortune was spent on the search for Randall. Apparently, she wouldn't even have a roof over her head had Henry not come to her aid.

This must be the guarantor whom Drake was referring to."

[edit] The Ownership of Monte d'Or

"I can now say with conviction that, although I previously considered Henry's actions inexplicable, they were, in truth, entirely justified.

All this time, Henry has been working to protect Monte d'Or so that it is ready for Randall's return.

As the city's guardian, Henry is just as devoted to repairing the town as the Masked Gentleman is to damaging it."

[edit] Lingering Doubts

"Chief Sheffield still suspects Dalston. I suppose this is natural, given the circumstances...and his need to protect the reputation of his force.

Sheffield informed us that Detective Bloom seems to have found some evidence at the racetrack. We are headed there now to meet him."

[edit] What Is the Reunion Inn?

"It is now late afternoon, and we cannot afford to waste any time if we are to put an end to this.

Inspector Grosky claims that the Masked Gentleman is somewhere inside the Reunion Inn.

I think we still need to speak with Detective Bloom at the racetrack."

[edit] The Excellent Inspector

"Bloom believes that the Masked Gentleman is indeed after the Mask of Order, and that he is currently hiding somewhere in the Reunion Inn.

If his primary objective is to damage Henry, then it's clear that he must bear some personal grudge.

All suspicion aside, we must find the Masked Gentleman as soon as we possibly can."

[edit] The Heart of Monte d'Or

"The city of Monte d'Or grew from a very modest little inn. However, the Reunion Inn is now a sprawling hotel complex of such grandeur that it left us breathless.

Henry gave the hotel its name in the hope that he and Randall would one day meet there, but there is now a shadow cast over this beacon of hope.

The Masked Gentleman is inside there somewhere. We must find him!"

[edit] Proprietor of the Reunion Inn

"Apparently, Mordy is actually the manager of the Reunion Inn. He seems to have remarkably accurate and extensive knowledge of the case of the Masked Gentleman, including the suspicion cast upon Henry.

He has been helping us navigate the hotel and now wishes to show us a place that he says will be of special interest to us."

[edit] Henry's Secret

"Mordy took us to Henry's office, located in a secluded section of the Reunion Inn. One part of the wall was precisely, down to the finest detail, a copy of the wall that Randall sketched his notes on 18 years ago.

It may be that, even to this day, Henry continues to search for Randall.

Emmy and Luke are examining the study while Mordy and I search the storage room."

[edit] Concealed among the Records

"I found something in the storage room that defied all of my expectations: the Mask of Chaos itself!

Meanwhile, Emmy and Luke found the expedition team's log of their search for Randall. Putting two and two together, I have established a theory that connects the mask and the blueprints I found.

I don't believe the Masked Gentleman is aware of this room. Everything is now clicking into place."

[edit] A Letter to the Lobby

"I received a letter from the Masked Gentleman, accompanied by a cryptic storybook. Clearly he had been expecting us. I'll let him have his fun as we follow his clues, but this won't last for long.

I'm sure he's behind the blackout as well."

[edit] The Book and the Fairy Tale

"The book that the Gentleman had left for us contained part of what appears to be a fairy tale.

It clearly alludes to something of grave importance, but what? I follow that the boy in the tale is a mouthpiece for the Masked Gentleman, but what is he trying to say, exactly?

We must participate in his little game until it reaches its eventual conclusion."

[edit] The Boy and His Dog

"We found a second book in one of the hotel suites. This one tells a tale of a boy and his dog. It seems very simple, but clearly there is some deeper meaning here.

The tone of this story is very different from the previous one, leaving me with the impression that our masked mastermind is afraid of being betrayed or abandoned.

Or perhaps such things have already occurred?"

[edit] Connecting the Dots

"The facts are finally fitting into place. It seems that I was not the only one to suspect Henry of some sort of wrongdoing.

The Masked Gentleman's bitterness runs far deeper than any of use could have imagined. Unless we get to the bottom of this, Henry's life's work will be destroyed.

I hope there is still time to resolve this situation."

[edit] Declaration of Betrayal

"The elaborately decorated book we discovered in the Grand Hall held a story of betrayal. I am beginning to believe that we are putting together the pieces of the Masked Gentleman's life.

The truth is becoming very cloudy, for everyone and on all levels. I will go to the auditorium, as I believe that is where we are being directed to...

We must speak with him."

[edit] Confrontation in the Auditorium

"The Gentleman was waiting for us in the auditorium, his despair on full display. I do not understand his anger, and his willingness to imperil the safety of an innocent boy has drained me of all patience.

If Luke had fallen from that rope, I would never have been able to forgive myself!"

[edit] Randall's Return

"I was hoping that my suspicions would turn out to be wrong, but the Masked Gentleman is, indeed, Randall. After falling into the depths of Akbadain, he spent 18 years attempting to remember his past. It seems likely that when he returned to Stansbury, he heard some vicious rumors concerning Henry.

Form a single bud, the thorns of hatred grew larger and more tangled by the day to the point that, for him, the destruction of Monte d'Or became not an atrocity, but a necessity."

[edit] Avalanche of Sand

"Randall intends to bury the city in an avalanche of sand. He has detonated explosives in the rocky cliffs surrounding the city!

We have precious little time before sand engulfs the city. I think raising the level of the city may allow us to avert disaster.

If my prediction is wrong, then the city is doomed. I hope I am right..."

[edit] Detective Bloom Flees

"Inspector Grosky and Chief Sheffield agreed to handle the evacuation, leaving us free to deal with the incoming sand. Detective Bloom is nowhere to be found.

I believe that both the mask and the blueprints to the city are the keys to saving Monte d'Or."

[edit] A Way to Save the City

"The sand has not yet reached the monument, but it soon will. Angela again mentioned the Mask of Order... Soon she will see where it has been all this time. The mask can wait for now, however.

We must find a passage into the ruins in order to save Monte d'Or."

[edit] Reconciliation

"With no time for explanations, everyone seems to be in a state of shock. Henry is especially disheartened to discover that Randall is the Masked Gentleman.

Both Henry and Dalston have gone after Randall. We are approaching the final chapter."

[edit] Underground Descent

"There was a manhole behind the city monument. I presume that this leads to the path the expedition team once used to enter the ruins. If their records and the city blueprints are correct, Monte d'Or rests directly on top of an ancient Azran crest.

If we have the true Mask of Chaos, I believe we will unlock the mystery surrounding not just one but both of the masks."

[edit] The Two Masks

"Two keys are required to solve the final puzzle of the ruins. Angela believed these keys were the Mask of Chaos and the Mask of Order. She was partly right.

The mask Randall found in the ruins was real, but in 18 years, he never discovered its secret: that order and chaos have been two parts of one whole."

[edit] Monte d'Or Rises

"It seems that the Azran used this final chamber as a control room of sorts. Now the ruins have risen from beneath the earth, back to the position they once occupied so many millennia ago.

With barely any change to its topography, the entire city of Monte d'Or is now elevated above the sand.

The ruins may have contained treasure; however, they were the true treasure all this time."

[edit] Randall Defeated

"Randall has changed considerably over these 18 years. It's understandable the he believed the stories about Henry. He was quite vulnerable, after all.

I do sympathize with him; however, I cannot very well forgive his actions. I hope to bring him some peace now that the city is safe.

I shall explain the situation to him so that he may put his past behind him for good."

[edit] Descole's Objective

"There was one key element that allowed me to distinguish Angela from Descole: when Angela first called me to Monte d'Or, she has suspicions of who the Masked Gentleman really was.

But Descole overlooked this detail and acted out an Angela who was intent simply on finding the Mask of Order with no thought of her past love.

He orchestrated the whole situation, manipulating Randall the whole way. But what was he after?"

[edit] The 18-Year Reunion

"One at a time, I unmasked the lies that Randall has been led to believe. I can only hope he will respond to the truth and accept the grace offered him by Henry, Angela, and his mother.

Randall has been through quite a traumatic experience. Still, remembering how determined and brave he was in our youth, I hope he'll be able to start a new life.

It looks like Henry's lifelong wish has been granted."

[edit] Monte d'Or, City of Miracles

"I was able to save Randall this time, but only with Henry's help, thankfully.

Monte d'Or truly is a city of miracles, a place where friends may be united after years of separation.

When we arrive back in London, I look forward to hearing about Randall's progress.

I owe all of my friends a great deal--not the least of which was introducing me to archaeology!"

[edit] Journal Entries from the Past

[edit] Randall Never Listens

"Randall bested me at fencing practice today, so it looks as though I'll be joining him on his next archaeological adventure. I don't even like archaeology, and he knows it!

He thinks everyone should love archaeology as much as he does, but I do wish he'd give it a rest now and then. Ah well, I'm sure it will be a fun and worthwhile trip, regardless!"

[edit] Class, as Always

"Today's lesson was about the Azran civilization, I hadn't heard of it, but of course Randall had!

He couldn't help himself from interrupting class repeatedly with his questions. I think old Collins was a bit peeved."

[edit] Enough with the Questions!

"Sometimes I feel like Randall is deliberately antagonizing Mr. Collins. Is that really necessary?

I just wish he'd be a bit less of a blockhead sometimes. The next time we spar with one another, I'm going to have to teach him a lesson!"

[edit] Meeting at Randall's

"Even when Angela is around, Randall can't stop raving about archaeology. You'd think he'd have other things to talk about with his girlfriend! She doesn't seem to mind, though.

I think she's going to Randall's tonight as well. To be honest, I'd rather just stay home and read, but I promised...

Right! Enough diary for now! Maybe I can get a quick chapter in before I go to Randall's."

[edit] Mother, Full of Worry

"When I got home, Mother was quite worked up! She said Father had gone off with some strange men...

She's probably making too much of it all, but it's nearly dinnertime, so I told her I'd go out and look for Father. I'll head up to Pebble Lane first."

[edit] Father Found!

"With help from quite a few of our neighbors, I finally found Father out near the forest.

He claims those men in black suits were old friends of his, but it does seem a little odd.

Apparently they came to see Norwell, so he gave them the full tour. Anyway, I've been out quite a while now and Mother is probably fretting, so we'd better hurry home."

[edit] Off to Randall's House

"The evening has just flown by!

Mother made a pretty good stew for dinner, but I didn't have time for a second helping. I've got to get to Randall's before it's too late.

Better get going! More later!"

[edit] Dalston's Late Stroll

"I bumped into Dalston on the way to Randall's. I wish he would just drop the act and be a little more normal. He might make a good friend if he did!

Apparently, he and Randall used to spend quite a lot to time together back before I moved here. Perhaps he's jealous of me. I don't know.

I also saw Henry out shopping earlier. He is always hard at work!"

[edit] Sneaking in to Randall's

"I ran into Angela on top of the hill above Randall's house. We went in our usual secret entrance so as not to alert Randall's father. The last time we used the doorbell, Mr. Ascot gave Randall extra study tasks for a week! As if we don't already get enough homework at school.

Henry is good about expecting us when we arrive, which makes things easier!"

[edit] Scrawl on the Wall

"Randall's excitement came from something out of Rutledge's Ancient Histories--the Mask of Chaos!

So he was asking Mr. Collins all that stuff about the mask just so he could unveil it to us later! Ah, Randall, always the show-off.

Still, I'm not convinced the mask is the real thing. Randall is pretty adamant that it's genuine, and he showed us a wall in his room covered in rows and rows of cryptic symbols."

[edit] To Norwell!

"Randall showed us a series of symbols that he decrypted from the Norwell wall. How on earth did Randall manage to decipher a text that has baffled archaeology experts for decades?!

It seems that this message led him to the Mask of Chaos. He says he'll explain more when we get to the wall itself."

[edit] Norwell at Night

"Heading to Norwell at night with no flashlights may not have been the smartest thing we've ever done. By moonlight, Norwell is quite an eerie place!

That huge wall looming over you, with all of those archaic symbols... Has Randall really deciphered this message from the distant past?"

[edit] Angela Runs Off

"When Randall cracked the Norwell code, he found that the wall was actually a map. It took him to the Mask of Chaos, which he says is a key to finding Akbadain.

This was the last straw for Angela. She immediately snatched the mask from Randall and ran off. I'm helping Randall find her now."

[edit] Angela's Tears

"We found Angela on Memory Knoll. She had been crying for quite a bit.

Randall's wild talk about exploring the ruins touched off memories of her brother, who went missing on an archaeological expedition. Still, Randall is as determined as ever. With Henry's help, he managed to convince Angela to let him go, but I just have a bad feeling about this."

[edit] Before Setting Off...

"With Angela's consent, Randall is free to pursue his dreams of archaeological glory. And I am to accompany him, I suppose. Someone has to watch over him, and Henry is tied up by his duties at the Ascot mansion.

Henry made us all an amazing cup of tea this morning. No wonder Lord Ascot keeps him close!"

[edit] Day of the Journey

"On the morning of our departure, Randall got Henry to bring the horse and cart to the front of the house. He's making quite a spectacle of all this. I thought we were sneaking off in secret! Does he realize how difficult it was to get out of the house this morning and not wake anyone up?

Angela turned up at the last second. This gave Randall a bit of a shock, but not even she can slow him down now."

[edit] A Forgotten Civilization

"As Randall steered us toward our destination, it occurred to me that I never bothered to ask where exactly we were going.

"Randall explained that it is Thornley's Gorge, deep within the desert. Honestly, it looks like the middle of nowhere on the map. I hope Randall is right about this!"

[edit] Thornley's Gorge

"After hours of driving across the desert, we finally reached Thornley's Gorge and the entrance to the ruins of Akbadain.

We came to the edge of a precipitous ravine, but Randall was unfazed. I hope he remembers his promise to Angela.

I can't deny that I've grown curious about these ancient ruins too, and I'd hate to turn back now. Archaeology does captivate the imagination..."

[edit] Into the Akbadain Ruins!

"After our descent into Thornley's Gorge, we located the entrance to the ruins. The interior seems quite solidly built. I doubt we'll be buried alive, so at least that's something!

It's an eerie place, but Randall's confidence and good humor have helped lighten the mood. I do wonder how he expects us to explore a structure of this size with only one measly shovel, though."

[edit] The Bottomless Ruins

"The ruins are full of obstacles and traps, not to mention buried treasures! Randall acts as if they were placed here for his own amusement.

The floor has given way in a few places, but so far we've been able to bridge the gaps using large rocks. With just the two of us, I always have to be the responsible one, but in truth I'm rather enjoying myself. I'd never admit this to Randall, though!"

[edit] Stout Defenses

"Until now, my biggest concern was the state of this place, but now I wish it decayed a bit more!

These ruins have an ancient security system that is in perfect working order--too bad for us.

We barely avoided a huge boulder that came crashing toward us. I thought we were done for!

Randall is unperturbed, but I dread to think what might be ahead..."

[edit] How Much Farther?

"Randall and I are pushing on through the ruins. We're four levels below the surface now, but we have no idea how many levels there are.

I'm afraid that sooner or later we'll stumble upon an obstacle we can't overcome. I hope our luck holds out!"

[edit] The Depths of the Ruins

"We are now five levels below the surface. There are strange cluster of beautiful crystals everywhere. We had to shatter some of them in order to make our way. It seemed a great shame to destroy such lovely wonder of nature.

It appears some of the previous visitors were less fortunate than we. We came upon some human bones a ways back. Clearly, we aren't the first to find these ruins. I hope we make it out safely."

[edit] Separated

"We've had some incredible luck so far, but I knew it couldn't last forever. Randall and I have been separated. I can hear him shouting instructions to me, which means he's not hurt.

It seems that our paths will meet up a bit farther down. I'm just hoping I'm right. We can't turn back now. It's going to be harder without Randall by my side, but I must press on and reunite with him."

[edit] Canals in the Depths

"After crossing a complex of canals that brought us back together again, Randall and I made our way down to the seventh level of the ruins.

Why did the Azran build such a massive structure? The air here doesn't smell as musty as I would expect this far belowground, which suggests there might be a tunnel to the surface near here."

[edit] Into the Abyss

"Eight levels below the surface, we reached the heart of the ruins and gained a glimpse of what was certainly the final door separating us from the legacy of the Azran civilizaition...

But we got careless. Randall is gone. He fell into a ravine, still gripping that infernal Mask of Chaos in his hand...

I just couldn't hang on to him."

[edit] Last Steps

"I can't just stay here forever. I must go on, for Randall's sake. I have to finish what he started.

How will I face Angela and Henry? Or Randall's parents?

Why didn't I stop him from going on this stupid expedition...? Why didn't I stop him?"

[edit] Akbadain's Final Chamber

"The last chamber hold a pile of treasure. It's full of gold and gems. A peculiar symbol of the Azran there marks this as their legacy.

It's enough for a lifetime of luxury. But was it worth dying for?

It's useless to me."

[edit] After That Day

"I couldn't talk to Angela or Henry. I barely left my room for days on end.

Mother and Father gave me the hardest scolding of my life, and then the warmest hug.

I'm back at school now, but everything reminds me of Randall. I feel a gaping hole in my chest.

Search parties are looking for Randall, but the ravine was so deep... Could anyone survive that?"

[edit] Leaving for London

"Everything has changed in Stansbury since losing Randall. The whole town feels empty, drained.

Henry was dismissed from the Ascot household. I haven't seen Angela in quite a while.

I passed the entrance exam to study archaeology at Gressenheller University. Randall always wanted me to share his love of archaeology. London awaits.

Good-bye, Stansbury. Good-bye, Randall."

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