Professor Layton's Journal (PLAA)

Professor Layton's Journal is a feature that Professor Layton uses to keep track of the investigation throughout the game Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. In the Professor's Trunk it is simply known as Story, due to the fact that it is not limited to Layton; all journal entries are either written by Layton, Luke, Phoenix Wright or Maya Fey. All the events that happen within the game are recorded here so the player can reflect on what has happened in the plot so far.

Listed below are the entries in the Journal for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:


[edit] London at night

"This evening's weather is most unpleasant, with thunder, lightning and seemingly incessant rain. Luke has visited my study, and we are planning to kill some time by solving a few puzzles while waiting for the rain to stop."

[edit] The story begins

"There was a knock at the door, and a young lady by the name of Espella appeared. She claims she was being pursued, along with Carmine, a former student of mine. She has handed me a letter from Carmine, in which he describes a town known as Labyrinthia.
Who is this young lady, and what of this town mentioned in Carmine's letter?"

[edit] Pursuit through London

"Upon heading out to look for Espella, we found Inspector Chelmey investigating a strange accident that had occurred in the nearby park. This may be related to Espella and Carmine, so I think we had better investigate the park for clues."

[edit] A shadow at Tower Bridge

"Having reported back to Inspector Chelmey regarding the accident, we have been informed that a group of suspicious-looking characters was spotted in the vicinity of Tower Bridge not moments ago. This information may have brought us one step closer to finding Espella and her captors."

[edit] Unknown area

"We have uncovered a mysterious space lying behind a peculiar pattern on the wall of Tower Bridge. Who would have guessed that such a place existed? Moreover, could Espella be around here somewhere?"

[edit] First time in England

"We've crossed the Atlantic and are FINALLY in England! Nick had been working hard right up to when we left, so he seems pretty beat... But not me! Nick and I are here thanks to the Legal League of Attorneys, so he figured he wouldn't be standing in court officially, but I knew that was too good to be true. Time to start defending this girl, Espella!"

[edit] On a horse-drawn wagon

"I was woken up by the professor and realised we were in a wagon making its way through some woods. The last thing I remember was rescuing Espella over at Tower Bridge and then being covered in light coming out of that book. The wagon's still making its way through the woods now. I wonder where it's taking us..."

[edit] Labyrinthia

"The town we found ourselves in was totally different from London. The scenes we saw were just like the picture in the book and were reminiscent of life in the Middle Ages. We appear to be trapped here, and out first priority must be to gather information in the hope of finding some clue as to the nature of our predicament."

[edit] Reunion with Espella

It was none other than Espella, whom we had left in London, that rescued us from the pursuing knights. What could she be doing here? Peculiarly, her memories of London seem rather vague. We have decided to make our way to a bakery at which Espella informs us she is staying."

[edit] The odd pair

"Espella is staying at the bakery.
What a great place to live! The smell of freshly baked bread is making my tummy rumble, though... The two workers in the shop are a little bit different to the other locals - it's almost like their appearance and mannerisms are more...modern. I'm sure the professor agrees."

[edit] Investigating the Great Archive

"Espella was able to fill us in on the many things to do with Labyrinthia. Apparently, Carmine had been researching magic at the Great Archive. I believe it would be beneficial to trace his footsteps, in the hope of finding some clues that may provide valuable insight into Labyrinthia's mysteries."

[edit] Another puzzle

"At last, we were able to take a look at the Grand Grimoire, only to discover that one particular page had been tampered with. Such a thing seem almost inconceivable, considering how well the book is protected. Something beyond our current understanding seems to be at work here... Our first priority must be to solve this puzzle concealed within the message in that book."

[edit] Mysterious mural and nightfall

"After solving the puzzle, an underground room was suddenly revealed. We went down and found a giant wall painting showing the Great Witch with a huge fire dragon burning the town! Could this have really happened? We left Espella after agreeing to meet up at the bakery later... But I'm a little worried about her safety, to be honest."

[edit] The midnight arena

"We'd literally just finished dinner when a whole bunch of knights arrived with order from the Witches' Court. Last thing we knew, Espella was off buying milk at the market...and now she's being held captive and accused of being a witch! If she's found guilty, apparently the sentence is execution by fire... They're kidding, right?!"

[edit] Is Espella...Bezella?

"The one responsible for clearing Espella of the charge facing her was none other than the young baker...or I should say, attorney, Mr Phoenix Wright. It appears he and Miss Fey hail from the same world as Luke and I. Now Espella faces the fresh charge of being the Great Witch Bezella... We will all need to work together to prove her innocence."

[edit] Looking for Eve...

"Mrs Eclaire is worried about Espella's cat, Eve. While I'm a little anxious about wandering around the town at night without the professor, it would be great to find her and bring her back. A gentleman should always help a cat in need...I think. But most of all, I want to do this not only for Mrs Eclaire, but for Espella, too!"

[edit] The alchemist killed by a witch

"Well, we searched the town and found Eve safe and sound! Mrs Eclaire will be pleased, all right. We'd better head back to the bakery right away and tell her. It sure was a surprise meeting High Inquisitor Darklaw, though. She says she was working on an unsolved incident in which an alchemist was killed by a witch.. Crikey! I wonder what that's all about..."

[edit] Going to visit Espella

"I grew a little concerned last night after Luke and Miss Fey disappeared, although thankfully they both returned safely. Frankly, there are enough mysteries in this town already, without them creating any more. I'm not entirely certain we'll be granted direct access to speak with Espella today... I can't help but sense someone is moving against us behind the scenes."

[edit] Heading to the Audience Room

"I wonder if Mr Wright and Miss Fey were able to speak with Espella in the end... The professor and I have been summoned by the Storyteller to meet him in the Audience Room. It's quite amazing that this town's creator knows the professor's name already... It feels like this could be a trap! We'll have to be on our guard, all right!"

[edit] Investigation after visiting Espella

"We got through the gate and across the guard post, and are now with the Storyteller. Mr Wright and Miss Fey should be with Espella by now. I wonder if they've been able to find out anything related to Bezella..."

[edit] A friend's death

"The Storyteller wrote a new Story before out very eyes. He worded it as follows:
"A man from afar falls to a golden curse, and a woman from afar cries out in grief."
This Story sounds like it might be referring to Mr Wright and Miss Fey, so we must go and see them immediately. My intuition tells me something is about to happen at the alchemist's house!"

[edit] The golden tragedy

"We were investigating the incident with the alchemist from three months ago when it happened... There was Maya, trembling in fear, and in front of her was the professor, who'd been turned into a golden statue! He was meant to be meeting the Storyteller, right?! Anyway, time to help Maya, whose very own witch trial is about to begin..."

[edit] Greyerl in court

"Things are starting to heat up in Maya's trial now. Looks like they're trying to pin that other incident on her too... We're dealing with one tough customer here. So who is the real criminal? Only one name comes to mind: Greyerl, the butler. There's no way I'm gonna let Maya take the rap for this!"

[edit] Runaways

"Mr Wright successfully proved Maya's innocence, but when she tried to help get Espella out of the cage, she ended up being trapped inside and dropped into the fire herself. Mr Wright, Espella and I quickly escaped from the courtroom. All we can do now is try to find a safe place where we can lie low for a while."

[edit] The ruffian's tavern

"On Inquisitor Barnham's advice, we made our way to Rouge's tavern. When we arrived, we met the tavern's owner and namesake, Miss Rouge... She seems like someone who commands respect from her customers, all right. It's hard to imagine how she and Inquisitor Barnham know each other... But anyway, we decided to stay the night and get some well-deserved rest."

[edit] Marketplace investigation

"After staying the night, we woke up feeling refreshed and got right back to investigating. We left Espella in the safety of Rouge's tavern and set off to the marketplace, close to where the incident of the first trial took place. Let's hope we can find some clues about Bezella around here somewhere."

[edit] Wasn't she burned?

"There was a mysterious explosion in the marketplace! And who should we see there but Miss Kira, who was meant to have been tried and executed as a witch! She then disappeared from sight without even using a witch's sceptre or an incantation... I don't know what just happened, but I have a feeling it could be our first big lead."

[edit] The fire pit's secret

"We headed back to the courtroom, but instead of escaping like yesterday, this time we were there to sneak in... I never thought I'd be saying that! After entering through a secret passage, we came across Miss Greyerl, who was still in custody. With her help, we made our way to the fire pit mechanism. Mr Wright and I have a big mystery to crack here!"

[edit] Reunion in the forest

"I awoke in a forest and soon saw Miss Fey being chased by a strange group of robed figures. I did what I could and managed to come to her aid, although we cannot rest just yet. Is this mysterious forest, with its unusual flora, a part of Labyrinthia? We ought to get away from here before more of them come looking for us."

[edit] The Great Witch's residence

"We escaped from the forest in which the Shades live and arrived at the side of a lake covered in mist. Across the lake, we can see a rather old-looking mansion and a large, towering wall. The first thing we must do is make our way inside that mansion and take a look around."

[edit] The suspicious workshop

"There was a workshop in the mansion, in which the Shades were stirring vats of some rather curious liquid, the odour of which I'm certain I've smelled somewhere before. They appear to be mixing two separate liquids to make something...but what?
The Great Witch's room is still locked. What could be going on in there...?"

[edit] The mysterious disappearance

"The Shades broke down the door to reveal the aftermath of a violent struggle. Just what could have occurred here? Both the Great Witch and her visitor appear to have disappeared since... Let's see if we can't get to the bottom of this most mysterious circumstance."

[edit] The trick behind the disappearance

"While investigating the whereabouts of the Great Witch, we discovered a secret passage at the back of the room. Beyond the passage lay some ancient underground ruins...but why are they here and for what purpose were they constructed? While this is all most intriguing, our first priority must be to locate the Great Witch, before it's too late."

[edit] The Great Witch in the ruins

"In a small room within the ruins, we were greeted by the voice of the Great Witch. She told us of a place known as "the Beginning". In fact, it sounded rather like she was challenging us to find it. I do not know her intentions, but if she means to throw down the gauntlet, then I'll be more than happy to pick it up. Every puzzle has a solution, all of which I aim to find."

[edit] The wagon's destination

"In a cave below the fire pit mechanism there was a hidden wagon! We rode it all the way to a strange mansion in the forest, surrounded by bright red flowers. Mr Wright seems certain Maya must have come here, too! But where exactly is "here"? Any any rate, we should head inside that strange mansion and check it out."

[edit] We meet again

"Miss Fey and I were exploring the main room of the ruins when we were reunited with Luke, Mr Wright and Miss Cantabella. Miss Fey and I explained "the Beginning" as described by the Great Witch. Everyone is on board to solve this mystery, so let's endeavour to do so!"

[edit] A warning inscribed in stone

"Our journey through the ruins came to a standstill thanks to a stream of rushing water flowing across our path. There was also a warning stating that we need to clear the Three Seals to continue...but that doing so would trigger some great calamity. I'm not afraid, though! With Mr Wright and Maya with us, surely there's nothing we can't do!"

[edit] Ruins investigated

"At the innermost part of the ruins, we discovered through the inscription on a stone plaque that this place was created to house the Bell of Ruin. As we discussed our findings and pondered the meaning of the inscription, Miss Cantabella's eyes appeared to flash red just before she ran away from us. We must find her...and soon!"

[edit] The cogwheels of fate quicken

"Espella has been arrested for the murder of the Storyteller, Inquisitor Barnham has been relieved of his duties and the final witch trial is about to begin! The professor and I have decided to set out for the Storyteller's Tower to find a vital clue."

[edit] To the Storyteller's Tower!

"We are making our way to the Storyteller's Tower, where, according to information entrusted to Constantine by Inquisitor Barnham, we should discover a secret of the utmost importance. There is only a little time remaining before the trial begins. We must make our way through the guard post and into the tower."

[edit] The last witch trial

"It's all come down to this...the final showdown: the trial of the Great Witch Bezella. Meanwhile, Espella seems totally spaced out, like she's on another planet. The special courtroom set up for the trial is full of townsfolk waiting to see the drama. We have to hold out until the cavalry arrives, in the form of the professor with that "vital clue"."

[edit] Searching the Storyteller's Tower

"It took Luke and I a little time to pass through the guard post and reach the tower. The witch trial must have already begun by now. Mr Wright has been entrusted with the defence of Miss Cantabella. Luke and I must now enter the Storyteller's Tower to obtain the vital clue, which I believe may be the key to saving her life."

[edit] Kira's return

"We cracked that crazy pendant puzzle up in the bell tower, made our way to the top, and guess who we found lurking up there... Kira! I mean, come doesn't take a genius puzzle-loving professor to figure out she must be involved in all this, RIGHT? Nick and I investigated the scene of the crime from top to bottom. Nothing's getting past us!"

[edit] Inquisitor Layton!

"Just when the professor was meant to show up with that game-changing evidence, he strutted on over to the inquisitors' stand! We almost had this thing in the bag, too... Now we have to deal with the professor claiming Espella actually IS Bezella. We can't give up now...but how do we go up against Professor Layton?!"

[edit] The Storyteller testifies

"Well, looks like we have a surprise witness on our hands: the Storyteller himself!
The truth behind Labyrinthia, the Legendary Fire, witches, magic...and finally, Bezella. Time to lift the invisibility robe off these secrets once and for to speak. It's all in our hands now. Labyrinthia needs closure, and it's up to us to provide it."

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