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Professor Layton and the Curious Village
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Developer LEVEL-5
Publishers LEVEL-5JP
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Dates 15 February 2007JP
10 February 2008NA
10 April 2008AU
7 November 2008EU
Genre Puzzle/Adventure
Mode Single Player
Ratings A: All Ages (CERO)
E: Everyone (ESRB)
7+ (PEGI)
PG: Parental Guidance (ACB)
Professor Layton and the Curious Village (レイトン教授と不思議な町 Reiton-kyōju to Fushigi na Machi) is the first game in the Professor Layton first trilogy of games. It was developed by company LEVEL-5 and further produced by LEVEL-5 in Japan, and Nintendo throughout the rest of the world. It is proceeded by Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, while its events take place after the final title of the prequel trilogy, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.

It is also the first game to feature Professor Hershel Layton and his apprentice Luke. The game holds home to over 135 Puzzles to solve as both the Professor himself and Luke.


[edit] Gameplay

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is an action/puzzle/adventure game. The player can control the movement of the characters via the use of the DS touch screen through the estranged village of St. Mystere in order to help locate and retrieve the alleged "Golden Apple" that was said to be hidden away and to be founded by a special someone after Baron Reinhold's death. As well as looking for the apple the player is also required to solve side quests as well, often leading them to the next part of the investigation into the apple. To do this, the player must talk to characters who will give them puzzles varying in difficulty (See: Picarats). You can also investigate the area and by tapping on objects and occasionally a Hint Coin will be found to help you in your investigation. If the player were to get stuck on a puzzle, these can be exchanged for a hint, with a maximum of three coins being spent per puzzle. For the most part either Luke or Layton will be asked to complete puzzles in order for them to proceed any further with their investigations. If there is a puzzle unsolved of if the player has missed a puzzle, they are automatically sent to Granny Riddleton's Shack at the plaza, at the end of each chapter.

An example of a sliding puzzle

There are three main distinctive types of puzzles the player has to complete; brain teasers, sliding puzzles and logic puzzles. The player is greeted with a puzzle and its difficulty measures in Picarats, with an unlimited time period to complete the puzzle. With each puzzle, the player is given the option of 3 hints which are unlocked with the use of the aforementioned "Hint Coin". The coins are limited in supply and can be found by tapping "suspicious" items in the village, however the player is given ten at the start of the game. Once the player has an answer, depending on the puzzle type, they can submit their answer to which a cut scene of either Luke or the Professor will play showing them whether they are correct of incorrect. Some puzzles only require the player to draw a circle around a particular object, some need the entering of numbers and some ask you to trace or draw certain objects, all of which is done on the Nintendo DS Touchscreen. If the player is correct with their answer the given number of Picarats that was shown at the start will be awarded to them. If the player is incorrect then they can do the puzzle again at the loss of several Picarats (approximately a deduction of 10 percent each time). The player can quit the puzzle at any time at the cost of no Picarats and come back to them later, however some if not most puzzles are mandatory to the story's development.

Sometimes the player is awarded with something other than Picarats. They can get one of three rewards; a Gizmo, Painting pieces and Furniture. Gizmos are collected to form the shape of a robot dog that can sniff out hidden Hint Coins, the pieces of the painting need to be assembled in a jig-saw like fashion and the furniture can be distributed between Luke's and the Professor's room and a happiness total is given.

With the completion of 120 Puzzles in the game the player is rewarded with a further 15 to complete. These can only be obtained through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, allowing players to download puzzles from the Internet daily. Every Sunday a new key is released, and the door can only be opened by finding a special code in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. This door contains character development and artwork for each.

[edit] Plot

Note: There are varying ways to complete the game, each going off in a different direction. However the overall plot is unchanged.

Part of the letter at the start of the game

At the start of the game we see Professor Layton and a young boy named Luke driving to St Mystere in the Laytonmobile. They were beckoned there by a letter from Lady Dahlia, widow of the late Baron Reinhold to help and aid the search for the Golden Apple. In his last testimony the Baron stated that whomever finds the Golden Apple will be the rightful owner of his entire fortune. Several people have tried and all had failed in this mission. The two enter the town and find that the population of St Mystere are all avid fans of puzzles and brain teasers, in which both Layton and Luke are adept in. They see a large, wonky and run down tower looming over the village and that no-one goes to, it can be heard making strange noises during the night. They make their way to the Reinhold Mansion and meet Lady Dahlia and the other family members of which include Simon, Gordon and several family servants, notably Matthew. Before they discuss the Golden Apple Mystery a loud crash is heard causing Lady Dahlia's Cat, Claudia, to become scared and runs away. Layton and Luke run after Claudia through the town solving puzzles on the way. Meanwhile a soot-covered man is seen lurking around the town, plotting something. Eventually they find out Claudia like fish and they use it to lure and capture her and take her back to the manor. Upon their return the find out that Simon has been murdered and a man named Inspector Chelmey has arrived, claiming to be a detective with Scotland Yard. Initially Luke and Layton are suspected but are soon dismissed when they prove their alibi. He releases them but tells them to not investigate the murder case. However, Matthew tells the pair that a small gear was found near the body of Simon.

The Amusement Park Poster

As Professor Layton and Luke investigate the Golden Apple they witness the kidnapping of one of the Reinhold's servants, Ramon. They see a strange, hooded man stuff him into a sack. They give chase but lose him, they do however find a gear similar to that found near Simon's body. They are bewildered to see Ramon the next back at the manor with no recollection of what had happened. They continue their investigation and are led to a small amusement park in the abandoned park. A sinister figure is seen as the Ferris Wheel starts rolling towards them, following them wherever they ran to. They barely escape as the Wheel crashes into a building and then into the park lake. They investigate the wreckage and find a key that resembles the tower, Layton realises what might be going on and heads back to the manor. As they arrive they realise Chelmey is an imposter, and is revealed to be Layon's self-proclaimed rival, Don Paolo who is also seeking the Golden Apple and was behind the Ferris Wheel attack. Don Paolo escapes before he can be captured.

With Luke is tow they head towards the tower, and use the key to get past the "dead end". Inside we meet the person that kidnapped Ramon, he reveals himself as Bruno. With his help they find out that all of the residents in St Mystere are robots created by Bruno and the Baron to protect the Golden Apple and to challenge the intelligence of those who seek it (Which explains their fondness of puzzles). It also turns out that Simon had not died, but malfunctioned and Bruno had taken Ramon to repair him. Having solved the secret of St Mystere Luke and Layton continue up the tower solving more puzzles. When they reach the top of the tower they find a small house, in which they find the young girl who had let them to the amusement park. She reveals herself as Flora Reinhold the Daughter of the Baron and the robots are all protecting her and she herself is the Golden Apple.

Professor Layton making the glider

However Layton's achievement is only short lived as Don Paolo arrives with a flying machine and starts to demolish the tower. they start making their way down then thee stairs collapse, Luke makes it but Layton and Flora are forced to go back up in which Layton makes a quick DIY para-glider. As they land Don Paolo's machine malfunctions and he drops the bag containing Simon. He swears revenge and leaves the town. Relieved Flora hugs Layon and laughs to which an apple shaped mark appears near the base of her neck, this mark points to the Baron's fortune. It is the portrait with Flora with a hidden button where the apple mark is which opens a hidden door, to which opens the room with the fortune.

They hear a voice recording of the Baron, congratulating the successor of the fortune and a message to his daughter. It tells her to take the treasure, but if it's taken the entire town of St Mystere will be decommissioned . Flora opts to keep the fortune where it is so the town she loved so much can continue forever. The three (and all the residents of St Mystere) are shown laughing and living together during the end credits.

At the end it says "To be continued..." showing a picture of the Professor and Luke in front of the Molentary Express, opening the way for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

[edit] Chapters

Chapter 1: Reinhold Manor Awaits
Chapter 2: The Fugitive Feline
Chapter 3: The Missing Servant
Chapter 4: Night Falls
Chapter 5: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 6: The Elusive Tower
Chapter 7: The Abandoned Park
Chapter 8: The Shadowy Intruder
Chapter 9: The Tower's Secret

[edit] Mysteries

Mystery Solved

    The Golden Apple
    The late Baron Reinhold hid this item in St. Mystere just before dying, and has promised the whole of his fortune to the one who finds it. No one has any clue what the Golden Apple might be or where it is hidden.

    The Golden Apple turned out to be Flora, the daughter of Baron Reinhold. The name and legend surrounding the Golden Apple were created by the baron to help him find a suitable guardian for his daughter.

Mystery Solved

    Noise at the Manor
    When the professor first met Lady Dahlia, Reinhold Manor was rocked by a noise so loud it shook the walls of the mansion and scared off Claudia. What could the source of that noise be?

    The noise that shook the mansion and scared off Claudia was caused by Don Paolo's flying machine making an emergency crash landing in St. Mystere.

Mystery Solved

    The Vanishing Crank
    Someone has stolen the crank that controls St. Mystere's drawbridge, the sole portal in and out of the village. Until the crank is recovered, there is no way to leave the village. Why would somebody want to steal a drawbridge crank?

    Bruno, caretaker to all of St. Mystere, was the one who stole the crank for the bridge. His intent was to prevent Layton and Luke from leaving the village, so they would seek out the Golden Apple and fufil the late Baron Reinhold's last wish.

Mystery Solved

    Cog Discovery
    A small cog with an intricately carved insignia was recovered from the scene of Simon's murder. Perhaps the murderer dropped it when fleeing the scene.

    The small cogs recovered by Layton and Luke came loose from Simon and Ramon when they collapsed. The cogs, along with the mysterious disappearances he observed around the village, convinced Layton that all the villagers in St. Mystere were robots.

Mystery Solved

    Lady Dahlia
    Baron Reinhold's late wife Violet is pictured cradling a baby in a photograph on Lady Dahlia's desk. While the two women seem to be complete strangers to each other, their resemblance to each other is too uncanny to be a coincidence. What's really going on here?

    It's revealed that Lady Dahlia is a robot originally constructed to resemble and behave like the baron's late wife in every way imaginable. Along with her grave in the grounds of the mansion, this was another tribute to the baron's love for Violet.

Mystery Solved

    Village Disappearances
    Rumor has it that a number of villagers have disappeared recently. Oddly enough, those who disappear (or are abducted, as some suggest) often do so after complaining of general fatigue or other minor health issues.

    The abductions around the village were actually the work of Bruno, who moved under the cover of night to retrieve his broken robots. Bruno would bring robots back to the tower to repair them and then return them to the village. As none of the villagers knew they were actually robots, it's only natural that they were terrified by the strange old man.

Mystery Solved

    Mysterious Rumbling
    Walking the streets of St. Mystere at night, a thunderous rumbling occasionally fills the air. The noise is rumored to come from the tower, but no one seems to know the origin of the sound. Villagers claim that the noise has increased in frequency as of late.

    The loud noise emanating from the tower was the whirring of the machines Bruno used to repair the robots of St. Mystere. It's been several years since the creation of St. Mystere. Maintenance becomes necessary more frequently as machines age, hence the reports of increased noise at night from the villagers.

Mystery Solved

    Ramon's Memory
    When Layton and Luke finally tracked down Ramon, they were shocked to see him being kidnapped by an old man. Shortly thereafter, Ramon returned to the mansion with no memory of ever being abducted or stuffed into a sack. What's happened to Ramon's memory?

    As a robot with several years on him, it was only natural that Ramon would break down sooner or later. He was quickly taken for repair, then promptly returned to the village, blissfully unaware that he had just undergone a tune-up.

Mystery Solved

    Inspector Chelmey
    Though Chelmey claims to dislike all sweets, a scrap of newspaper Luke found claimed that his favorite food in all the world is cakes. That being the case, why did Chelmey fly into such a rage when Matthew brought him cakes at the manor?

    What a shock! Who could have imagined that Don Paolo, self-proclaimed arch-enemy of the professor, was posing as the Inspector in an effort to steal the Reinhold fortune? The true Inspector Chelmey never set foot in St. Mystere and is probably at home in London enjoying tea and cakes right now.

Mystery Solved

    The Tower Key
    Deep underground on the edge of the village, the professor and Luke found an unusual key shaped like the tower. Whole the connection between the key and the tower seems certain, what the key unlocks remains a mystery.

    The note left by the baron in Archibald's desk gave Layton the clue he needed to realise the key would fit into the wall in the north of the village. From there, the professor and Luke could access the path to the tower.

[edit] Trailers

[edit] Reception

Review Scores
Site Score
Electronic Gaming Monthly8.8/10
Game Informer7.5/10
Giant Bomb5/5
Aggregation Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 85 (57 Revs)
GameRankings 86 (48 Revs)

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